The Ion Beam & Nanomaterials Laboratory (IBNL) belongs to an experimental research group in the School of Physical Sciences (SPS) at National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) Bhubaneswar, a research and teaching unit of DAE, Government of India.

                The Research theme of IBNL Group @ NISER is to fabricate patterned nanostructures using various lithographic techniques, thin film deposition techniques, and embedded nanostructures using energetic low and swift heavy ion beam implantation and study its photonic behaviors, the control, interaction, understanding, and application of light at the nanoscale, which lead to the design of plasmonic devices with optimized properties. The physics question along with its application, we intend to address include:

  • Anti-reflection at the sub-wavelength nanostructures for plasmonic and solar cell application.
  • Ion-matter interaction of energetic low and swift heavy ion beams for embedded nanostructure.
  • Light manipulation at sub-gap between nanorods and nanoparticles.
  • Plasmonic modes in high aspect ratio nanostructures in the visible wavelength region to explore their performance for sensing applications.

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  • Congratulations to Dr. Debi Datta and co-authors for his "Scientific Reports" paper. That is highlied now in "Sci. City" via the nature publications group
  • Welcome to all the summer students in joining in the IBN lab. Wishing you a good stay at NISER and good work in the lab
  • Congratulation Dr. Avanendra Singh for sucessfully completed his Ph.D thesis viva on 20th April 2018. Thanks to all the TMC members for their co-operations
  • Congratulation Dr. Vantari Siva for sucessfully completed his Ph.D thesis viva on 19th March 2018. Thanks to all the TMC members for their co-operations
  • Congratulation to Vantari Siva and Avanendra Singh for submitting their thesis on 30th November 2017
  • Invited talk by Dr. Pratap Sahoo at ICMMS-2017 at Amity University, Dubai and ICNIB-2017, 5-7th Oct, Devi Ahilay University, Indore, 11-13th Oct2017
  • Congratulation Debi P. Datta for acceptance of our Applied Surface Science paper
  • Welcome to Dr. Sujit Kumar (PhD, IIT Kharagpur), joined as PDF in our froup on 1st Sept 2017
  • Dr. Pratap Sahoo visited to Ion Beam center NUS Singapore and ICMAT-2017 conference at Singapore (10th-24th June 2017)
  • Congratulation Siddharth Sahu (M.Sc student)for acceptance of his J. Applied Physics paper
  • Latest Research Highlight
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