P614-Statistical Mechanics

Course No: 
  1. Review of thermodynamics, thermodynamic potentials, thermodynamic equilibrium and stability
  2. Gibbs distribution: Ensembles, classical and quantum free particles, systems with continuous and discrete spectrum, degenerate Fermi systems, Bose-Einstein condensation.
  3. Interacting system: Cluster an Virial expansions, radial distribution function.
  4. Introduction to response, fluctuation and noise, Einstein formula.
  5. Phase transition: phenomenology of first order and continuous phase transitions, order parameters, 1D Ising model, Iniversality and scaling, Ginzburg-Wilson theory, Spontaneous symmetry breaking.
  6. Fundamentals of statical mechanics: phase space, Liouville theorem, statistical distribution theorem.
  7. Probability theory: Probability densities, cumulants and correlations, central limit theorem, laws of large numbers.
  8. Brownian motion, Langevin equation, Markov process and Fokker Planck equation. 
Reference Books: 
  1. Kerson Huang - Introduction to statical mechanics
  2. Reif - Statistical physics
  3. M. Kardar- Statistical physics of particles
  4. H.E Stanley - Introduction to phase transitions and critical phenomena
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