P473 Experimental Techniques

Course No: 
P306 (Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics) & P242 (Basic Electronics Theory & Lab)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)

  1. Mechanical drawing and designs: Mechanical drawing tools, basic principles of mechanical drawing, dimensions, tolerances, from design to working drawings
  2. Basics tools: hand tools, machines for making holes, lathe & milling machines, grinders, casting
  3. Vacuumtechnology:gases,gasflow,pressureandflowmeasurement,vacuumpumps,pumpingmechanisms, ultrahigh vacuum, leak detection
  4. Optical systems: optical components, optical materials, optical sources
  5. Charge particle optics: electrostatic lenses, charged-particle sources, energy and mass analyzer
  6. Detectors: optical detectors, photoemission detectors, particle and ionizing radiation detectors, signal to noise ration detection, surface barrierdetector, Particle detector: interactions of charged particles and photons with matter; gaseous ionization detectors, scintillation counter, solid state detectors
  7. Electronics: electronic noise, survey of analog and digital I/Cs, signal processing, data acquisition and control systems, data analysis evaluation
  8. Nano- and micro-fabrication: various lithography techniques such as photolithography, nanoimprint lithography, e-beam lithography, ion-ball milling
  9. SEM, TEM, X-ray diffraction, SQUID Magnetometry, Magnetotransport, PL/CL time resolved spectroscopy, Rutherford Backscattering spectrometry (RBS), RBS-Channeling, UV-ViS-iR spectrometry.
Reference Books: 

1.     The art of Measurement, by Bernhard Kramer (V. C. H.  Publication)2.     Building Scientific Apparatus by J. H. Moore etal.3.     Experiments in Modern Physics, Second Edition by Adrian C. Melissinos and Jim Napolitano4.     The art of Experimental Physics by Daryl W.Preston,5.     VacuumTechnology byA.Roth(North-Hollandpublisher)6.     Charge particle Beams by Stanley Humphries (John Wiley andSons)7.     Principles of Charged Particles Acceleration, by Stanley Humphries (John Wiley andSons)8.     Radiation Detection and Measurements by G. Knoll (3rdEdition)     9.Techniques for Nuclear and Particles Physics Experiments by W. R. Leo (2nd edition,Springer)

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