P471 Quantum Information & quantum computation

Course No: 
P206 (Quantum Mechanics I)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)

  1. Introduction to Classical information: Shannon entropy, Mutual Information
  2. Quantum Information I: Hilbert space, density matrices, quantum entropy and Holevo bound
  3. Quantum Information II: Entanglement, Teleportation, super dense coding & Bell inequalities
  4. Quantum dynamics:Two level systems, decoherence and Rabi oscillations
  5. Quantum computation: single qubit gates-phase, swap, Hadamard, two qubit gates-CNOT
  6. Quantum algorithms: Deutsch, Grover, Introduction to Shor’s algorithm
  7. Quantum error correction
  8. Applications: Quantum simulation and Adiabatic quantum computation
  9. Solid state quantum information & computation: Introduction to entanglement in nanostructures, quantum computation with superconducting devices and topological quantum computation
Reference Books: 
  1. Introduction to Quantum Information Science by V. Vedral (Oxford U. Press)
  2. Quantum Information & Computation by M. A. Nielsen & I. L. Chuang (Cambridge U. Press)
  3. An Introduction to quantum computing Kaye by P. R. Laflamme and A. M. Mosca (Oxford U. press)
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