P466 Quantum and Nanoelectronics

Course No: 
P302 (Quantum Mechanics II), P301 (Statistical Mechanics)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)1.      Introduction and review of electronic technology2.      From electronics to nano-electronics: particles, waves and Schrodinger equation, quantum description of atoms and molecules, quantum description of metals, semiconductors, junction devices, some newer building blocks for nano-electronic devices3.      Fabrication and characterization methods for nano-electronics4.      The field effect transistor FET: size limits and alternative forms5.      Devices based on electron tunneling, resonant tunnel diodes, single electron transistors, molecular electronics, hybrid electronics6.      Devices based on electron spin and ferromagnetism7.      Qubits vs. binary bits in a quantum computer, applications of nano-electronic technology to energy issues Summary and brief comment on the future of nano-electronic techniques

Reference Books: 
  1. Quantumnano-electronics:  AnIntroductiontoElectronicNanotechnologyandQuantumComputingbyEdward  L.Wolf
  2. Quantum Electronics by AmnonYariv
  3. NanophysicsandNanotechnology:AnIntroductiontoModernConceptsinNanosciencebyEdwardL.Wolf
  4. Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics by George Hanson
  5. Introduction to Nanoelectronics: Science, Nanotechnology, Engineering and Applications by Vladimir Mitin, Viatcheslav,    A.Kochelap,Michael,   A.Stroscio
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