P462 Introduction to Quantum Optics

Course No: 
P204 (Electromagnetism I), P206 (Quantum Mechanics I)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)

  1. Electromagnetic field quantization: Quantum fluctuation and Quadrature operators of a single mode field, Thermal fields, Vacuum fluctuation and zero point energy, Quantumphase
  2. Coherent and squeezed states of radiation field: Properties and phase space picture of coherent state, Generation of a coherent state, Squeezed state physics, generation and Detection of squeezed light, Schrodinger cat states, Multi- mode squeezing, Broadband squeezed light, Squeezing via non-linearprocess
  3. Atom-field interaction: Rabi model (Semi-classical model for atom-field interaction), Jaynes-Cummings model (fully quantum mechanical model for atom- field interaction), Dressed states, Density operator approach, Hanle effect, Coherent trapping, electromagnetically induced transparency, Four wavemixing
  4. Quantum coherence function: photon detection and quantum coherence functions, First order coherence and Youngs type double source experiment, Second order coherence, physics of Hanbury-Brown-Twiss effect, Experiments with single photon, Quantum mechanics of beam splitter, interferometry with singlephoton
  5. Optical test of quantum mechanics: photon sources: spontaneous parametric down-conversion, Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer, Superluminal tunneling of photons, EpR paradox and optical test of Bell.stheorem
  6. atom Optics: Mechanical effects of light, Laser cooling, atom interferometry, atoms in cavity, Experimental realization of Jaynes-Cummingsmodel
  7. Heisenberg-limitedinterferometryandquantuminformation:Entanglementandinterferometricmeasurements,Quantum teleportation, Quantum cryptography, an optical realization of some quantumgates.
Reference Books: 
  1. Introductory Quantum Optics by C. C. Gerry and P. L. Knight, Cambridge University  press
  2. Quantum Optics by M. O. Scully and  M. S. Zubairy, Cambridge University press
  3. Quantum Optics by M. Fox, Oxford Master series in atomic, Optical and Laserphysics
  4. Quantum Theory of Light by R. Loudon, Oxford sciencepublication
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