P457 General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology

Course No: 
P303 (Special Theory of Relativity)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)

  1. Review of Newtonian Mechanics. Special theory of relativity. Prelude to general relativity, historical developments
  2. 4-Vectors and 4-tensors, examples from physics
  3. Principle of Equivalence, Equations of motion, gravitational force
  4. Tensor analysis in Riemannian space, Effects of gravitation, Riemann-Christoffel curvature tensor, Ricci Tensor, Curvature Scalar
  5. Einstein Field Equations, Experimental tests of GTR
  6. Schwartzchild Solution, gravitational lensing
  7. Gravitational waves: generation and detection
  8. Energy, momentum and angular momentum in gravitation
  9. Cosmological principle, Robertson-Walker metric, Redshifts
  10. Big-Bang Hypothesis, CMB
  11. Issues in Quantum gravity
Reference Books: 
  1. A first course in General Relativity by Bernard Schutz
  2. Gravity by James B. Hartle
  3. The Classical Theory of Fields by L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz
  4. Gravitation and Cosmology by Steven Weinberg
  5. Introducing Einstein's Relativity by Ray D'Inverno
  6. General Relativity by P. Dirac
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