P456 Nonlinear Optics and Lasers

Course No: 
P204 (Electromagnetism I)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)

  1. Introduction to general lasers and their types, emission, absorption processes and rate equations, population inversion, gain, optical cavities, three and four level lasers, CW and pulsed lasers, Q-switching and mode-locking, physics of gas discharge,atomic,ionic,molecular,liquid,andexcimerlasers,opticalpumping,Holography
  2. Overviewofnon-linearOptics, nonlinear polarization, nonlinear optical susceptibility, Symmetry considerations
  3. Wave propagation in nonlinear media
  4. Electroopticalandmagnetoopticaleffects
  5. Higherharmonicgenerations,phasematchingandquasiphasematching,Sumand difference frequency generation, Optical parametric amplification and oscillation
  6. Kerr effect, Cross-Phase Modulation, Self phase modulation, Multi-photon processes , Self focusing, Four-Wave Mixing
  7. Laser Spectroscopy, wave front conjugation StimulatedRamanScattering,StimulatedBrillouinScattering,OpticalsolitonsandOpticalpulsecompression
Reference Books: 
  1. Lasers by P. W. Milonni and J. H. Eberly
  2. LasersbyA.E.Siegman
  3. Principles of Lasers by Orazio Svelto
  4. The Principles of Nonlinear Optics by Y. R. Shen
  5. NonlinearOpticsbyRobertW.Boyd
  6. Nonlinear Optics: Basic Concepts by D.L. Mills
  7. Optical waves in crystals by Amnon Yariv and Pochi Yeh
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