P453 Quantum Field Theory I

Course No: 
P304 (Electromagnetism II), P302 (Quantum Mechanics II)

(42 Lectures + 14 Tutorial)

  1. Relativistic quantum mechanics - Klein-Gordon equation, Dirac equation, free- particle solutions
  2. Lagrangian formulation of Klein-Gordon, Dirac and Maxwell equations, Symmetries (Noether’s theorem), Gauge field, actions
  3. Canonical quantization of scalar and Dirac fields
  4. Interacting fields - Heisenberg picture, perturbation theory, Wicks theorem, Feynman diagram
  5. Cross-section and S-matrix
  6. Quantization of gauge field, gauge fixing
  7. QED and QED processes
  8. Radiative corrections - self-energy, vacuum polarization, vertex correction
  9. LSZ and optical theorem
  10. Introduction to re-normalization
Reference Books: 
  1. An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory by M. Peskin and D. V. Schroeder
  2. Quantum Field theory: From Operators to Path Integrals, 2nd edition by Kerson Huang
  3. Quantum Field Theory by Mark Srednicki
  4. Quantum Field Theory by Claude Itzykson and Jean Bernard Zuber
  5. Notes from Sidney Coleman's Physics 253a, arXiv: 1110.5013
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