P305 Atoms, Molecules & Radiation

Course No: 
  1. Hydrogen atom including LS coupling and hyperfine interaction
  2. Helium atom introduction to exchange and correlation, variational calculation of ground and excitedstates
  3. Introduction to the idea of effective potentials for electrons in many-electron atoms (Hartree theory and idea of self-consistency), use of Clementi-Roetti wave-functions
  4. One-electron atomic systems in an electromagnetic field, dipole approximation and associated selection rules, Stark and Zeeman effect
  5. Einstein’s A and B coefficients, population inversion, laser action, derivation of A and B coefficients from semi-classical treatment of light-atom interaction
  6. Molecular formation – discussion of atom-atom interaction, van der Waals force, ionic interaction and covalent bond
  7. Molecular structure – Hydrogen molecule MO and VB pictures, importance of correlations
  8. Molecular spectra (restricted to two atom molecules) electronic, rotational and vibrational
Reference Books: 
  1. Elementary Atomic Structure by G.K. Woodgate 
  2. Atomic Physics by C.J. Foot
  3. Atoms, molecules and Photons by W. Demtroder
  4. The Theory of Atomic Spectra by Condon and Shortley
  5. Topics in Atomic Physics by C.E. Butkhardt and J.L. Leventhal
  6. Physics of Atoms and Molecules by B.H. Bransden and C.J. Joachain
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