P202 Mathematical Methods I

Course No: 
  1. Vector Calculus
  2. Review of Linear vector spaces, linear operators in linear vector spaces, Hermitian, projection and Unitary operators, normal matrices and diagonalisation
  3. Cartesian tensors, 4-vectors and 4-tensors
  4. Review of 2nd order linear homogeneous differential equations with variable coefficients, Laplaces equation and method of separation of variables, Solutions to the Bessel, Hermite, Legendre, hypergeometric and confluent hyper-geometric equations
  5. Review of Bessel functions and spherical Bessel functions
  6. Legendre Polynomials and Spherical Harmonics, expansion of a plane wave in terms of spherical waves 
Reference Books: 
  1. Mathematical Methods in the physical sciences by M. L. Boas
  2. Mathematical Methods For Physicists by G. B. Arfken and H. J. Weber
  3. Mathematical Methods for Physics by H.W. Wyld
  4. Mathematical Methods of Physics by Mathews and Walker
  5. Mathematical Physics I and II by S.D. Joglekar
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