P101 Physics I (Mechanics & Thermodynamics)

Course No: 
  1. Coordinate systems, elements of vector algebra in plane polar, cylindrical, spherical polar coordinate systems
  2. Dimensional Analysis
  3. Solutions for one dimensional equation of motion in various forms, line integrals, conservative forces, potential, work-energy theorems, energy diagrams
  4. Conservation of linear momentum and collisions, variable mass problems
  5. Simple harmonic motion, forced oscillations, damping, resonance
  6. conservation of angular momentum and elementary rigid body dynamics
  7. Principles of thermodynamics, concept of thermodynamic state, extensive and intensive variables
  8. Heat and work, internal energy function and the first law of thermodynamics
  9. Equations of state
  10. Concepts of entropy, entropy maximum and energy minimum principles
  11. Second law of thermodynamics
  12. Thermodynamics potentials, enthalpy, Helmholtz potential, Gibbs potential
  13. Conditions of equilibrium, first order phase transitions and Clausius-Clapeyron equation, applications
  14. Chemical reactions
  15. Heat engines and black body radiation
  16. Elementary kinetic theory of gases, equilibrium properties-pressure and equation of state
  17. Transport processes, illustration with simple examples 
Reference Books: 
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