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  1. Dr. Bamdev Mishra Principal Applied Scientist, Office India Intelligence team, Microsoft Hyderabad
    • Date: January 20, 2023, 1330 hours IST
    • Title: Prototype selection using optimal transport and multi-armed bandits
    • Abstract

      The prototype selection problem aims to learn a sparse distribution of a source set such that it best matches a different target set. The applications of this problem include target subset selection, data summarization, and clustering, to name a few. In this talk, we present efficient algorithms for the prototype selection problem. Using the optimal transport theory, the proposed optimization formulation is an instance of submodular maximization, and therefore, we propose a greedy algorithm with simple updates. We further make use of the bandit setup to reduce the computations. The presentation is based on the papers [1, 2].

      1. SPOT: A Framework for Selection of Prototypes Using Optimal Transport | SpringerLink, ECML 2021.
      2. [2210.01860] ProtoBandit: Efficient Prototype Selection via Multi-Armed Bandits (arxiv.org), ACML 2022.
  2. Vishal JC KIIT - Technology Business Incubator
    • Date: February 17, 2023, 1400 hours IST
    • Title: Design Thinking
    • Abstract

      Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that is used to develop innovative and user-centered solutions. It is a process that helps individuals and teams to understand the needs and perspectives of users, and to develop solutions that meet those needs in a creative and effective way.

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