Aritra Banik

Primarily I'm a computational geometer with interest in other related algorithimic problems. I am interested in designing efficient algorithms (or prove it does not exist) for problems in various domains.

Academic Positions

Academic Background

Reach me at

School of Computer Sciences
(School of Mathematical Sciences Building)
National Institute of Science Education and Research(NISER)
P.O. Jatni, Khurda 752050, Odisha, India

E-mail:   Main EMail

Recent Trends in Algorithms 2023

Research Interests:

  • Computational geometry: Paradigms & techniques, approximation algorithms, geometric optimization, kinetic geometry, data structures, arrangements, proximity problems triangulation, motion planning
  • Combinatorial Geometry: Epsilon-nets, Erdos-Szekeres Problems, Ramsey Theory, VC dimension.
  • Approximation Algorithms: Geometric Approximation Algorithms, Hardness of approximation.
  • Sensor networks: Processing sensor data, communication and energy efficient algorithms, sensor network design, sensor networks for ecological modeling.
  • Parameterized Complexity: Parameterized Complexity of geometric problems