National Institute of Science Education and Research(NISER), under the aegis of the Department of Atomic Energy(DAE), has been established with the aim of embedding scientific rigor within larger pedagogic practices in our country.The Institute is affiliated with Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI), Mumbai, a deemed research university that oversees academic programs at Institutions that are part of the DAE structure. NISER campus is situated in 300 acres of land, generously donated by the people of Odisha, in Jatni town, 25 Kms from the centre of the city of Bhubaneswar. The new campus of IIT Bhubaneswar and AIIMS is in the general neighborhood.While we began with the 5 year -Integrated M.Sc. programme in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, Doctoral guidance has gained substantial traction in the recent past and some of our first scholars have graduated. Current intake in the Masters batch stands at 100, which will eventually be scaled up to an approved 200 in the coming years

The “Centre for Fundamental Studies” (CFS) is being established in NISER, under the aegis of D.A.E, which is envisaged to provide a leadership in updating, propagating, and imparting the knowledge in Mathematics and Physics that include outreach programs and other activities of the similar sort. It will function with all the infrastructural facilities, where National and International events could be held round the year.

About School and Workshop

The proposed School and Workshop aim to foster interactions be-tween Physics and Mathematics in the area of Modular Forms and Black Holes. In recent years there has been lot of interdisciplinary research activity in this area. In counting black hole microstates in string theory, various kinds of modular forms play very important roles. In addition, tantalizing connections between elliptic genus of K3 surfaces, Mathieu group and Mock Modular forms have been an interesting subject of study
The School will give pedagogical expositions by leading researchers of international repute on various subjects in Modular Forms and Black Holes to students and young researchers in India. The Workshop will provide an opportunity of research interactions between Physicists and Mathematicians.

— Location NISER

Scientific Organising Committee

Professor Ashoke Sen

HRI, Allahabad

Professor Sunil Mukhi


Professor Atish Dabholkar

ICTP, Trieste

Professor Sameer Murthy


Professor R. Balasubramanian

IMSc, Chennai

Professor Dipendra Prasad

TIFR, Mumbai
School Lecturers

January 05 - 10, 2017

S.Böcherer (Siegel Modular Forms)
Atish Dabholkar (Mock Modular Forms and Black Holes)
Sunil Mukhi (2d CFT, Modular Forms and the Conformal Bootstrap)
Dipendra Prasad (Modular Forms)
B. Ramakrishnan (Jacobi Forms)
Ashoke Sen (Seigel Modular forms and Black Holes)

Workshop Speakers

January 12 - 14, 2017

Sergei Alexandrov (Univ. De Mont Pellier)
Sujay Ashok (IMSc, chennai)
S.Böcherer (University of Mannheim)
Aradhita Chattopadhyaya(IISc, Bengaluru)
Soumya Das (IISc, Bengaluru)
Suresh Govindarajan (IIT, Chennai)
Michael Griffin (University of Cologne)
Winfried Kohnen (Univ. Heidelberg)
Caner Nazaroglu (Univ. of Chicago)
Roberto Volpato (SLAC, USA)
Katrin Wendland(Uni. Freiburg)

List of Participants

Suvankar Dutta (IISer ,Bhopal)
Debashis Ghoshal (JNU, Delhi)
Kaushik Ray (IACS, Kolkata)
Chethan Krishnan (IISc, Bangalore)
Subramanya Hegde ((IISer, Trivendrum))
Dushyant Kumar (HRI, Allahabad)
Arghya Chattopadhyay (IISer, Bhopal)
Nitish Rang (University of Delhi, Delhi)
Arindam Lala (JNU, New Delhi)
Jnan Maharana (NISER)
Kishore Marathe (Brooklyn College, USA)
K V Pavan Kumar (IISc, Bangalore)
Biswajit Sahoo (HRI, Allahabad)
Prasanth Raman (IMSc, Chennai)
Sourav Ballav (IMSc, Chennai)
Soumyarup Bannerjee (HRI, Allahabad)
Sujeet Kumar Singh (NISER)
Sudhir Pujahariu (HRI, Allahabad)
Arvind Kumar (HRI, Allahabad)
Manish Pandey (HRI, Allahabad)
Anup Kumar Singh (HRI, Allahabad)
Sagar Srivastava
Praneel Samanta (CBS, Mumbai)
Abhash Kumar Jha(NISER)
Moni Kumari (NISER)
Prem Prakash Pandey (NISER)
Priyaranjan Mallick (NISER)
Parikshit Dutta (JNU, New Delhi)
Anshuman Dey (TIFR, Mumbai)
Subhobrata Chatterjee (NISER)
Saikat Bera (IISER,Pune)
Girish Muralidhara (IISER,Pune)
Sudipto Paul Chowdhary (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
Shamik Banerjee (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
Jaban Meher (NISER)
Utkal Keshari Dutta (VSSUT, Burla)
Sudhansu Sekhar Rout (HRI)
Shailesh Dhasmana (Univ. of Nottingham)
Avijit Mukherjee (Jadavpur Univ.)
K.P. Yogendran (IISER Tirupati)
Abhishek Juyal (MNNIT, Allahabad)
Pavan Kumar Yerra (IIT, Bhubaneswar)
Varun Sethi (University of Delhi)
Diptanil Roy (NISER)
Mohan Rudravarapu (Government Polytechnic, Vishakhapatnam)
Arpita Rath (Pondicherry University)
Ritwik Pal (IISc, Bangalore)
Pramath Anamby (IISc, Bangalore)
Bidisha Chakrabarty (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
Soumyabrata Chatterjee (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
Pratik Roy (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
Chandrasekhar Bhamidipati (IIT, Bhubaneswar)
Palash Dubey (NISER)
Moumita Patra (NISER)
Deepali Misra (NISER)
SwayamSiddha Misra (NISER)
Arpit Das (IISER Kolkata)

About CFS and CFS Co-ordinators

Prof. V. Muruganandam
+91 674-2494085
School of Mathematical Sciences, NISER
Prof. Bedanga Das Mohanty
+91 674-2494007
School of Physical Sciences, NISER

Local organising committee

Chethan Gowdigere
+91 674 249 4281, +91 97771 18363
Brundaban Sahu
+91 674 249 4098, +91 94395 76745
Yogesh Srivastava
+91 674 249 4278, +91 78942 54569

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