Teaching Laboratories for Int. MSc-PhD

Int. MSc-PhD

1st Semester

Integrated M. Sc-Ph D first semester experiments -Part I (P741)

Anolog and Digital electronics lab experiments 
  1. Recapture of basics (Includes Identification of components, familiarisation with power supply. Function Generators, Oscilloscopes, Diode characteristics)
  2. Transistor (CE) characteristics, single and two-stage RC coupled amplifiers.
  3. Operational amplifier basics and applications
  4. Phase shift Oscillators
  5. Passive and active filters

  Introduction Identification of circuit components

  1. Diode Characteristics and Rectifier circuits
  2. RC filter circuits and LCR resonance circuits
  3. Transistor Characteristics and  amplifier circuits
  4. OPAMP circuits - basics
  5. OPAMP circuits - applications
  6. IC 555 multivibrator circuits
  7. Digital Electronics- Boolean logic and adder and subtractor circuits
  8. Digital Electronics- Flip flop and counter circuits

Integrated M. Sc-Ph D first semester experiments -Part II (P742)

General physics Lab experiments & Modern Physics Lab Experiments
  1. Study of Kater's pendulum.  
  2. Determination of mag. Susceptibility of a paramagnetic solution using Quincke's tube method.
  3. Determination of Coefficient of Linear expansion of metals by Fizeau's method.
  4. Determination of Young's modulus of glass/Perspex by Cornu's apparatus.
  5. Measurement of Specific charge (e/m ratio) of electron.
  6. Measurement of dielectric constant by parallel plate capacitor.


2nd Semester

Integrated M. Sc-Ph D second semester experiments -Part I (P743)

Nuclear physics Lab experiments(P743)
  1. G.M. Counter I
  2. G.M. Counter II
  3. Rutherford Scattering
  4. Gamma ray spectrometer
  5. Compton scattering

Solid State Physics Lab Experiments(P744)

  1. Hall Effect
  2. Four Probe
  3. Magnetoresistance of Bismuth
  4. Lattice Vibration, Note for lattice Dynamics Experiment
  5. Solar Cell
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