Teaching Laboratories for Int. MSc-PhD

Int. MSc-PhD

1st Semester

Integrated M. Sc-Ph D first semester experiments -Part I (P741)

Anolog electronics lab experiments
  1. Recapture of basics (Includes Identification of components, familiarisation with power supply. Function Generators, Oscilloscopes, Diode characteristics)
  2. Transistor (CE) characteristics, single and two-stage RC coupled amplifiers.
  3. Operational amplifier basics and applications
  4. Phase shift Oscillators
  5. Passive and active filters

Integrated M. Sc-Ph D first semester experiments -Part II (P742)

General physics experiments
  1. Study of Kater's pendulum.  
  2. Determination of mag. Susceptibility of a paramagnetic solution using Quincke's tube method.
  3. Determination of Coefficient of Linear expansion of metals by Fizeau's method.
  4. Determination of Young's modulus of glass/Perspex by Cornu's apparatus.
  5. Measurement of Specific charge (e/m ratio) of electron.
  6. Measurement of dielectric constant by parallel plate capacitor.
Nuclear physics experiments
  1. G.M. Counter I
  2. G.M. Counter II
  3. Rutherford Scattering
  4. Gamma ray spectrometer
  5. Compton scattering


2nd Semester

Integrated M. Sc-Ph D second semester experiments -Part I (P743)

Optics Experiments

Support manual for spectrometer


  1. Franck-Hertz Experiment
  2. Photoelectric Effect
  3. Asorption Spectrum of Iodine Vapour
  4. Emission Spectra of Metals
  5. Emission Spectra of Hydrogen
  6. Sodium D-line Splitting
  7. Diffraction of light by ultrasonic waves
  8. Michelson Interferometer
  9. Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Solid State Physics Experiments

  1. Hall Effect
  2. Four Probe
  3. Magnetoresistance of Bismuth
  4. Lattice Vibration, Note for lattice Dynamics Experiment
  5. Solar Cell
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