Teaching Laboratories for Int. MSc

Lab Manual for Semester-I (P141)


  1. Compound pendulum
  2. Moment of Inertia
  3. Soft massive spring
  4. Young's modulus
  5. viscosity
  6. Surface tension by capillary rise
  7. Measurement of Thermal Conductivity
  8. Specific heat graphite
  9. Electrical Equivalent of Heat
  10. Velocity of Sound

Supporting material

Lab Manuals for Semester-II (P142)

Second Semester Manual

  1. Conversion of Voltmeter to Ammeter and vice-versa.
  2. Study of Electromagnetic Damping
  3. Tangent Galvanometer
  4. Magnetic field variation along the axis of a circular coil and a Helmotz coil
  5. Determination of the resolving power of a telescope
  6. Dispersive Power of Prism
  7. Study of Newton’s rings.
  8. Malus's law

Supporting Materials

  1. Spectrometer
Lab Manuals for Semester-III (P241 & P242)

General Physics Lab (P241)

  1. Determination of thermal expansion of metals using Fizeau’s interferometer
  2. Determination of Young’s modulus of glass/Perspex using Cornu’s method
  3. Determination of Magnetic susceptibility using Quincke’s method
  4. Determination of electrical permittivity of free space and Dielectric constant of various materials
  5. Determination of specific charge of electron (e/m)
  6. Study the magnetic hysteresis
  7. Verification of Coulomb’s Law

Basic Electronics Lab(P242)

  1. Familiarization with general laboratory equipment and identification of electronics components
  2. (a) Diode characteristics (Si/Ge & Zener), (b) Half wave rectifier circuit
  3.  (a) Full wave bridge rectifier circuit, (b) Zener regulated power supply
  4. Passive RC filters and phase shifting network
  5. LCR series resonance circuit
  6. Transistor characteristics
  7. Single stage RC coupled amplifier
Lab Manuals for Semester-IV (P243 & P244)

Modern Physics-I and Optics Lab (P243)

   Support manual for spectrometer

  1. Franck-Hertz Experiment
  2. Photoelectric Effect
  3. Asorption Spectrum of Iodine Vapour
  4. Emission Spectra of Metals
  5. Emission Spectra of Hydrogen
  6. Sodium D-line Splitting
  7. Diffraction of light by ultrasonic waves
  8. Michelson Interferometer
  9. Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Advanced Electronics Lab (P244)

Lab Manuals for Semester-V (P341 & P342)

Nuclear physics and Instrumentation(P341)

  1. G.M. Counter I
  2. G.M. Counter II
  3. Rutherford Scattering
  4. Gamma ray spectrometer
  5. Compton scattering
Lab Manuals for Semester-VI (P343 & P344)

Modern Physics Laboratory || (P343)

  1. Normal and Anomolous Zeeman effect
  2. Electron Spin Resonance of DPPH
  3. Experiments using EXPEYES
  4. Calibration of thermocouple using PT100 sensor

Solid State Physics Laboratory | (P344)

  6th sem schedule 2018-19

  List of experiments

  1. Hall effect
  2. Four probe
  3. Magnetoresistance of Bismuth
  4. Lattice vibration , Note for lattice dynamics experiment
  5. solar cell
Semester-VII (P441 & P442)

Solid State Physics II Laboratory (P441) and Laser and Spectroscopy Laboratory (P442)

  1. Superconductivity using LC circuit
  2. Dielectric constant at microwave frequency
  3. Magnetostriction using Michelson Interferometry
  4. Study of Faraday effect
  5. Study of Raman Spectroscopy
  6. Alignment of He-Ne laser and study of spectral and spatial properties of the beam
  7. Study of Nd-Yag laser
  8. Study of Z-scan
  9. Experiments with optical fiber
Semester-VIII (P443 & P444)

Integrated Physics Laboratory I (P443) and Integrated Physics Laboratory II (P444)

  1. Study of Negetive group delay in electronic circuit
  2. Study of Lock-in-Amplifier
  3. Study of Coupled Oscillator
  4. Study of Holography
  5. Study of Laser Gyroscope
  6. Study of Earth field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  7. Study of Interference, Diffraction and other experiments using Microwaves
  8. Study of Laser Doppler Anemometry
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