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Seminar by Prof. Mahendra Verma

Friday, December 30, 2016 - 14:30 to 13:30
SPS Conference Room
Prof. Mahendra Verma
IIT Kanpur

Thermodynamics successfully describes natural phenomena under  equilibrium, but principles of dynamics are invoked for  nonequilibrium systems.  Both these frameworks have different sets of assumptions.   In this talk we elucidate how some of the      critical assumptions of equilibrium statistical mechanics are broken in fluid turbulence and phase transitions. Then we discuss phase transition in a dynamical perspective.  In this talk we show how a  single framework based on large-scale modes successfully explains hysteresis at zero temperature, and phase coexistence (as in melting transition) in the presence of noise induced by temperature.  Our model also explains how the width of the hysteresis loop shirks in the presence of noise, as well as show how initial condition can play a significant role in phase transitions. 

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