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Seminar by Dr. Victor Mukherjee

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 15:30
SPS Seminar Room
Dr. Victor Mukherjee
Weizmann Institute, Israel

We present a comprehensive theory of heat engines based on a  quantum-mechanical "working fluid" with periodically-modulated  energy levels. The theory is valid for any periodicity of driving  Hamiltonians that commute with themselves at all times and do not  induce coherence in the working fluid. Continuous and stroke cycles  arise in opposite limits of this theory, which encompasses hitherto  unfamiliar 'hybrid' cycle forms. The theory allows us to discover  the speed, power and efficiency limits attainable by incoherently-operating  multilevel heat engines depending on the cycle form and the dynamical  regimes. The theory ventures into the unexplored non-Markovian and  non-rotating wave dynamical heat engine regimes. 

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