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Low-temperature Plasmas for Functional Graphene

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 15:30
SPS Conference Room
Dr. Shailesh Kumar
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Graphene is an atomically-thin two-dimensional (2D) carbon materialwith highly-unusual and previously unknown properties. These propertiescan only be utilized commercially when the graphene for device integrationis sufficiently free from defects. However, these features can only beachieved at very high temperatures well above the acceptable limits indevice fabrication, due to fundamental thermo-kinetic restrictions. In this presentation, low-temperature non-equilibrium plasma processesas a safe and environmentally-benign route towards a green synthesisof device-graded multifunctional graphene nanomaterials will bediscussed. The process also allows for the easy separation of graphenefrom the native catalyst by simply placing the graphene attached to thecatalyst into water. The findings contribute significantly to researchinto reducing graphene growth temperatures and finding new methods oftransferring graphene. This work immediately opens up the possibility offurther investigations into plasma enhanced CVD growth of graphene as apotential solution to the need for a commercially-viable,industrially-scalable route to graphene growth.

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