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Foundation Day Lecture

Monday, August 29, 2016 - 15:30
Prof. Ajay Sood
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Prof. Sood has done pioneering work on several topics related to condensed matter physics, some of which includes the following topics:- new phenomenon that the flow of liquids on single walled carbon nanotubes induces voltage and current in the sample along the flow direction. - generation of electrical signal by gas flow over a variety of solids, including semiconductors, an effect known as 'Sood Effect'. - variety of novel topics in the area of soft condensed matter He will be speaking about his groups most recent experiments which has led to discoveries of novel issues in non-equilibrium physics. For further reading one can take a look at the following papers:1. (Nature Physics 2016)2. or For his scientific contributions he has been awarded Padma Shri by Govt. of India (2013) and he has been elected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society (2015). We would like to request you all to kindly attend the foundation day lecture.

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