Master Thesis

# Name Title Supervisor
1 Sunil Swaiin

Shortrange semilocal potential with long-range correlated Hartree-Fock exchange and its time dependent extension

Prasanjit Samal
2 Shubhayan Sarkar

Connections between the Isingmodel and quantum games

Colin Benjamin
3 Lokesh K Pradhan

lattice and continuum models of driven gases

A. V. Anil Kumar
4 Jyoti Ranjan Parida Sumedha
5 Divya Rana

Topics incosmology

Nishikanta Khandai
6 Biprateep Dey

Classification of Galaxy Properties

Nishikanta Khandai
7 R Abhiram

Study of light propagation in a medium with enhanced FWM and CPM

Ashok Mohapatra
8 Harshavardhan Reddy

Study of polarization squeezing

Ashok Mohapatra
9 Sangeet Paul

Membrane-Gravityduality in a large number of dimensions

Sayantani Bhattacharya
10 Abu James

Inverse statistical mechanics and data mining

11 Arabinda Swain

GTP hydrolysis in cellular processes

A. V. Anil Kumar, Sumedha
12 Souradeep Satpathy

Lanetransitions in colloids system with competing interactions

A. V. Anil Kumar
13 Siddharth Mansingh

Evaluation of Dynamical Correlations in Spin Hamiltonians using exact diagonalization

V Ravi Chandra
14 Sharba Bhattacharjee

Null Structures in General Relativity

Yogesh Kumar Srivastava
15 Somdutta Bhatta

Understanding the mechanism of particle production in highenergy heavy-ion collisions

Bedangadas Mohanty
16 T Udaykrishna

Topological methods in condensed matter and Integrability in theoretical physics

Chethan N. Gowdigere
17 Arumaya Parai

Constraintson Conformal Field Theory: Bootstrapand related techniques

Sayantani Bhattacharya
18 Aroop K Behera

Manipulating skyrmion dynamics by currentinjection studied by OOMMF simulation

Subhankar Bedanta
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