Events calendar

Seminar by Dr. Tanay Nag

Seminar by Prof. Sourendu Gupta

Colloquium by Prof. S.D. Mahanti

Seminar by Prof. Wojciech Florkowski

Colloquium by Prof. Gautam Menon

Seminar by Dr. Ehesan Ali

Colloquium by Prof. Tilman Pfau

Colloquium by Prof. Mustansir Barma

Lecture cum Discussion by Prof. Mustansir Barma

Seminar by Dr. Budhaditya Chatterjee

Seminar by Dr. Guruprasad Kadam

Colloquium by Prof. Indranil Mazumdar

Seminar by Dr. Jayita Nayak

Seminar by Prof. Bibhudatta Rout

Seminar by Prof. Indranil Sarkar

Seminar by Dr. Narayan Rana

Seminar by Prof.Deshdeep Sahdev

Seminar by Prof. R. Palai

Colloquium by Prof. Prasenjit Sen

Seminar by Dr. Sivasurender Chandran

Seminar by Dr. Srijit Paul

Seminar by Dr. Debarati Roy

Seminar by Dr. Prithwish Tribedy

Seminar by Dr. Anupam Kundu

Colloquium by Prof. Sukanta Bose

Seminar by Dr. Suvadip Das

Seminar by Dr. Nilakash Sorokhaibam

Seminar by Niveditha Ram

Seminar by Dr. Sirshendu Bhattacharyya

Colloquium by Prof. Subham Majumdar

Seminar By Dr. Sudipta Dubey

Seminar by Prof. Pranaba Kishor Muduli

Seminar by Prof. S.D. Mahanti

Seminar by Prof. S.D. Mahanti

Seminar by Dr. Toshihiro Nonaka

Seminar by Dr. Susant Acharya

Seminar by Dr. Tathagata Ghosh

Seminar by Dr. Tathagata Ghosh

Colloquium by Dr. Alexander Dierlamm

Seminar by Dr. Suchismita Sahoo

Colloquium by Prof. Avinash Khare

Seminar by Dr. Kali Prasanna Nayak

Seminar by Dr. Pratishruti Saha

Colloquium by Prof. Meenakshi Narain

Seminar by Dr. Pratishruti Saha

Colloquium by Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar

Seminar by Mr. Amit Seta

Seminar by Dr. Colin Benjamin

Seminar by Dr. Sandip Kumar Dhara

Seminar by Dr. Suprem R. Das

Seminar by Dr. Debabrata Sinha

Colloquium by Prof. Raj Pillay

Seminar by Dr. Ritwick Mondal

Seminar by Dr. Amlan Mukherjee

Seminar by Dr. Saranya Ghosh

Seminar by Prof. Puru Jena

Seminar by Dr. Kailash Sahu

Seminar by Dr. Chandrasekhar Murapaka

Seminar by Dr. Arindam Das

Colloquium by Dr. Arindam Das

Seminar by Dr. Shaon Sahoo

Colloquium by Prof. Srubabati Goswami

Seminar by Dr. Robert Loew

Seminar by Dr. Prasanna Sahoo

Seminar by Dr. Puneet Mishra

Seminar by Dr. Subhankar Bedanta

Colloquium by Prof. Aveek Bid

Colloquium by Prof. Gagan Mohanty

Seminar by Abhishek Joshi

Seminar by Dr. Avijit Kumar

Seminar by Dr. Tuhin Ghosh

Seminar by Prof. Amitabh Virmani

Seminar by Prof. Krishnendu Sengupta

Seminar by Dr. Monalisa Patra

Seminar by Dr. Lata Thakur

Colloquium by Prof. Shashi Thutupalli

Seminar by Dr. Subhamoy Ghatak

Seminar by Swagat Saurav Mishra

Seminar by Dr. Ajanta Maity

Telescope session for summer students of SPS 2018-19

Seminar by Dr. Ranjan Modak

Symposium on Heavy-Ion Physics at FAIR, RHIC and LHC Facilities

Lecture series on Thermodynamics by Prof. Sourendu Gupta, TIFR Mumbai

Seminar by Dr. Bodhaditya Santra

Seminar by Dr. Sandeep Choubey

Seminar by Dr. Sourabh Dube

Seminar by Dr. Paramita Dutta

Seminar by Dr. Maheswar Nayak

Seminar by Dr. Abhishek Atreya

Colloquium by Prof. Jasjeet SIngh Bagla

Seminar by Mr. Abhishek Mohapatra

Seminar by Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta

Seminar by Prof. Sanjeev Srivastava

First Spring Meeting on Strings

National String Meeting

SERC School on Experimental High Energy Physics

Lecture Series by Prof. Harrison B. prosper

Lecture Series by Prof. Harrison B. Prosper

Lecture Series by Prof. Harrison B. Prosper

Colloquium by Prof. Nissim Kanekar

Introductory School on Galaxy Formation

Annual Condensed Matter Physics Meeting 2018

Seminar by Dr. Yalla Ramachandrarao

Seminar by Dr. Sudeshna Sen

Seminar by Dr. Nilay Kundu

Institute Colloquium by Prof. Sushanta Dattagupta

Seminar by Prof. T.R. Govindarajan

Total Lunar Eclipse (TLE)-Super Blue Blood Moon

Colloquium by Prof. S.D. Mahanti

Colloquium by Prof. Sushanta Dattagupta

Colloquium by Prof. Dhiman Chakraborty

Seminar by Dr. Najmul Haque

Seminar by Dr. P.S. Bhupal Dev

Colloquium by Dr. Sudhanwa Patra

Colloquium by Prof. Ashoke Sen

Colloquium by Prof. Sudhansu S. Biswal

Seminar by Prof. Mukunda P. Das

Colloquium by Prof. Mukunda P. Das

Colloquium by Dr. Ajaya Kumar Nayak

Colloquium by Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mohanty

Colloquium by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Swain

Seminar by Prof. Abdelhak Chettah

Seminar by Dr. Kinjal Dasbiswas

Seminar by Prof. Sushanta Dattagupta

Seminar by Dr. Ayan Mitra

Seminar by Dr. Satyajit Seth

Seminar by Dr. Ambresh Shivaji

Seminar by Dr. Satyajit Seth

Seminar by Dr. Manish Jain

Seminar by Prof. Ramesh Nath

Seminar by Dr. Anirban Polley

Seminar By Poulomi Nandi

Seminar by Dr. Priyanka Mohan

Seminar by Dr. Nirupama Dutta

Seminar by Dr. Sujit Kumar

Seminar by Sandeep Rana

Dr. Kavita Jain

Seminar by Dr. Taniya Mandal

Seminar by Dr. Bindusar Sahoo

Seminar by Dr. Chandrasekhar Murupaka

Seminar by Dr. Pramod Kumar Nayak

Seminar by Dr. Bhaskar Sen Gupta

Colloquium by Prof. Kalobaran Maiti

Seminar by Dr. Jaivardhan Sinha

Seminar by Dr.S.P. Senanayak

Seminar by Dr. Bidya Binay Karak

Seminar by Dr. Ashok Bera

Colloquium by Prof. Bikash Sinha

Seminar by Dr. Ranjan Laha

Seminar by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Jaiswal

Seminar by Dr. Kush Saha

Colloquium by Prof. Subhabrata Majumdar

Colloquium by Prof. Martin Weigt

Seminar by Dr. Nihar Ranjan Sahoo

Colloquium by Prof. Gautam Bhattacharya

Seminar By Dr. Abhijit Ghosh

Seminar by Dr. Abdelhek Chettah

Colloquium by Prof. David J Hagan

Seminar By Dr. Swarup Panda

Colloquium by Abdelhek Chettah

Seminar by Dr. Satyaki Kar

Seminar by Dr. Ashis Nandy

Seminar by Dr. Sarmistha Sahu

Colloquium by Prof. D.D. Sarma

Seminar By Dr. Ganapati Sahoo

Physics Colloquium by Prof. Roger Rusack

School and Workshop on Modular Forms and Black Holes

Colloquium by Prof Del Atkinson

Seminar by Prof. Mahendra Verma

Conference on Optics and Photonics Technology

Physics Colloquium by Prof. Priscilla B Chushman

Low-temperature Plasmas for Functional Graphene

Organic Photovoltaics Incorporating Novel Transparent Electrodes

Fluctuation-Dissipation and Area Quantisation in Black Hole Membranes

The High-Luminosity Upgrade of the CMS Tracker

Fun with quantum field theory in three dimensions

Colloquium by Prof. Subhasish Chattopadhyay:-High Energy Heavy ion collisions: Today and Tomorrow

Seminar by Dr. Sayantan Majumdar

Seminar by Dr. Victor Mukherjee

Seminar by Dr. Amita Mohanty

Colloquium by Prof. Mandar Deshmukh

Colloquium by Prof. R.Srianand

Colloquium by Prof. Amitava Datta

Foundation Day Lecture

Foundation Day Lecture

Foundation Day Lecture



Monthly Departmental Meeting

Academic Council Meeting













Graduation Ceremony



Dr. A. Garai




Search for extra solar planets

String Theory












Tech. Eva. Comm. Mtg

Seminar by prof. Y.P. Viyogi

SPS Dept. Mtg

Integrated MSc-PhD Interview

PhD program written exam and interview

SPS Dept. Mtg.

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