List of publications in 2021 (21)

# Title Authors Journal Vol Page
1 Neutral pion mass in the linear sigma model coupled to quarks at arbitrary magnetic field Aritra Das, Najmul Haque Physical Review D Vol - 101 (2020), 074033
2 Second-order quark number susceptibility of deconfined QCD matter in the presence of a magnetic field Bithika Karmakar, Najmul Haque, Munshi G Mustafa Physical Review D Vol - 102 (2020), 054004
3 Heavy quarkonia in a bulk viscous medium Lata Thakur, Najmul Haque,Yuji Hirono Journal of High Energy Physics Vol - 06 (2020), 071
4 Covariant kinetic theory and transport coefficients for Gribov plasma Amaresh Jaiswal, Najmul Haque Physics Letter B Vol - 811 (2020) , 135936
5 Causality and stability in relativistic viscous non-resistive magneto-fluid dynamics Rajesh Biswas, Ashutosh Dash, Najmul Haque, Shi Pu, Victor Roy Journal of High Energy Physics Vol - 10 (2020), 171
6 First order dissipative hydrodynamics and viscous corrections to the entropy four-current from an effective covariant kinetic theory Samapan Bhadury, Manu Kurian, Vinod Chandra, Amaresh Jaiswal Journal of Physics G, 47, 085108 (2020)
7 Viscosity, non-conformal equation of state and sound velocity in Landau hydrodynamics Deeptak Biswas, Kishan Deka, Amaresh Jaiswal, Sutanu Roy Physical Review C 102, 014912 (2020)
8 Tuning the Properties of Zero-Field Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Skyrmions by Interlayer Exchange Coupling Roberto Lo Conte*, Ashis K. Nandy*, Gong Chen et al Nano Letters 20, 4739-4747 (2020).
9 The population of galaxies that contribute to the HI mass function Dutta, Saili; Khandai, Nishikanta; Dey, Biprateep Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2020, Volume 494, Issue 2, pp.2664-2678
10 Cosmological Simulation of Galaxy Groups and Clusters. I. Global Effect of Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei Kar Chowdhury, Rudrani; Chatterjee, Suchetana;Lonappan, Anto. I.;Khandai, Nishikanta;Di Matteo, Tiziana The Astrophysical Journal 2020, Volume 889, Issue 1, id.60, 12 pp
11 Thermopower in an anisotropic two-dimensional Weyl semimetal Ipsita Mandal and Kush Saha Physical Review B 101, 045101 (2020)
12 Dust polarization modeling at large-scale over the Northern Galactic cap using EBHIS and Planck data Debabrata Adak, Tuhin Ghosh, Francois Boulanger, Peter Kalberla, Urmas Haud, Peter G. Martin, Andrea Bracco, Tarun Souradeep Astronomy&Astrophysics 640, A100 (2020)
13 Detection of WHIM in the Planck data using Stack First approach Baibhav Singari, Tuhin Ghosh, Rishi Khatri JCAP 08(2020)028
14 Distance, magnetic field and kinematics of a filamentary cloud LDN 1157 Ekta Sharma, G. Maheswar, A. Soam, Changwon Lee, Shinyoung Kim, Tuhin Ghosh, A. Tej, G. Kim, S. Neha, Piyali Saha Astronomy&Astrophysics 639, A133, 2020
15 Interplay between Breathing and Polar Instabilities in Transition metal Perovskites with Active A-sites A. Paul, A. Mukherjee, I. Dasgupta, and T. Saha-Dasgupta Phys. Rev. Research 2, 013333 (2020).
16 Tailoring Metal Insulator Transitions & Band Topology via Off-resonant Periodic Drive in an Interacting Triangular Lattice S. Jana, P. Mohan, A. Saha, and A. Mukherjee Phys. Rev. B 101, 115428 (2020).
17 Frustration effects at finite temperature in the half filled Hubbard model G. Jana and A. Mukherjee J. Phys Condens. Matter 32 365602 (2020).
18 Intrinsic Ferromagnetism in Atomically Thin Two-dimensional Organic-inorganic van-der Waals Crystals D. Sen, G. Jana, N. Kaushal, A. Mukherjee and T. Saha-Dasgupta Phys. Rev. B 102, 054411 (2020)
19 Measurement of electrons from heavy- avour hadrondecays as a function of multiplicity in p-Pb collisions at 5:02TeV ALICE Collaboration (S. Acharya ..... Sudipan De ..... B. Mohanty .. et al.,) Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP) 02, 077 (2020)
20 Bulk Properties of the System Formed in Au+Au Collisions at center of mass energy =14.5 GeV STAR Collaboration (J. Adam ... Vipul Bairathi ... Debadeepti Mishra ... Bedangadas Mohanty .. et al) Physical Review C 101, 024905 (2020)
21 Evidence of rescattering effect in Pb--Pb collisions at the LHC through production of K*(890) and phi(1020) mesons ALICE Collaboration (S. Acharya, .... A. Dash ... C. Jena .. B. Mohanty .. R. Singh .. et al.,) Physics Letters B 802, 135225 (2020)
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