List of publications in 2011 (9)

# Title Authors Journal Vol Page
1 Can dephasing generate non-local spin correlations? Colin Benjamin Euro Physics Letters (EPL) 96,67001 (2011)
2 Nano fabrication of borad-band antireflective surfaces using self-assembly of block copolymers B. Paivanranta, P. K. Sahoo, E. Tocce, V. Auzelyte, Y. Ekinci, H. H. Solak, C-C al ACS Nano 5 (2011) 1860
3 Can Dephasing generate non-local spin correlations Colin Bejamin Euro Phys. Lett. 96 (2011) 67001
4 Highly accurate and sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor based on channel photonic crystal waveguides T. Srivastava, R. Das and R. Jha Sensors and Actuators B 157 (2011) 246
5 High-performance Bimetallic SPR Sensor Based on Periodic-Multilayer-Waveguides T. Srivastava, R. Jha and R. Das IEEE Photonics Technology 23 (2011) 1448
6 Interfacing carbon nanotubes of arbitrary chiralities into linear heterojunctions J. Bhattacharjee and J. B. Newton Phys. Rev. B 83 (2011) 165432
7 Quantum Dot from Chiral Metallic Single walled nanotubes R. Banerjea and J. Bhattacharjee J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci. 8 (2011) 1
8 Phenomenological implications os S-duality symmetry A. Das and J. Maharana Phys. Lett. B 699 (2011) 264
9 Channel Bragg-plasmon coupled waveguide T. Srivastava, Rajan Jha and Ritwick Das Proc. SPIE 8173 (Aug 2011) 81731I-1
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