Research Areas

Order structure in normed spaces and operator spaces (matricially normed spaces); Theory of operator ideals (Geometry of Banach Spaces).

Partial differential equations of evolution type, Inverse problems

Incidence Geometry, Groups, Algebraic Combinatorics

  • Supercongruences:  The numbers which occur in Ap\'{e}ry's  proof of the irrationality of  zeta(2) and zeta(3)  have many interesting congruence properties.Work started with F. Beukers and D. Zagier,  then extended by G. Almkvist, W. Zudilin and S. Cooper recently has complemented the Ap\'{e}ry numbers with set of sequences know as Ap\'{e}ry-like numbers which share many of the remarkable properties of the Ap\'{e}ry numbers. We study supercongruences properties  of Ap\'{e}ry-like numbers. 
  • Differential Operators: There are many interesting connections between differential operates and modular forms. Using Rankin-Cohen type differential operators on Jacobi forms/ Siegel modular forms we study certain arithmetic of Fourier coefficients. 
  • Convolution sums and applications: We compute convolution sums of divisor function using the theory of modular forms and quasi modular forms and apply those to find number of representations of an integer by certain quadratic forms. 
  • Representations of numbers by quadartic forms:  We find number of representations of an integer by certain quadratic forms by computing modular forms/ theta series.

Moduli of Curves, Teichmuller Theory

SpecialisationTheoretical Computer Sciences, Coding Theory, Cryptology, Discrete Mathematics.

Present Research Interests: Symmetric ciphers, Algebraic Attack, Boolean Functions, Combinatorics.

Cowen-Douglas Class of operators, Hilbert modules over function algebra and Dilation theory. 

Modular forms, L-functions

Transcendental number theory, Modular forms and Multiple zeta values

Combinatorics, Algebraic Graph Theory

Intersecting Families, Hypergraphs, Graph Theory, Applications of Szemer\'{e}di Regularity Lemma, Applications of analysis and probability theory to combinatorics, Probabilistic methods in combinatorics, Random graphs.

Moduli space of bundles over curves and surfaces, Linear Series.

Partial Differential Equations

Disordered systems pops up quite often in physics (spin glass), biology (artificial neural network), social sciences (matching) and many other places. To analyze, usually these systems are identified with the stochastic models. My main research interest is on the application of probabilistic tools to analyze these stochastic models.

My Primary research areas are functional analysis and Ergodic Theory. My  central  research area is operator algebra and it evolves  around operator algebra. I study one parameter family of endomorphisms on von Neumann algebras

I also  study structure theory  of von Neumann algebras, Connes's classifications theory of type III factors and various others property of  type III factors and  verious dynamical system on von Neumann algebras. 

Harmonic Analysis

Enumerative geometry of singular curves, using methods from Differential Topology.  

I work on Harmonic Analysis on Euclidean Spaces and Heisenberg Groups.

At present my research interest is Spherical harmonics, Hermite and Laguere expansion and Dunkl Transform.

Topological Quantum Groups, Noncommutative Geometry,  Operator Algebras.

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School of Mathematical Sciences

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