Summer Project Programme, 2021, for highly motivated and bright students (cancelled due to COVID-19)


School of Earth and Planetary Sciences (SEPS), NISER’s Summer Project Programme 2021, is open now. Highly motivated and bright students who aspire to become one of the leading researchers in the field of Earth Sciences, Planetary and Space Sciences and Atmospheric-Ocean Sciences are encouraged to apply.

Selected students will get the opportunity to work in various challenging topics during the summer vacation of NISER:

  • Astrochemistry/Cosmochemistry, Astrobiology, Radio/sub-mm/infrared astronomy to study origin of sun-like stars and planetary systems such as our own solar-system, Exoplanets and its atmospheres, High resolution astronomical spectroscopy of solar-system objects (e.g. comets, asteroids) using ground or space telescopes (e.g. ALMA, NASA’s SOFIA and JWST), Planetary atmospheres (Faculty: Dr. Liton Majumdar)
  • Planetary geology and early Earth geology; Planetary mineralogy and morphology using spacecraft data (e.g., ISRO’s Chandrayaan, NASA Dawn, NASA Cassini, ISRO and NASA Mars missions, etc.); Asteroids & comets & meteorites & analogues and the early solar system science; Geochemical and geologic evolution of planetary bodies; Geology and evolution of icy planetary bodies & analogues (Faculty: Dr. Guneshwar Thangjam)
  • Regional hydro-climatology; vegetation-climate interactions, especially in forested ecosystems of Amazonia, the Indian subcontinent and Himalayas; boundary layer and atmospheric modelling; physical processes behind convection; Heat wave phenomenology and regional vulnerability; thermodynamic impacts of aerosols and implications on regional climate (Faculty: Dr. Jaya Khanna)

Eligibility Criteria:

Integrated M.Sc. /B.Sc. /M.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry, Space, Earth, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, or B.Tech/M.Tech in Space Technology, Hydrological and Earth System Sciences 

 Application Procedure:

Students needs to contact the concerned faculties under whom they wish to do summer project. If the faculty member agrees to guide him/her internship, then the student needs to send the scanned copy of the application form duly filled and signed along with copies of their CV, mark sheet, and NOC from the institute through email to the concerned faculty member and the chairperson by --/--/2021. Depending on the number of available positions and the applications received, the students may be asked to appear for an online interview.

Important dates:

  • Duration of Program: 
  • Last Date of Application: 
  • List of Selected Candidates online by 

Further Information:

  • Selected students will be paid round trip second class sleeper train fare and a token amount for per-diem (Rs. 5000 per month) if fund is available.
  • Accommodation may be provided (on nominal payment basis) in the student's hostel subject to availability, while local students may not be considered for accommodation.
  • The selected students should submit the original application form duly filled and signed, NOC from the institute, and self-attested copies of CV and Mark sheet in the SEPS office upon their arrival.
  • At the end of the programme, the student needs to submit a project report in the SEPS office approved by his/her supervisor, and the students should give a seminar to get the project completion certificate. 

For more information, please visit:

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