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CS Katha Barta - Talk 3

Monday, October 18, 2021 - 13:30
Dr. Devendra Patil
BITS Pilani, Goa Campus

Increasing number of patents and papers attest to the fact that smart materials-based smart structures/systems have a high potential of being applied in our day-to-day applications. The current scenario shows that the physics, chemistry, and engineering disciplines are the ones who have any exposure to the field of smart materials. This exposure has motivated the researchers to study the material to develop innovative devices to assist and improve human life. The vast list of smart systems includes examples from tiny Nitinol-based self-expandable coronary stents to Piezo-based structural health/condition monitoring of huge composite wind turbine blades and many more. However, these deployments are mostly limited to small scales. This talk presents an introduction to smart materials and recent innovative research in the field of smart materials-based systems (such as structural health monitoring (SHM) of composites using piezoceramic transducers and others) to faculty and students of the computer science department at NISER. While the physical smart material’s components act as limbs for sensing and actuation of the smart structures, computer systems act as the brain for efficient operations of these smart structures. However limited understanding, knowledge, and expertise of smart materials among CS have throttled the applicability and development of smart structures on a large scale. A harmonious collaboration between computer science and engineering researchers can lead to the development of integrated Next-gen smart systems for the betterment of humanity all around the globe. This talk will also briefly present other successful applications of smart materials for SHM, actuation, and sensing in the field of civil, energy, and medical industry, which can be helpful for the development of future smart cities. All these research and development activities for the future could fall short if the next generation of engineers and researchers do not think out of the box with the knowledge they have.

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