1. A student should meet 60 credit requirements as follows:

       (a)  In the first semester, the student will do 3 courses from List 1, and CS791 Seminar Course-I.

       (b)  In the second semester, the student will do 3 courses from List 1, and CS792 Seminar Course-II and CS793 Seminar Course-III.

       (c)  The seminar courses can be on any advanced topic on Computer Science as suggested by the doctoral monitoring committee.

       (d)  The performance in the courses will be assessed through assignments, student presentations, vivas, and /or written examinations. The contact hours for each course will be 4 hours per week.

  1. A student has to compulsorily attend and pass a Research Methodology course. However no credit for the course will be counted.

  2. Having completed the course work successfully, a student will appear for Oral Gen- eral Comprehensive Examination (OGCE) conducted by the monitoring committee. OGCE will be based on all the courses that a student has taken and will be con- ducted before the registration of third semester. The process of choosing Ph.D. advisor starts only after the successful completion of OGCE and it has to be done within a month from the date of completion of comprehensive examination.

  3. A doctoral committee is constituted by the Dean Academic as per HBNI guidelines after a guide and topic has been decided. The doctoral committee should meet at least once in a year to monitor the progress of a student. Guide, who is the convener of doctoral committee, will send the annual progress report of student to the Dean Academic every year before registration of odd/even semester depending upon the joining date of the student and a copy may be sent to PGCS for further reference.

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