16-17 July 2018
NISER, Bhubaneswar
Organised by EMSI and NISER

About Workshop

Biological systems are diverse in structure and function, are highly convoluted systems, and represent unicellular life to multicellular diversified organisms. Microscopy, initially considered as a "tool only" has become an important technique in scientific investigations and has a key role in uncovering nature's beauty at microscopic scale. Since its invention, light microscope not only helped to acquire information at various levels in different facets of biology, but also helped to visualize structure and events that are not possible in naked eyes. Today light microscopy has achieved resolution at single molecule levels. Such high spatiotemporal resolution supplemented by development of different probes opened new dimensions for biologist to uncover biological structures and functions that occur at molecular, cellular and organism level. It is no wonder that new discoveries in life science correlates well with the power of visualization through microscopes.

This 2 day workshop aims to provide a glimpse of high-end imaging techniques as well as advancements of biological research in different frontiers.