Hartree cluster

New HPC cluster under school of chemical science has been installed and is named as Hartree cluster. Hartree cluster is inside the smart row solution.

SmartRow by itself a mini-datacenter which contains almost all the subsystem of Datacenter.

This cluster has been listed in the July-2018 top-supercomputer list in India maintained by C-DAC Bangalore.


Subsystems in the SmartRow:
  1. Electrical (Row Power, UPS Power) - 150 KVA Modular Frame with 90KVA Loaded with 30 minutes backup.
  2. HVAC (CRV - Computer room vertical) - 2 nos. 35kW In-Row PAC.
  3. Fire Detection system (Zone 1 & Zone 2) - Two zones
  4. Fire suppression system (NOVEC 1230 suppression system)
  5. Access control system (For Door opening)
  6. Rodent repellent system - 3 nos. Standalone devices
  7. CCTV
  8. Monitoring with Rack Data Unit (RDU)
Hartree Cluster:

Hartree cluster is a HPC of 40 compute nodes and 2 master nodes in HA configuration.

It is based on Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697A v4 @ 2.60GHz. Two sockets for each node (32-cores per node) on Supermicro SuperServer SYS-6028R-TR with 64 GB of RAM per node.

HPL Benchmarking Results (for 36 nodes - 1152 cores):
  1. Rmax of 38.81 Terra-Flops.
  2. Rpeak of 53.24 Teraflops

The nodes are connected by Mellanox 108 port FDR chassis switch (MSX6506-NR) that can provide 56Gbps of throughput.

It also has 230 Terabytes of storage in Luster Parallel File system with an aggregate performance of around 5GBps on write performance.

  • Total IO Nodes: 4 (2 MDS & 2 OSS)
  • MDT Storage: Qscan (4TB in RAID 10)
  • OST Storage: DDN (230 TB in RAID 6)
  • Storage is from DDN with dual controller both working in active active mode.
  • Controller Enclosure : SFA 7700x
  • Disk Enclosure: SS7700

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