Brahmaputra Hostel(DoH-3)

HEC Members

P.C. Ravikumar
Subham Mishra
James Wilson
Cultural Secretary
Mubashir M
Sports Secretary
Debashish Paik
Maintenance Secretary
Abhinandan Mohanty
Mess Secretary



Bramhaputra Hostel  offers apartment-style living on-campus dining options,  Recreational Center, Band Hall. Each room  has two beds, common bathrooms in very floor, a study and common room. The common room come with a refrigerator, LED TV with DTH connection, oven, Washingmachine and garbage disposal. Each room has two beds, desks, chairs and built-in Almirah. The beds in Bramhaputra Hostel can be bunked or separated.


Additional Details

Living Learning CommunityInnovation Academy
Resident Type: Undergraduate Student
Double Occupancy Apartments
Capacity: 200
Occupied: 167
Location: Hostel Complex
Area: Bramhaputra Hostel


 24/7 Area Desk Services
 World Class Wireless - High-speed Internet Access
 Laundry Facilities
 Cable TV
 Mail Service
 Nighttime Security Patrols
 Furnished bedrooms
 Social Atmosphere
 Living Learning Community
Canteen Facility