Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information, Measures and recommendations

NISER is monitoring the evolving impacts of the COVID-19 virus in the India and its possible impact on NISER community.

(This website will be updated with new information as and when it becomes available.)

A team comprising members of senior management from across NISER, as well as health and safety and other relevant experts, meets daily to assess the situation and to decide on appropriate actions for NISER, taking into account the advice of expert external authorities. Our highest priority is to protect the health of NISER members and of everyone on the site, while allowing NISER to continue working throughout this difficult time. All measures are decided with this overarching objective in mind.

By now it has been recognised that the virus may go through four stages of development that the expert health authorities have identified.

  • Stage 1 – Alert of the spreading of the virus by WHO
  • Stage 2 – A Host-State declares part of its territory, distant from NISER, as affected or threatened by an outbreak of COVID-19. The objective in this phase is to prevent and limit the spread of the virus.
  • Stage 3 – The virus circulates widely in the area in which NISER is located
  • Stage 4 – Infection spreads at NISER itself.

NISER is in Stage 2 and the new measures described on this page are implemented to face this scenario. In parallel, we are preparing for Stage 3.

Date Events
04.04.2020 Following Advisory and information is being released to NISER members. This is being issued after discussion with Director NISER and based on recommendation from the COVID-19 Task force at NISER.
  1. We have received the following message from DAE related to contribution of funds to PM CARES. The circular was received by NISER at 3:14 PM on 3rd April 2020 and the task force received it today morning.
    Government of India
    Department of Atomic Energy
    Secretariat Coordination Section Anushakti Bhavan,C.S.M Marg, Mumbai-400001

    Sub: Donation of One Day Salary to Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund -reg
    The Nation is facing challenging times as it battles the COVID-19 pandemic. With a view to provide relief to the affected people and extend support to the Government’s efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to donate one day salary to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund.
    Accordingly, one day salary will be deducted by default from the salary for the month of April, 2020. The contribution being voluntary in nature, any employee desirous of opting out may intimate so to their concerned Pay & Accounts Officer on or before 21st April, 2020. Similarly, any employee desirous of contributing more than one day salary may also intimate the quantum of salary/donation to be deducted from the pay of April, 2020. In case no intimation is received by the concerned Pay Accounts Officer by the aforesaid date, it will be presumed that, the employee has consented to the deduction of one day salary.
    It has been decided that, DAE will transfer the consolidated amount of donation on behalf of all the constituent Units/PSUs/Aided Institutions to PM CARES Fund. Modality for transferring the amount of donation to DAE will be intimated in due course.
    This issues with the approval of Secretary, DAE.
    --Sandeep S Deokar
    Under Secretary (SCS)

    In view of this circular, the following suggestions are being made to NISER members
    (A) The google forms send out to get consent from members (only for individuals receiving salary/fellowship from NISER or NISER-R&D) for voluntary contributions towards a COVD-19 relief fund is CANCELLED for all FACULTY and STAFF members. The preference and consent given by those FACULTY and STAFF members will no longer be considered. If Faculty and Staff additionally want to contribute to CM Relief funds they can do so on their own by going to appropriate government website.

    (B) The google form is still VALID for STUDENTS and POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS. Those students and PDF who have not yet filled the form can continue to give their voluntary contributions and consent. NISER will collect all information and help transfer the funds to appropriate government accounts as mentioned in the form.

    (C) For FACULTY and STAFF members, as per the DAE Circular, the DEFAULT case is 1-day salary will be deducted from the salary of the month of April 2020. Since the contribution is voluntary, those FACULTY and STAFF who DO NOT WISH to CONTRIBUTE can send an email to with a subject line – NO CONTRIBUTION and mentioning the details if any in the body of the email. Those FACULTY and STAFF who wish to contribute MORE than 1-DAY Salary, can also send an email to with a subject line ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTION and mentioning the details in the body of the email. This email will only be accessed by the Officer in the Finance and Accounts section for record and implementation. The last date is 21st April 2020.

  2. As per the latest information from Government of Odisha, 20 cases of COVID-19 have been reported till 5 PM today. Out of which 18 cases are active and 2 persons have recovered. Out of these 20 cases, 14 are from the Khordha district to which NISER belongs. As part of the containment process, the Odisha Government has completely shut down several places in Khordha district and some places in Cuttack and Bhadrak. The detailed list of places shutdown till night of Sunday is attached to this email.
    The situation was reviewed by the Task Force at NISER, keeping in mind that NISER possibly has now moved to stage-3 (nearby places have been affected), we recommend more stringent entry into NISER campus. Those people staying in the areas mentioned in the attached Government of Odisha list are highly discouraged to come to NISER campus till the lockdown period is over. They are advised to work from home. If some NISER member residing in one of these places and belonging to essential category declared by NISER (and as informed to DAE), wants to visit NISER (other than requested for an important work called by Director NISER), he/she needs to take special permission for coming into NISER campus by writing an email, with proper justifications, to director NISER (with a cc to – DOFA) during the lockdown period. Only after approval from the Director, the person can enter NISER campus within 15th April 2020. The security at the gate will be implementing this recommendation till 15th April 2020.
    We are now reviewing the details of the situation of the manpower involved in security and housekeeping services etc at NISER.
    You are encouraged to read the document which deals with Containment Plans for large outbreaks of COVID-19.
    For NISER members residing in Bhubaneswar and who are under shutdown, attached to this email is the list of medicine shops open in the city, as published by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.
  3. Although there is no need to panic at all, given the situation outside the campus, the NISER members are suggested to follow advisory issued by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India on April 3, 2020 related to the Face Covers for Curbing the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 using Homemade Protective Cover for Face and Mouth. The details are given in the attached PDF file. The guidelines from WHO are also attached.
    The task force recommends these measures specially for people going outside the NISER gate. However we suggest that you read the guidelines thoroughly, especially for people with breathing conditions and having other medical conditions.
  4. Odisha Government has released the following information: In view of sharp increase in number of COVID-19 positive cases it has become imperative to strengthen passive surveillance of both the Government and private health care facilities. It is necessary for containment of COVID-19 in the community. So, all the CDM & PHOs and proprietors of the Private health Care facilities have been urged to report all the cases of SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) and ILI (Influenza like Illness) to the District IDSP Cell or State IDSP in the prescribed format. Any violation shall be viewed seriously including sealing of the facilities and cancellation of licence under the Clinical Establishment Act. The Office bearers of Private Clinical Establishment Association have also been urged to bring it to the notice of all concerned. For more details: Read this.
    Keeping this in mind, it is now made mandatory to report respiratory related issues or influenza like symptoms to NISER Health Centre.
  5. We are receiving queries on NISER involvement in research/outreach related to COVID-19. We encourage NISER faculty to take a look at the following webpages, which may be useful:
    • ICMR has no objection to initiation of COVID19 testing in Government laboratories operational under the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO): LINK
    • Open Source work for COVID 19: LINK
    • BLiSC (NCBS, inStem, C-CAMP) Campus contributions to national effort to mitigate COVID-19: LINK
    • SERB IRHPA and CRG Calls on COVID-19: LINK
  6. Aarogya Setu App of GOI to connect health services with the masses of India. We have received the following email from DAE:
    Dear Sirs,
    Government of India has advised all its employees to download the Aarogya Setu app which is a GOI app to connect health services with the people of India to fight COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the GOI, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19. The link to download the app for both Android and iOS devices are as under:
    All Heads of Units/PSUs/Aided Institutions are requested to give wide publicity to the Aarogya Setu App and also encourage and enlighten their employees to download and use the same to assist GOI effectively fight against COVID-19 Pandemic. The above may also be brought to the notice of Office bearers of all Unions and Associations for wide dissemination amongst employees and all family members.
    This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority in the Department.
    With Best Regards,
    --Sandeep S Deokar, Under Secretary (Power/SCS/SUS), Department of Atomic Energy
  7. Today around 5:30 PM Jatni Municipal Council people sprayed disinfectant on the campus. They may again come to NISER tomorrow around the same time to spray in the remaining areas.

We suggest everyone to follow the health and safety related guidelines issued by the Government.





03.04.2020 Attached is a list of grocery shops in Jatni with home delivery (up to NISER main gate) possibility given by the Executive Office Jatni Municipal Council.
  1. The scenario of COVID-19 is fast developing in and around Odisha. We have received the following information by tweets (Chief Secy Odisha):
    "Odisha CS announced complete shutdown in Bhubaneswar City limits and Bhadrak Municipal restriction between 8 PM tonight till 8PM of Sunday, 5th April. All passes issued stands suspended during these 48 hours. All exceptions allowed in MHA notification stand withdrawn by SDMA."
    "In view of the fact that one resident of Cuttack has been found positive for Covid-19. Cuttack city is being included under shutdown for 48 hours from 8 PM from today till 8 PM of Sunday. We will use the time for aggressive contact tracing. Details will be released soon."
  2. After discussion with the Director NISER, the Registrar NISER and the Jatni Municipal Council, disinfectants may be sprayed in the NISER campus between 5 PM to 8 PM today. The work will be carried out by Jatni Municipality as per the information received from Executive Officer Jatni Municipal Council. During this period, it is advisable that NISER residents kindly stay indoors.
  3. NISER Doctors have recommended the advisory of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, for downloading AarogyaSetu App for staying informed and alert against COVID19. Government initiative to develop a digital Bridge to fight against COVID_19.
    Links: this link or this link (downloaded and tested).
  4. Attached is a PDF file with the advisory issued by Government of India for taking care of mental health of children during COVID - 19. Request to kindly take a look.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Please follow all the advisory and guidelines issued by Governments of India and Odisha.

Shop List
02.04.2020 Given below is the message from Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Khordha regarding change of shop opening timings. The approximate english translation of the order which in odia is also given below. Given we have a 5th COVID-19 case in Odisha with apparently no travel history traced so far, the government wants to implement the lockdown measures very strictly. Please adhere to the guidelines.
Office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Khordha
No: 2060 dated 02/04/2020
Notice: COVID-19

As per the letter no 8709 dated 21.03.2020 of the State Government, Lock down has been declared in the Khordha district. The shops of all essential commodities like vegetables, fruits, groceries, fish & meat etc will remain open from 7:00 AM to 12:00 noon. The milk shops will remain open from 7:00 to 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM everyday. These shops will be closed (except medicine shops) at other times. Refrain yourself from coming outside unnecessarily. Avoid using two and four wheelers for communication. For purchasing essential commodities, please walk to your nearest shops. Insubordination of this order will be punished. This will be effective from 03/04/2020 till further order.
--Sub-Collector, Khordha

  1. Vegetable Vendor will be available in Shop#10 of the shopping complex (the shop opens towards outside) in the NISER Jatni campus from 8 AM to 10 AM. Request all to please adhere social distancing and other precautions while buying vegetables.
  2. We have again talked to the grocery store - "Raj Gharona Retail" in Jatni. They have agreed to the following :
    (a) You can order groceries through WhatsApp number : 7683975998, if the groceries purchased amount is greater than equal to Rs.1000, they are willing to deliver the order at NISER gate for an additional charge of Rs.40. We have informed the security at the gate and the order can be collected at the gate if you prefer this mode. For more details you can talk by calling the above number and discussing with Mr. Aman. He said that the order can be placed through WhatsApp and will be delivered only after 4 PM on any day and it is preferable that the order is placed one day in advance.
    (b) You can still continue to avail the pre-order and self pick up mode that we mentioned earlier from the same retail shop as above.
    (c) If the order is below Rs.1000 and you have difficulty in picking up, then there is a possibility of you talking to the vegetable vendor (shop #10) and he might help you to pick up the order for some charge that you all have to mutually decide. He has been informed about this possibility. If you take this mode, then your order can be picked up by him and delivered between 5:30-6:30 PM at Shop#10 of the shopping complex.
  3. For the safety of the campus residents, it is again requested that people coming from outside to NISER campus kindly make entry at the gate. They should also make entry of all persons accompanying them and entering the campus. It is our sincere request that all kindly follow this. The security guards may also do thermal scanning, kindly cooperate. In recent few days there are violations of this and also security guards are sometimes talked to rudely. I understand it is very difficult time we are going through together, let us all please cooperate and this difficult phase will surely pass soon.
  4. Yesterday we forgot to mention that the last date of application for PhD program in NISER has been extended till April 19, 2020.
31.03.2020 Information to NISER residents in midst of lockdown due to COVID-19.
  1. Today the Electricity, Water, STP, Fire, Data Centre/Network, Health Centre readiness/issues was reviewed with the concerned staff members. The situation related to these facilities are stable for the moment in the campus.
  2. In view of the lockdown scenario, it is recommended to follow the guidelines issued by Min. of Health and Family Welfare, Directorate General of CGHS, Govt. of India (OM attached) on (a) issue of medicines and (b) Reimbursement of OPD medicines. The guidelines are attached to this email. However, request you to consult over the phone the doctors at the Health Centre regarding these matters for further clarifications if needed.
  3. Temporary arrangements are being made for vegetable supply in the NISER shopping complex most likely from 2nd of April onwards in the morning hours around 8-10 AM for the lockdown period. While getting the relevant clearance from the Inspector-in-charge of Jatni Police Station, he has requested that NISER residents kindly consider going out of the campus only if it is absolutely essential, walking or bicycle should be the preferred mode. He has further requested to reduce going multiple times for shopping in a week, as they have been asked to implement lockdown in the strictest terms.
  4. There have been several requests received from NISER members for contributing to Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund) ( for the purpose of COVID-19. The suggestion is that NISER as a whole should contribute if possible. Following some discussions at NISER, and following past examples, it is suggested to collect names and contribution amount from interested members of NISER purely on voluntary basis. The amount will be adjusted against the salary/scholarships/etc for the month of April 2020 received by members of NISER who wants to voluntarily contribute. An appropriate mechanism will be put in place to collect the required information and consent.
  5. Attached to this email are two guidelines issued by Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. (a) Health Advisory for Elderly Population of India during COVID19 Pandemic and (b) Minding our minds during the COVID-19 pandemic. You are requested to have a look at them and pass on to NISER residents who are not in the mailing list and who would benefit from these guidelines.
  6. A discussion has started at NISER on how to engage our master’s student (especially the final year students) with the academics during the lockdown period. Dean and Associate Dean called for Online UGCI meeting on Monday and now some discussions are taking place at the faculty level. Similarly, a discussion on exploring the possibility of preparing a memorandum/request to funding agency for support (both financial and time extension) to final year students in the PhD program, in view of their academic loss due lockdown etc, will take place in the PGCI in next two-three weeks. The last date of online application of NEST has been extended from 4th April 2020 to 19th April 2020. The suspension of classes in the master’s program, integrated Msc-PhD and pre-doctoral program has been extended from 31st March 2020 to 15th April 2020. Both the Academic Council and BOG of NISER has been informed about these changes.

Request all to kindly adhere to the various guidelines issued by government related to the lockdown. Stay safe and stay healthy.  

27.03.2020 Government of Odisha order on lock-down.   Govt. Order
26.03.2020 Information for NISER residents as we observe lockdown due to COVID-19.
  1. We have got in touch with Mr. Tapan Mohapatra, Executive Officer, Jatni Municipal Council. He has promised to send information related to Jatni town – like opening of shops etc to us by WhatsApp time-to-time.  One such information is given below (translated from the odia version attached to the email). Also attached is an order from Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation on Standard Operating Procedure for maintaining social distancing in essential commodity shops/stores and Daily markets.

    As per the Govt. of Odisha letter no 8709 dated 21/03/2020 the lock down has been implemented in the Khurda District. Accordingly the sale of essential commodities will only be allowed in this district, the following is the provision made upto 29/03/2020. Due to the heavy crowd in the in the vegetable market situated near Golei market and Fish market, Jatni Municipality has given order to all the vendors in the market to shift their shops to the new Bus Stand near Haribhaina Chhak. All the vegetable shops, fruit shops will open from 6:30 to 10:00 AM and 4:00 to 6:00 PM. A distance of 10 feet should be maintained between the shops. The timeline will be strictly followed. The insubordination of the rule will be punished according to law.
    -- Executive Officer, Jatni Municipality.

  2. We have talked to a local grocery store (about 2 KM from our main gate). The retailer is ready to provide “Pre order and Self Pick up” through WhatsApp number (provided to NISER residents). You can send your requirements, they will acknowledge by a reply message and will let you know the costs and when you can pick up your order. Please mention you are from NISER.
  3. In the last two days we have reviewed the situation related to electricity, water, HVAC, Fire, data centre and network in the campus and the measures to be taken in case of issues.
  4. We have again reviewed the readiness of NISER health centre. We have found there are some NISER residents especially those in various stages of pregnancy who may need help of Health centre in fixing OPD appointments (for regular checks) in empanelled hospitals. Doctors have made a list of such residents (some have also shifted to BBSR or staying in BBSR) and given the lockdown and strict regulations related to travel, we have decided to extend ambulance facility to all such cases when needed, they have to contact the doctors.
  5. Daily situation report to DAE is being sent, based on measures and steps we have been taking. This report is sent to Joint Secretary (Administration and Accounts), Govt. of India, Department of Atomic Energy and copy to Inspector General (Security), Department of Atomic Energy.
  6. Odisha government is setting up in partnership with KIIMS and SUM hospital 1000 bed COVID-19 only hospital in preparation of Stage-3 in Odisha. Everyone is encouraged to listen to Shri Subroto Bagchi, Chief Spokesperson of Govt. of Odisha on COVID-19 everyday at 4:30 PM which is telecasted live in all Odia news channels.
    Jatni Municipal Council has set up quarantine/isolation facility/Temporary Medical Centres in the Jatni town. The information of these facilities can be found in the attached pdf file.

We would like to thank the Inspector-In-Charge, Jatni Police Station Mr. B. Sahoo for his valuable help in issuing the vehicle pass to people belonging to the essential work category at NISER.

Stay safe and Healthy. Request all to please observe the lockdown. In case of flu like symptoms please consult Health Centre. Follow all the health guidelines issued from time-to-time.

26.03.2020 Review of the data center and network related matters in NISER campus in view of lockdown. PDF
25.03.2020 Home MInistry Guidelines for Lockdown Order
25.03.2020 Due to lock-down potential issues and measures related to Electricity and Water in the campus. PDF
24.03.2020 The following information and advisory is shared with NISER members with the consent of Director NISER.
  1. The Academic Program of NISER which was suspended till 31st March 2020 is extended till 15th April 2020. One of the reasons is the country wide lockdown announced recently. The situation will be again reviewed at a later time and information will be circulated.
  2. The NISER Summer Students Program 2020 is cancelled.
  3. Entry of non-essential services people including domestic helps to NISER campus is highly discouraged. All hired taxi/auto etc if coming from outside NISER will be stopped at the Gate. The vigil at the gate is being increased.
  4. NISER Doctors informed us that OPD facilities in empaneled hospitals has been closed. Only emergency facilities are available. The medical facility in Health Centre was reviewed.
  5. The Central AC system at NISER will run only between 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
  6. Salaries of all NISER staff/faculty/PhD students/PDF etc for the month of March 2020 will be given on time.
  7. The banking transactions time in the NISER campus will be from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Attached are two circulars from DAE. Kindly please take a look and all are requested to follow the suggestions.  

22.03.2020 The following advisory is being issued to NISER members after discussion with heads of various sections and with consent from Director, NISER.
The Government of Odisha, in exercise of its powers conferred to it under the Epidemic Disease Act 1897, has declared lockdown in the territorial jurisdiction of revenue district of Khurda from 7 am on Sunday, 22nd March 2020 to 9 pm on 29th March 2020. See:

Due to this, the following measures are recommended.

  1. NISER bus services are suspended till 29th March 2020.
  2. All NISER members not part of essential services (Please contact your section/school/department heads to know if you belong to essential services category declared by NISER) are advised to work from home. The guidelines of what constitutes work from home for faculty and researchers are as per UGC (see document attached to this email and will be uploaded to the webpage). The guidelines as to what constitutes work from home for non-Teaching staff will be decided by the respective Heads of School/Section/Department.
  3. All members of NISER whose services come under essential category as declared by NISER (such as Health Centre related, IWD related, existing animal house related, Finance related, Data centre related … etc) can continue their work under restricted conditions. No more than 7 people are allowed to congregate at the place of work. We may recommend more specific instructions on these matters after getting further clarification from district authorities.

Request all members to kindly please cooperate in such extraordinary situations that we are collectively facing. Please follow the advisories sent out from time-to-time. Kindly please take all health related precautions and report any flu like symptoms to the Health centre.  

21.03.2020 Attached are two PDF files (one in English and the other in Odia) carrying information from Odisha Government. All information about further restrictions being placed on movement can be found in the attached documents.

We will have a discussion soon at NISER among the task force members and align our measures along the instructions of the State Government.


Govt. Order

20.03.2020 Information related to COVID-19 measures at NISER and advisories. This is being sent with consent from Director, NISER.
  1. NISER academic committees have started discussing various scenarios/possibilities to bring back the academic program on track if situation turns normal by the end of April or end of May 2020. Today a meeting of UGCI, PGCI, Dean AA and Associate Dean AA took place. Two possible scenarios were discussed and now inputs from the schools are being sort.
  2. Following DAE endorsement of DOPT advisory, NISER has worked out a way to ensure that only 50% of Group B and C employees, not associated with essential services NISER, to come to attend office every day. A rooster has been prepared and is being circulated to section heads for implementation. This is valid up to 4th April 2020. The DOPT advisory and DAE endorsement has been uploaded to COVID-19 webpage of NISER. The advisory says that this is not applicable to Group A employees.
  3. In a meeting today, NISER has declared few facilities like Health Centre, Institute Works Department, Banking and Postal Services, Finance and Purchase related services etc as essential services. A full list as decided in today’s meeting with all heads of schools/sections/departments is being prepared and will be sent to DAE as per Under Secretary (S.C.S) request.
  4. Thank you for participating in the survey for NISER residents in Jatni campus. There are 116 responses and so far, total resident number is 324. Those you have not yet participated in the survey, request to kindly do so at the earliest.There is a good fraction of children (below 11 years 21%) and older age (above 65 years 6%) residents in the campus. Kindly please follow the precautionary guidelines in place.
  5. Google form has been sent out to students (who by now may have reached home) today and so far, 300 responses has been received. Communication is through a dedicated email account -
  6. Thermal scanner is in place at the NISER main gate and NISER doctors have trained 12 security personnel on how to use it and steps to be taken in different situations.
  7. The security at the entrance gate of NISER is being further tightened, a list of PhD students (20 as of today) approved as per the guidelines of the advisory committee to stay on campus has been given and a list of work department projects has been shared with the security, so that they only allow people related to these work enter NISER. No personnel related to IWD work will stay back in the campus beyond office hours.

All members are requested to follow the health-related advisory issued from time-to-time.

19.03.2020 DAE Endorsement: Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 Endorsement
19.03.2020 Discussions of Task Force PDF
18.03.2020 Discussions of Task Force PDF
18.03.220 The following advisory is being issued to all NISER members after discussion with the Advisory Committee and with consent from Director, NISER.
  1. As far as we know there are no COVID-19 cases in NISER till today. With first positive case of COVID-19 in State of Odisha, we have entered stage-2. Now the focus will be preparations for stage-3.
  2. ALL NISER residents in Jatni campus are requested to declare the members staying with them in the official residences as soon as possible. This will allow us to be better prepared for the stage-3. The health centre will also know the age distribution of the people residing in the campus. Also several government agencies are enquiring about the numbers in the campus. A google form will be created and members residing in the campus can fill in the information within the next 2-3 days. The google forms will be emailed to you all.
  3. A Google form is also being sent to ALL NISER students, project students, PDF etc to find out if they have reached home safely and share their and their parents latest contact numbers. All NISER students are requested to kindly cooperate and fill this form as soon as possible.
  4. ALL NISER members need to declare if any member of their family or acquaintance staying with them in the campus has arrived from abroad in last 14 days or travelled to any of the 14 states in India where COVID-19 has been reported (see This declaration has to be done at the Health Centre OR by email to AND without fail.
  5. Entry of suppliers of Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon etc and other external supply agency to campus is highly discouraged. The collection of the orders with proper precaution can be done at the NISER main gate.
  6. ALL residents in the NISER Jatni campus are advised to report to Health Centre in case of any flu like symptoms immediately.
  7. Security has been instructed to maintain a separate register for entries of people coming from Railway station and Airport. The details will be shared with the task force by the security officer everyday.
  8. Following DoPT guidelines F. No. 11013/9/2014-Estt.A.I ll on 17th March 2020, NISER is contemplating having thermal scanners for random check and hand sanitizers at entry point.
  9. Now focus has shifted to discussing about the presence of people carrying out work related to IWD in the campus.

Cooperation of all members on all these upcoming measures are requested. All members are requested to follow the advisory being issued from time to time. Members are also requested to refrain themselves from steps which has potential to create possibility of panic in the campus.

17.03.2020 Discussions of Task Force PDF
17.03.2020 Registration of people returning from abroad: Click Here

"Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary response. The state will leave no stone unturned in taking necessary proactive steps to protect the lives of people of Odisha. At this point of time the biggest source of infection of COVID-19 is persons coming from abroad into the state. With closure of Colleges, Universities etc, coupled with lock down in many countries and home based work option for professionals it is expected there will be a huge surge of people returning from foreign countries into Odisha. This multiplies the threat of virus spread into Odisha. Government of India and Government of Odisha have taken many steps to sensitise, sanitise and quarantine passengers coming from foreign countries.
This initiative is being taken as a measure of abundant caution to protect the people of Odisha from getting infected by people who may be carriers of COVID-19 coming from abroad. This regulation will be in force till April 15th and maybe extended based on situation. The State Government of Odisha appeals to each one travelling from abroad to Odisha to comply with this and be part of the States' efforts in protecting the people of Odisha"

16.03.2020 Discussions of Task Force PDF
16.03.2020 The following advisory is being issued to all NISER members after discussion with the Advisory Committee, Chairpersons of Schools and with consent from Director, NISER and Chairman Academic Council, NISER.
  1. As far as we know there are no COVID-19 cases in NISER till today. However, NISER may be in the verge of entering stage-2.
  2. All PhD students (up to and including 5th year into the program as on today), Integrated PhD students, PhD students who have submitted PhD thesis and Postdoctoral Fellows have to leave the campus and vacate the campus accommodation by 12 noon 18th March 2020. As most of the student related academic activity is suspended till 31st March 2020, this is the timeline till which this restriction is applicable. For further information, please look at NISER webpage link with COVID information.
  3. All PhD students in 6th year and onwards, that is on extension into the program, for the moment should decide on leaving or staying in the campus after discussion with their supervisor. Those who choose to stay have to give an appropriate undertaking to Dean AA and their parents will be informed about their decision.
  4. All bookings in guest houses of NISER are being cancelled till 31st March 2020. If there is any extremely essential reason to book a guest house room, fresh permission of Director NISER is required.
  5. Library reading area is closed, library operations timing will be 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM and only book lending options are allowed.
  6. Outside visitors to NISER campus are discouraged and if absolutely essential please contact NISER authorities.
  7. All NISER hostel canteen facilities will be closed after lunch of 18th March 2020.
  8. NISER will develop an elaborate procedure for return of students once it opens again. This will depend on the COVID-19 situation in the country, places they have visited and may require additional heath related documents.
  9. NISER is also discussing with the Deans and Chairpersons on how the academic program has to be rescheduled so that students' academic career stays on track. This may require cutting down of the vacations periods etc.

Cooperation of all members on all these upcoming measures are requested. Members are also requested to refrain from steps which has potential to create possibility of panic in the campus.

15.03.2020 The following advisory is issued to all NISER members after discussion with the advisory committee, President Students' Gymkhana and with consent from Director, NISER and Chairman Academic Council, NISER.
  1. As far as we know there are no COVID-19 cases in NISER.
  2. We have received a request from students to suspend classes as they have serious apprehensions and worry about several aspects related to COVID-19 in the campus. We have also received appeals from faculty in this regards. Odisha government has also issued similar advisory. The hostel canteen and several hostel/institute facilities are common to all students. Keeping all these aspects in mind. All classes are suspended till 31st March 2020. All integrated MSc, integrated MSc-PhD (upto 2ndyear), pre-doctoral (1st year PhD) students, project students and external students are asked to return to home and leave the hostels within by 5 PM, 17th March 2020. Wardens and Dean student affairs are requested to ensure the process is completed smoothly. If there is an extension of the period of suspension of classes it will be officially communicated by NISER to all the students through email and same information will be put up in the NISER website.
  3. A decision on PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows continuing in the campus will be taken within next 2-3 days after having consultation with the Chairpersons of the Schools. This is because, some laboratories may require some protocols to be followed to close down and it make take some time. Also, some Ph.D. students may be in critical stage of Ph.D. thesis submission.
13.03.2020 Discussions of Task Force PDF
13.03.2020 Advisory has been issued to NISER Members.
  1. As of today, there are no confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in NISER.
  2. All are requested to cooperate and refrain from spreading false information, even as a prank. Kindly refer to information from trusted agencies as mentioned in the website.
  3. As a precautionary measure if someone is advised to be in self-isolation, does not necessarily mean he/she is a COVID-19 suspect. A COVID-19 suspect will he handled as per the established protocols and will transferred to higher centers of medical care.
  4. Anyone developing flu like symptoms (high fever, cough, sore throat, etc) is requested to report to the Health Centre.
  5. All are requested to follow the health advisory circulated earlier. The same is posted in the website.
  6. There may be slightly an increased security check at the gates of NISER this month. This is being taken as a precautionary measure essentially to know a bit more about to non-NISER members entering into the campus from outside the state.
12.03.2020 Discussions of Task Force PDF
11.03.2020 Advisory has been issued to NISER Members.
  1. All members of NISER are advised not to travel to COVID-19 affected countries in the near future.
  2. Any member of NISER who has travelled abroad recently is advised to undergo a self-imposed quarantine for a period of 14 days from the date of arrival in India. They can join regular work at NISER after this period of quarantine, but need to first report at the Health Centre for a basic level medical check. About matters related to nature of leave etc during this period, it will be facilitated. The same can be discussed by the individual, if a staff member with Registrar, NISER, if a student with Dean Student Affairs and if a Faculty with Dean of Faculty.
  3. The visit of foreign nationals to NISER campus is currently discouraged for the next one month. In line with the DAE advise the visit of foreigner's which are essential and which cannot be postponed has to be evaluated afresh at NISER level. Then it has to be forwarded to DAE for approval.
  4. Organizing of major conferences/events with large participation from outside NISER is highly discouraged for the next one month period.
09.03.2020 Exemption to employees to mark biometric attendance OM Endorsement
05.03.2020 Health Advisory was issued PDF

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