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Office Order

Date of Issue Description Office Order
02/01/2017 Composite Grant for Faculty to travel to Conference/Symposium/Workshop etc PDF icon Office Memorandum- Composite grant of 4.5 lakh reg..pdf
11/18/2016 Committee for appointment of Visiting Professor PDF icon Visiting Professors Appointment Committee.pdf
07/07/2016 List of empanelled hospitals PDF icon List of Hospital-1.pdf
05/11/2016 Per-diem for boarding and Lodging for visits abroad PDF icon Office Order_Per Diem.pdf
05/11/2016 Honorarium PDF icon Revised Rates of Honorarium.pdf
05/11/2016 Honorarium for Visiting Faculty PDF icon Revised_honorarium_faculty.pdf
03/10/2015 Academic Leave for Faculty PDF icon Academic Leave0001.pdf
10/14/2014 Composite Grant to Faculty for Conference/Symposuium/etc PDF icon bog-approval-for-composite-grant.pdf
09/04/2014 Visitor Program remunerations PDF icon Visitor_prog_niser.pdf
08/06/2014 Advance increement to new Faculty PDF icon advance_increments_faculty.pdf
06/09/2014 Leave for Faculty participating in Multi-institution and Multi-country collaborations at leading Laboratories PDF icon Duty_leave_multi_institution_research_exchange_program_international_level.pdf
02/23/2014 Elligibity of Faculty with prestigious fellowships for PRIS and NPS PDF icon BOG_Pretigious_fellowship_salary_PRIS.pdf
02/23/2014 Honorarium for Faculty taking Summer term courses at NISER PDF icon Summer_course_honorarium.pdf
04/04/2013 On-duty Leave for approved bilateral projects PDF icon bog_faculty_leave_pda.pdf