Ponneri Chandrababu Ravikumar
Faculty-in-charge, Estate Management, and Works Department Convenor, Under Graduate Committee of the School (UGCS) Chemistry. Warden, Brahmaputra Hostel.  
Souvagya Mahapatra
Scientific Officer-E (Civil)
All works related to civil and plumbing work in NISER campus Member Secy, Institute Works Committee and Central Workshop Committee Non-Member Secy, Building Works Committee
Dilip Jha
Scientific Officer-D (Elect.)
Overal all electrical work
Ashank Vishwakarma
Scientific Officer - C (Mech.)
Overall all mechanical work
Amit Kumar Panigrahi
Scientific Assistant - D (Elect.)
Lighting, power supply, fire alarm/detected, BMS
Bhagaban Dhal
Scientific Assistant - D (Elect.)
Lighting, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, power supply, fire alarm/detector, Lift, BMS
Ranjan Kumar Rana
Scientific Assistant - D (Elect.)
Lighting, geyser, Ceiling fan, exhaust fan, power supply, fire alarm/detector, Lift
Binod Bhagat
Scientific Assistant - D (Civil)
Water supply, Water Quality to NISER Campus and Utility lines and Residential buildings /Staff/Faculty quarters, VIP Guest House, Road, Boundary wall, Community centre, Health Centre, Shopping complex, banks and post offices
Pramod Kumar Nath
Scientific Assistant - D (Civil)
Academic complex comprising including Administration building, Animal House, A1,A2 and Flatlet Guest house , Auditorium
Sambid Ranjan Pradhan
Scientific Assistant - D (Civil)
Landscaping, cosmetic maintenance of the campus including housekeeping of the floated tender. All works related to Student Affairs like Playground, Plantation inside hostels etc Plantation and maintenance of grass etc inside the NISER Campus.
Ajit Kumar Mohanty
Scientific Assistant - C (Mech.)
Site Engineer for Maintenance of Split/Tower ACs of Academic Buildings, Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment, Maintenance of STP Mechanical Equipment and Maintenance of Pumps in Waterworks and Borewells. 
Sujit Kumar Raut
Scientific Assistant - C (Mech.)
Site Engineer for Maintenance of HVAC Plant, Maintenance of VRF AC Units in SPS, SBS and Community Centre.
Rakesh Kumar Behera
Technician-B (Mech.)
Sandeep Kumar Behera
Technician-B (Elect.)
Tapasi Mohapatra
JE[PHE] (Contractual)
+91-674-249-4178 /2178
Plumbing maintenance of NISER Campus, Hostel Maintenance

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