Workshop on Dynamics of QCD matter 15-17 August 2019


The aim of this workshop is to enhance the direct exchange of scientific information among the younger members of the Relativistic Heavy Ion community in India, both from the experiments and theory. Therefore we especially want to encourage advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, young research staff and junior faculty to apply. The focus of the discussions is on the fundamental understanding of strongly-interacting matter at extreme conditions, as formed in ultra-relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions, as well as on emergent QCD phenomena in high-multiplicity proton-proton and proton-nucleus collisions.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • QCD at finite temperature and density
  • Hadron thermodynamics and chemistry
  • Global and collective dynamics
  • Electroweak probes
  • Pre-equilibrium and initial state dynamics
  • Heavy flavor and quarkonium production
  • Freeze-out and particle production
  • Experiment upgrades, new facilities, and instrumentation