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Protonmail - The Right Choice 'For Anonymous Emails'

In the world where Hotmail and Gmail have taken most of the market share in the Email industry there, on the other hand, are specific emails that let you do several things. If I was to make a list of such emails platforms that have something in a specific one of the names that would top the list is Protonmail.

Protonmail is one of the most regarded email platforms in terms of security and ease. Sending emails privately and anonymously is the feature of the Protonmail that makes it highly recommended. Encryption is done with each of the emails and only the sender can decipher it. Moreover, the best part is that since it uses a common standard for email encryption thus the emails could also be sent to people who don’t use Protonmail.


Sounds interesting and intimidating, right? Well, then here is a guide of how to sign up to Protonmail login.

How To Get To Protonmail Login:

  • The very first thing to do to get to Protonmail login is to open the web browser and go to the Protonmail login page. Just like you did for the Gmail and Hotmail.
  • After you have reached the signup page go to the free and select free plan. This will make you able to bear no costs against the amazing services of Protonmail. If you like to use the better features, filters and get more storage of the Protonmail then getting to a paid plan is preferable.
  • Here comes the actual part for which you havemously. This is the biggest attraction of Protonmail in contemporary times. Other than this you can store up to 5gb of data on the Protonmail without paying anything and I think that’s a great deal. Moreover, the customer support provided by the website will make you have the ease of working on anything. The domain and the username are of your choice and there are no interruptions by the platform. They would even allow you to get the short email domain as well which I think is an amazing idea in this industry.

    So are you switching to Protonmail to get these features in your emails?

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