17th Discussion Meeting in Harmonic Analysis

School of Mathematical Sciences, NISER

JANUARY 5-8, 2022

DMHA17 2022

The first Discussion Meeting in Harmonic analysis (DMHA) was organized by Professor M. G. Nadkarni at the University of Bombay in 1988. It had a very small budget and around 25 participants. The meeting was a great success and the participants promptly decided to have such meetings once every two years at different locations across the country. The vision of the members of this initial group was to have a meeting of all practitioners and students of harmonic analysis in the country, where they would be able to present their work, and discuss new developments in the subject. As participation in the biennial meeting has grown over the years, their vision is getting realized. The core of a DMHA is a series of lectures focusing on one theme, by an expert in one of the promising fields. The DMHAs are intended to be accessible to mathematicians at the beginning of their career.

The 17th discussion meeting in harmonic analysis will be held at the School of Mathematical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar, from 5th of January to 8th january 2022. Apart from regular research talks, there will also be two series of thematic lectures.

There will be no registration fees. We will have DMHA17 in virtual mode


Registration: Link : 1st September, 2021 (Open)
Abstract/Poster submission : November 15-30 2021




School of Mathematical Sciences
National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER),
PO-Bhimpur-Padanpur, Via-Jatni,
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