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Know your enemy! - COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

NISER is monitoring the evolving impacts of the COVID-19 virus in the India and its possible impact on NISER community.
(This website will be updated with new information as and when it becomes available.)

A team comprising members of senior management from across NISER, as well as health and safety and other relevant experts, meets daily to assess the situation and to decide on appropriate actions for NISER, taking into account the advice of expert external authorities. Our highest priority is to protect the health of NISER members and of everyone on the site, while allowing NISER to continue working throughout this difficult time. All measures are decided with this overarching objective in mind.

By now it has been recognised that the virus may go through four stages of development that the expert health authorities have identified.

  • Stage I - Alert of the spreading of the virus by WHO
  • Stage II - A Host-State declares part of its territory, distant from NISER, as affected or threatened by an outbreak of COVID-19. The objective in this phase is to prevent and limit the spread of the virus.
  • Stage III - The virus circulates widely in the area in which NISER is located
  • Stage IV - Infection spreads at NISER itself.

NISER is in Stage 3 and the new measures described on this page are implemented to face this scenario. In parallel, we are preparing for Stage 4.

Information / Advisory
Announcement # 87
This contains information and advisory for NISER members. This is as per discussions in the task force in presence of the Director.
  1. In the time window of 12th to 18th October 2020, 87 persons have come into the campus and are under quarantine.  Total 65 persons in the quarantine have been tested for COVID-19. Results for 50 persons have arrived and are COVID-19 negative.
  2. One more NISER member has recovered from COVID-19. Now 4 persons out of 7 have turned COVID-19 NEGATIVE. All other people are doing fine and recovering. Two students developed some fever recently, they were immediately put in isolation in an A-type guest house, one of them has been tested COVID-19 NEGATIVE.  Other case tests will be conducted soon.
  3. The PhD intake tests/interviews will be conducted by the 7 schools during the period 26th November to 23rd December 2020. The task force has come up with a detailed protocol to be followed, which will be shared by Dean AA with the Chairpersons of the Schools. It includes, giving the task force 7 days in advance the arrival list with travel plans, school providing masks and small sanitizers to each of the candidates and their accompanying person, self declaration form, temporary food and water arrangements by schools in a open place, location of the test/interviews to be communicated to task force in advance.
  4. Keeping in mind the load on coordination committee and related people, as well as looking at the packed activity in December (includes possibility of new batch of students and remaining UG students outside the campus coming in for laboratory classes), it is suggested that short term visitors (for durations less than a month) to the campus are not recommended till 1st January 2021. The guesthouses are also not yet operational.  The decision on the next entry window for students and longer term visitors etc to the campus will be taken in the first week of November 2020.
  5. There is progress in setting up covid care facilities, online textbooks (Associate Dean AA has already sent an email) and psychologists.
  6. DAE has clarified in detail the leave rules/regularization of absence to be followed during this pandemic period. Request NISER faculty and staff members to kindly go through the attached PDF file carefully.
Stay safe, stay healthy, wear masks and follow government guidelines.
Regularization of absence
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