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Know your enemy! - COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

NISER is monitoring the evolving impacts of the COVID-19 virus in the India and its possible impact on NISER community.
(This website will be updated with new information as and when it becomes available.)

A team comprising members of senior management from across NISER, as well as health and safety and other relevant experts, meets daily to assess the situation and to decide on appropriate actions for NISER, taking into account the advice of expert external authorities. Our highest priority is to protect the health of NISER members and of everyone on the site, while allowing NISER to continue working throughout this difficult time. All measures are decided with this overarching objective in mind.

By now it has been recognised that the virus may go through four stages of development that the expert health authorities have identified.

  • Stage I - Alert of the spreading of the virus by WHO
  • Stage II - A Host-State declares part of its territory, distant from NISER, as affected or threatened by an outbreak of COVID-19. The objective in this phase is to prevent and limit the spread of the virus.
  • Stage III - The virus circulates widely in the area in which NISER is located
  • Stage IV - Infection spreads at NISER itself.

NISER is in Stage 2 and the new measures described on this page are implemented to face this scenario. In parallel, we are preparing for Stage 3.

Information / Advisory
06JUNThis email contains information for NISER members based on discussions in the task force in presence of Director, NISER.
  1. Preparations for a quarantine facility for students, PDF etc is ongoing. Letters of request for additional help related to this have gone to Additional District Medical Officer, Executive Officer, Jatni Municipality and Inspector-in-charge, Jatni Police Station. Sanitization related issues are being discussed and finalized in consultation with FIC-Housekeeping. Opening of the canteen facility is being finalized. The coordination committee, team of wardens and Dean Students are working in close coordination on this aspect. CCTV cameras are being installed at the facility and at the NISER main gate. The task force will physically review these on 10th June 2020. Additionally, within the next 1.5 week we are expecting to receive 7 family members of NISER residents coming into the campus from Outside Odisha. They will undergo quarantine inside the campus.
  2. Gradually regular opening of shops in the NISER shopping complex will now be allowed only on weekdays from next week onwards. They will maintain social distancing norms and wear face covers.
  3. A proposal to have a short Return to Work training (online module) prior to returning to campus for NISER members after this long lockdown was discussed and feasibility is being studied. The training may be accessed and completed from any Internet-enabled computer or smartphone. This will help people know beforehand the situation/status in the campus and what is expected from them when they are here in the campus given the COVID situation. We will let you know if this works out.
  4. Below are a few guidelines from the Government. We request members to kindly take a look.
  5. There was discussion on a tentative timeline when various recruitments / interviews that require physical presence of candidates can take place. Subject to changes in the COVID situation and related Government orders, planning to have these activities may be considered after 03 August 2020 onwards.
  6. We are receiving several requests to allow PhD, PDF, final year masters students etc to come into the campus. As mentioned earlier, PhD and PDF will be allowed to come into the campus on a voluntary basis from 18 June 2020. Master's students are not needed to come to campus this semester, unless there are exam related matters/requests. For other purposes, like vacating the hostel etc…kindly wait for further information from Dean students.  Those PhD students and PDF who very urgently need to come to campus before 18 June 2020, can send to us ( a brief justification along with the self-declaration form, this needs endorsement of the mentor and chairperson of the school.  We may allow such special cases for any one day in a week till 18th June 2020.
  7. The NISER Health centre recently got functionally equipped with the following new facilities: Ultrasound, Neuropathy Analyser and Spirometer.
  Stay safe, stay healthy and follow government guidelines.
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