28th Oct 2017
Venue: LH5 at NISER

About Symposium

    Last few decades have witnessed an explosion of research activity in the field of neuroscience. In spite of the over-arching importance of neurosciences to basic science as well as human health, this discipline has been much neglected in India for quite some time. However, in the last decade or so, there is resurgence of interest in this field and there are several laboratories actively pursuing research in this area. Although, researchers are striving to understand the language of the brain, only few are working in this field in Odisha. In view of the increasing attention being drawn by this field, it is felt that the workers with shared interests should join the common platform for exchange of views, collaborations and explore newer avenues. This will help motivate the students to pursue their career in Neurosciences as well as provide direction to the neuroscientists. The aim of the meeting is to bring the young researchers and pioneers from around the world to share their experiences, vision and the latest discoveries with our students, and faculty. This daylong meeting is expected to serve as a catalyst to promote both basic and clinical research and also spread much needed awareness in this field.