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Rudresh Acharya

Reader -F, School of Biological Sciences, NISER

2006-2011, Postdocotoral fellow, Bill DeGrado's Group, University of Pennsylvania
2006, Ph.D., Indian Institue of Science, Bangalore
1998 M.Sc., (Physics) Bangalore university
1996 B.Sc., Bangalore university

Awards and Honors:

• 2012 Ramalingaswami fellowship DBT, India

• 2007, IBM Best CAS Students Award ( Presented by Prof. Robert J. Aumann, the 2005 Noble Prize Laureate in Economics )

• 2002, Jeffery Award given by the Pittsburg diffraction society at XIX Congress and General Assembly of International Union of Crystallography, Geneva

Research Interests:

Macromolecular X-ray crystallography, Structural biology, and De novo protein design