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Welcome to School of Physical Sciences, NISER.

School of Physical Sciences building,NISER

The School of Physical Sciences is in pursuit of excellence in research and in teaching. It is engaged in very active research in the frontier areas. Physics of the macro world and micro world are being vigorously explored.  The School offers the integrated M.Sc., integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D and Ph.D programme in Physics to highly motivated students. Till date 51 students have graduated with integrated M.Sc. Physics degree and 4 students have graduated with Ph.D degree from the school.

News Related to School of Physical Sciences

  • 30th December 2017 - Prof. Rajiv V. Gavai, TIFR, Mumbai gave a physics colloqium on the Exciting Odyssey in the Femto-world: QCD Critical Point
  • 27th December 2017 - Dr. P.S. Bhupal Dev, Washington University @ St. Louis gave a physics colloquium on Explaining the Matter-Antimatt Asymmetry of the Universe
  • 22nd December 2017 - Results of PhD candidates selected for Winter Session is declared at - Results
  • 7th December 2017 - Prof. Ashoke Sen of HRI gave a NISER Colloquium on the "Future of the Universe"
  • 5th December 2017 - National Strings Meeting at NISER
  • 23rd November 2017 - Prof. Rohini Godbole, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore gave a special evening lecture on BSM : status and remaining hopes at the LHC II
  • 21st November 2017 - Prof. Naba Kumar Mondal, Raja Ramanna Fellow, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata gave a special evening lecture on the story of neutrinos
  • 18th November 2017 - Prof. Subhasis Chattopadhyay of Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata gave a special evening lecture on Exploring the phases with FAIR
  • 16th November 2107 - Prof. Tarun Souradeep of Inter-University Centre For Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune gave a special evening lecture on LIGO-India: Beyond discovery into Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  • 13th November 2017 - Prof. Sourendu Gupta of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai gave a special evening lecture on Open Problems
  • 7th November 2017 - SERC/SERB School on Experimental High Energy Physics at SPS, NISER
  • 2nd November 2017 - Professor Raghavan Rangarajan of PRL have a Physics Colloquium titled: Cosmology -- The story of our Universe
  • 31st October 2017 - Dark Matter Day organised by SPS, NISER. 250 students from various schools participated.


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