PG Core Courses

The course work for the Ph.D. program in SMS is consist of 8 courses out of which 4 be compulsory. There is a pool of compulsory courses consists of seven groups of courses, each consisting of two courses. A student has to choose atleast two groups from the pool based on the recommendation of PGCS, SMS. Moreover besides the existing pool of elective courses, remaining courses in the pool of compulsory courses will be also treated as elective courses. Each course is of 4 credits. Therefore, the total of 32 credit will be for course-work. Comprehensive examination will be based on 4 compulsory courses.
Pool of compulsory courses is the following:
(a) Analysis – M603:Analysis I & M604:Analysis II
(b) Algebra – M601: Algebra I & M602: Algebra II
(c) Topology – M659: Topology and Complex Analysis & M660: Advanced Topology
(d) Probability – M472: Advanced Probability & M455: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
(e) Statistics – M481: Statistical Inference I & M567: Statistical Inference II
(f) Theoretical Computer Sciences – M469: Theory of Computation & M462: Cryptology
(g) Discrete Mathematics – M661: Combinatorics and Graph Theory & M566: Designs and Codes

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