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Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 03:30 to 04:30
SMS conference room
Shilpa Gondhali
University of Haifa
Topology of quotients of the complex Stiefel manifold

Given a differentiable manifold $M$, understanding 'topology of $M$' means solving the Vector Field Problem on $M$, analyzing $K$ rings of $M$, immersion problem, etc. It is considered as a first step while analyzing the space completely. We will begin by explaining terms and an overview of the concept of topology of a manifold. We will consider actions of a finite cyclic group of order $m$ and the circle on the complex Stiefel manifold. Manifolds obtained as orbit spaces of these actions are called $m$-projective Stiefel manifold and right generalized complex projective Stiefel manifold respectively. We will discuss topology of these manifolds. (This is part of joint work with P. Sankaran and B. Subhash.)

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