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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 11:30 to 12:30
Seminar Hall
Dr. Krishanu Dan
CMI, Chennai
Secant Bundles on Symmetric Power of Curves.

Abstract: Let $C$ be a smooth, projective, irreducible curve over the
field of complex numbers, and $C^n$ denotes the $n$-fold Cartesian
product of $C$. The symmetric group of $n$ elements acts on $C^n$ and
let $S^n(C)$ be the quotient. This is a smooth, irreducible, projective
variety of dimension $n$, called the $n$-th symmetric power of $C$.
Given a vector bundle $E$ of rank $r$ on $C$, one can naturally
associate a rank $nr$ vector bundle on $S^n(C)$, called the $n$-th
secant bundle of $E$. In this talk, we will discuss stability conditions
of secant bundles on $S^n(C)$. 

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