MA603 - Analysis I

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Spaces of functions: Continuous functions on locally compact spaces, Stone-Weierstrass theorems, Ascoli-Arzela Theorem. Review of Measure theory: Sigma-algebras,measures, construction and properties of the Lebesgue measure, non-measurable sets, measurablefunctions and their properties. Integration: Lebesgue Integration, various limit theorems,comparison with the Riemann Integral, Functions of bounded variation and absolute continuity.Measure spaces: Signed-measures, Radon-Nikodym theorem, Product spaces, Fubini'sthoerem (without proof) and its applications. Lp-spaces: Holder and Minkowski inequalities,completeness, Convolutions, Approximation by smooth functions. Fourier analysis: FourierTransform, Inverse Fourier transform, Plancherel Theorem for Real numbers.

Reference Books: 
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