M559 - Harmonic Analysis on Compact Groups

Course No: 
M205, M304, M401
Review of General Theory: Locally compact groups, Computation of Haar measure on $\mathbb R$, $\mathbb T$, $SU(2)$, $SO(3)$ and some simple matrix groups, Convolution, the Banach algebra $L_1 (G)$. Representation Theory: General properties of representations of a locally compact group, Complete reducibility, Basic operations on representations, Irreducible representations. Representations of Compact groups: Unitarilzibality of representations, Matrix coefficients, Schur’s orthogonality relations, Finite dimensionality of irreducible representations of compact groups. Various forms of Peter-Weyl theorem, Fourier analysis on Compact groups, Character of a representation. Schur’s orthogonality relations among characters. Weyl’s Chracter formula, Computing the Unitary dual of $SU(2)$, $SO(3)$; Fourier analysis on $SO(n)$.
Reference Books: 
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