M470 - Abstract Harmonic Analysis

Course No: 
M301, M308, M401
Topological Groups: Basic properties of topological groups, subgroups, quotient groups. Examples of various matrix groups. Connected groups.
Haar measure: Discussion of Haar measure without proof on $\mathbb R$, $\mathbb T$, $\mathbb Z$ and simple matrix groups, Convolution, the Banach algebra $L_1(G)$ and convolution with special emphasis on $L_1(\mathbb R)$, $L_1(\mathbb T)$ and $L_1(\mathbb Z)$.
Basic Representation Theory: Unitary representation of groups, Examples and General properties, The representations of Group and Group algebras, C* -algebra of a group, GNS construction, Positive definite functions, Schur’s Lemma. Abelian Groups: Fourier transform and its properties, Approximate identities in $L_1(G)$, Classical Kernels on $\mathbb R$, The Fourier inversion Theorem, Plancherel theorem on $\mathbb R$, Plancherel measure on $\mathbb R$, $\mathbb T$, $\mathbb Z$. Dual Group of an Abelian Group: The Dual group of a locally compact abelian group, Computation of dual groups for $\mathbb R$, $\mathbb T$, $\mathbb Z$, Pontryagin’s Duality theorem.
Reference Books: 
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