# Title of the Project Name of the Investigator Amount sanctioned in Lac Funding Agency Duration
1 Molecular mechanistic study of interaction between FRG1 and IQGAP2 with special focus on angiogenesis and tumorigenesis Manjusha Dixit 56.75 DST-SERB 2015 to 2018
2 Regulation of cytoskeletal components by TRPV receptors and vice versa relevant in cancer and neuropathic pain Chandan Goswami 35 DST 2015 to 2018
3 Role of TRPV ion channels in the regulation of mitochondrial function and dynamics relevant in the context of neuronal abnormality and other pathophysiological conditions Chandan Goswami 90 DBT 2015 to 2018
4 Synthesis and characterization of novel hydrogels and their interaction with cells for potential application in bone tissue engineering Chandan Goswami 35 CMR 2015 to 2018
5 Role of Clusterin in the pathogenesis of Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma Debasmita P. Alone 24 CSIR 2016 to 2019
6 Role of the Putative domains of GIGANTEA and their functions in Arabidopsis thaliana K.C. Panigrahi 42.5 SERB 2016 to 2019
7 Correlating the role of PhyB with root architecture in Arabidospsis thaliana K.C. Panigrahi 70 DBT 2017 to 2020
8 Genetic and mechanistic analysis of the pathomechanism of Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy Debasmita P. Alone 66.73 ICMR 2017 to 2020
9 DST-FIST, New Delhi, Govt of India School of Biological Science 100 DST, New Delhi, Govt of India 2016 to 2021
# Title of the Project Name of the Investigator Amount sanctioned in Lac Funding Agency Duration
1 Studies on toll like receptor (TLR) response in T cells Subhasis Chattopadhyay 31.06 DBT 2010 to 2013
2 Controlling on angiogenic switch: Dissecting out the role and molecular mechanism of FRG1. Manjusha Dixit 35.6 DBT 2011 to 2014
3 Development of better delivery and immune therapeutic strategies using nanotechnology Palok Aich 25 DBT 2011 to 2014
4 Enhancement of innate mucosal immunity with probiotic supplement to protect against infectious disease. Palok Aich 63.5 DBT 2011 to 2014
5 Molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic translation initiation Pankaj V. Alone 72.032 DBT 2011 to 2014
6 Plant derived mammalian immune responsive proteins to induce host protective immunity and its implication in translational research. Subhasis Chattopadhyay 51.84 DBT 2011 to 2014
7 Regulation and role of siah proteins in helicobacter pylori-mediated gastric pathogenesis Asima Bhattacharyya 27.96 DBT 2011 to 2014
8 Study on IronIII(salen) and IronIII(porphyrin) complexes as anti-tumor metallo-drugs. Subhasis Chattopadhyay 31.19 DBT 2011 to 2014
9 Understanding mechanism of enhanced immunity using nanotechnology based immune modulators Palok Aich 51.98 DST 2011 to 2014
10 A combinational drug delivery approach towards development of therapy for chemo resistant leukemia V Badireenath Konkimalla 24.4 SERB 2012 to 2015
11 A kinomic approach towards understanding of kinase inhibitors by applying a molecular docking and pathway profiling approach its implications for rational design of novel kinase inhibitors. V Badireenath Konkimalla 18.76 DBT 2012 to 2015
12 Analysis of cellular immune response of macrophages during experimental chikungunya virus (Chikv) infection. Subhasis Chattopadhyay 21 CSIR 2012 to 2015
13 Analyzing the effect of pain receptors on cellular cytoskeleton and understanding the signalling events involved in chronification of pain. Chandan Goswami 58.278 DBT 2012 to 2015
14 Exploring the role of splice variants of CONSTANS, the key regulator of photoperiodic flowering time control in arabidopsis. K.C. Panigrahi 89.532 DBT 2012 to 2015
15 Factors regulating epithelial mesenchymal transition and metastasis of gastric cancer. Asima Bhattacharyya 13.44 SERB 2012 to 2015
16 Modulation of macrophage phenotype activation and plasticity using sulforaphane and its analogues V Badireenath Konkimalla 41.19 DBT 2012 to 2015
17 Neuroprotective effects of natural products with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in drosophila model of parkinson's disease. Debasmita P. Alone 9.25 DBT 2012 to 2015
18 Neurotoxicity genotoxicity and cognitive decline associated with multiple exposures of anesthetics halothane and isoflurane using a drosophila model Debasmita P. Alone 27.3 SERB 2012 to 2015
19 Regulation of dynamin related protein 6 (DRP6) by post translational modification in tetrahymena. (3 years) Abdur Rahaman 46.3 DBT 2012 to 2015
20 Role of dopamine in the regulation of reproduction of the catfish Clarias batrachus Praful S. Singru 46.15 SERB 2012 to 2015
21 Visualization of DNA with chromophore dedrimer linked di-deoxynucleotide: An economical approach for mutation detection Manjusha Dixit 53 DST 2012 to 2015
22 Cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript peptide (CART) as a common messenger in pathway that mediates energy balance & reproduction. Praful S. Singru 75.3 DBT 2013 to 2016
23 Design, synthesis, screening and evaluation of reduced forms of amino/imino/thio 1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives for anti-proliferative properties V Badireenath Konkimalla 33.48 DBT 2013 to 2016
24 Genetic diversity and alternate biological function of quinolone resistance determinants in gram negative opportunistic bacterial isolates Harapriya Mohapatra 29.516 DBT 2013 to 2016
25 Interaction between nitric oxide & TRH in the enterior parvocellular subdivision of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVNa): Implication in regulation of food intake Praful S. Singru 37.71 DBT 2013 to 2016
26 Small RNAs with reversible protection: Stable, show high cellular uptake and target specific Manjusha Dixit 46.285 DBT 2013 to 2016
27 Structural characterization of viral ion channels Rudresh Acharya 75 DBT 2012 to 2017
28 Understanding phosphorylation-mediated changes in subcellular localization and functioning of Siah proteins in the context of Helicobacter pylori-mediated gastric cancer Asima Bhattacharyya 30.22 SERB 2014 to 2017



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