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# Title Publisher Access Period Subjects
1 14th Century English Mystics Newsletter JSTOR 1974-1983 Humanities
2 19th-Century Music JSTOR 1977-2017 Humanities
3 291 JSTOR 1915-1916 Humanities
4 2D Materials IOP 2014-Present Physics
5 3 Biotech Springer Nature 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
6 3C ON-LINE ACM 1994-1997 Archives
7 3DOR: 3D Object Retrieval ACM 2010-2010 Archives
8 3DVP: 3D Video Processing ACM 2010-2010 Archives
9 4OR Springer Nature 2003-Present Humanities
10 4S Review JSTOR 1983-1985 Humanities
11 A&A Case Reports LWW 2013-2017 Biology
12 A&A Practice LWW 2018-Present Biology
13 A-MOST: Advances in Model-Based Testing ACM 2005-2007 Archives
14 A.A.V. Newsletter JSTOR 1980-1986 Multi Disciplinary
15 A.I.H.P. Notes JSTOR 1955-1957 Humanities
16 a/b: Auto/Biography Studies T&F 2002-Present Humanities
17 A2CWiC: Amrita ACM-W Celebration on Women in Computing in India ACM 2010-2010 Archives
18 AA Files JSTOR 1981-2017 Humanities
19 AAA-IDEA: Advanced Architectures and Algorithms for Internet Delivery and Applications ACM 2006-2006 Archives
20 AAA: Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik JSTOR 1976-2019 Humanities
21 AADEBUG: Automated analysis-driven debugging ACM 2005-2005 Archives
22 AAMAS: Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems ACM 2002-2018 Archives
23 AAPS PharmSciTech Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
24 AATSEEL Journal JSTOR 1954-1956 Humanities
25 AAUP Bulletin JSTOR 1956-1978 Humanities
26 AAV Today JSTOR 1987-1988 Multi Disciplinary
27 ABA Journal JSTOR 1984-2017 Humanities
28 ABA Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law JSTOR 1991-1994 Humanities
29 ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law JSTOR 2009-2017 Humanities
30 Ábaco JSTOR 1986-2017 Humanities
31 Abdominal Radiology Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
32 Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universität Hamburg Springer Nature 1923-Present Mathematics
33 Aboriginal History JSTOR 1977-2020 Humanities
34 Abortion Surveillance JSTOR 1972-1981 Biology
35 Abortion Surveillance Report JSTOR 1970-1971 Biology
36 Abstract and Applied Analysis Project Euclid 1996-Present Mathematics
37 Abstract of Sanitary Reports JSTOR 1890-1895 Biology
38 Abstracta Botanica JSTOR 1971-1998 Biology
39 Abstracts of the Papers Communicated to the Royal Society of London JSTOR 1890-1890 Biology
40 Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
41 ACA Newsletter JSTOR 1972-1973 Humanities
42 Academe JSTOR 1979-2017 Humanities
43 Academic Psychiatry Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
44 Academy of Management Learning & Education JSTOR 2002-2015 Humanities
45 Academy of Management Perspectives JSTOR 2006-2015 Humanities
46 Acadiensis JSTOR 1971-2019 Humanities
47 Accountability in Research T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
48 Accounting Research Journal Emerald 2005-Present Multi Disciplinary
49 Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Emerald 1988-Present Multi Disciplinary
50 Accounts of Chemical Research ACS 1996-Present Chemistry
51 Accounts of Materials Research ACS 2020-Present Chemistry
52 Accreditation and Quality Assurance Springer Nature 1997-Present Chemistry
53 Accreditation and Quality Assurance: Journal for Quality, Comparability and Reliability in Chemical Measurement Springer Nature 1996-1996 Multi Disciplinary
54 ACDC: Automated Control for Datacenters and Clouds ACM 2009-2009 Archives
55 AcessNets: Access Networks ACM 2006-2006 Archives
56 ACET: Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology ACM 2004-2016 Archives
57 ACISNR: Applications of Computer and Information Sciences to Nature Research ACM 2010-2010 Archives
58 ACL2: ACL2 Theorem Prover and its Applications ACM 2006-2009 Archives
59 ACM Communications in Computer Algebra ACM 1967-2018 Archives
60 ACM Computing Surveys ACM 1969-Present Computer
61 ACM DEV: Computing for Development ACM 2010-2016 Archives
62 ACM Inroads ACM 2010-2018 Archives
63 ACM Journal of Computer Documentation ACM 2000-2002 Computer
64 ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems ACM 2005-Present Computer
65 ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems ACM 1992-1993 Archives
66 ACM Lisp Bulletin ACM 1969-1979 Archives
67 ACM POLICY: ACM POLICY ACM 1998-1998 Archives
68 ACM SE: Annual Southeast Regional Conference ACM 1967-2018 Archives
69 ACM SIGACCESS Accessibility and Computing ACM 2003-2018 Archives
70 ACM SIGACT News ACM 1969-2018 Archives
71 ACM SIGAda Ada Letters ACM 1981-2018 Archives
72 ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad ACM 1971-2007 Archives
73 ACM SIGAPP Applied Computing Review ACM 1993-2018 Archives
74 ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News ACM 1972-2017 Archives
75 ACM SIGART Bulletin ACM 1970-2001 Archives
76 ACM SIGBED Review ACM 2004-2018 Archives
77 ACM SIGBIO Newsletter ACM 1976-2018 Archives
78 ACM SIGBioinformatics Record ACM 2011-2017 Archives
79 ACM SIGCAPH Computers and the Physically Handicapped ACM 1971-2003 Archives
80 ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society ACM 1970-2018 Archives
81 ACM SIGCHI Bulletin ACM 1982-2000 Archives
82 ACM SIGCHI Bulletin - a supplement to interactions ACM 2000-2003 Archives
83 ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review ACM 1970-2018 Archives
84 ACM SIGCPR Computer Personnel ACM 1964-1999 Archives
85 ACM SIGCSE Bulletin ACM 1969-2018 Archives
86 ACM SIGCSIM Installation Management Review ACM 1969-1977 Archives
87 ACM SIGCUE Outlook ACM 1970-2001 Archives
88 ACM SIGDA Newsletter ACM 1971-2010 Archives
89 ACM SIGDOC Asterisk Journal of Computer Documentation ACM 1975-1999 Archives
90 ACM SIGecom Exchanges ACM 2000-2017 Archives
91 ACM SIGEVOlution ACM 2006-2018 Archives
92 ACM SIGFORTH Newsletter ACM 1989-1994 Archives
93 ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics ACM 1969-2011 Archives
94 ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin ACM 1997-2005 Archives
95 ACM SIGHIT Record ACM 2011-2012 Archives
96 ACM SIGHPC Connect ACM 2012-2018 Archives
97 ACM SIGICE Bulletin ACM 1994-1997 Archives
98 ACM SIGIR Forum ACM 1971-2018 Archives
99 ACM SIGITE Newsletter ACM 2004-2018 Archives
100 ACM SIGITE Research in IT ACM 2004-2012 Archives
101 ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter ACM 1999-2018 Archives
102 ACM SIGLASH Newsletter ACM 1977-1981 Archives
103 ACM SIGLOG News ACM 2014-2018 Archives
104 ACM SIGMAP Bulletin ACM 1969-1983 Archives
105 ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review ACM 1972-2018 Archives
106 ACM SIGMICRO Newsletter ACM 1969-1992 Archives
107 ACM SIGMINI Newsletter ACM 1975-1978 Archives
108 ACM SIGMIS Database: the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems ACM 1969-2018 Archives
109 ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review ACM 1997-2018 Archives
110 ACM SIGMOD Record ACM 1969-2018 Archives
111 ACM SIGMultimedia Records ACM 2009-2018 Archives
112 ACM SIGNUM Newsletter ACM 1966-1998 Archives
113 ACM SIGOA Newsletter ACM 1980-1986 Archives
114 ACM SIGOIS Bulletin ACM 1986-1996 Archives
115 ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review ACM 1969-2018 Archives
116 ACM SIGPC Notes ACM 1978-1970 Archives
117 ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum ACM 1982-2018 Archives
118 ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers ACM 1987-1995 Archives
119 ACM SIGPLAN Notices ACM 1966-2016 Archives
120 ACM SIGPLAN OOPS Messenger ACM 1990-1996 Archives
121 ACM SIGSAC Review ACM 1982-1997 Archives
122 ACM SIGSAM Bulletin ACM 1967-2018 Archives
123 ACM SIGSIM Simulation Digest ACM 1971-1998 Archives
124 ACM SIGSMALL Newsletter ACM 1978-1984 Archives
125 ACM SIGSMALL/PC Notes ACM 1985-1993 Archives
126 ACM SIGSOC Bulletin ACM 1969-1982 Archives
127 ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes ACM 1976-2018 Archives
128 ACM SIGUCCS Newsletter ACM 1965-1998 Archives
129 ACM SIGUCCS plugged in ACM 2012-2014 Archives
130 ACM SIGWEB Newsletter ACM 1992-2018 Archives
131 ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing ACM 2008-2018 Archives
132 ACM Transactions on Algorithms ACM 2005-2018 Archives
133 ACM Transactions on Applied Perception ACM 2004-2018 Archives
134 ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization ACM 2004-2018 Archives
135 ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing ACM 2002-2018 Archives
136 ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing ACM 2002-2014 Archives
137 ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems ACM 2006-2018 Archives
138 ACM Transactions on Computation Theory ACM 2009-2018 Archives
139 ACM Transactions on Computational Logic ACM 2000-2018 Archives
140 ACM Transactions on Computer Systems ACM 1983-2017 Archives
141 ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction ACM 1994-2018 Archives
142 ACM Transactions on Computing Education ACM 2001-2018 Archives
143 ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems ACM 2017-2018 Archives
144 ACM Transactions on Database Systems ACM 1976-2018 Archives
145 ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems ACM 1996-2018 Archives
146 ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation ACM 2013-2018 Archives
147 ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems ACM 2002-2018 Archives
148 ACM Transactions on Graphics ACM 1982-2018 Archives
149 ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction ACM 2012-2018 Archives
150 ACM Transactions on Information and System Security ACM 1998-2016 Archives
151 ACM Transactions on Information Systems ACM 1983-2018 Archives
152 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology ACM 2010-2018 Archives
153 ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems ACM 2011-2018 Archives
154 ACM Transactions on Internet Technology ACM 2001-2018 Archives
155 ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data ACM 2007-2018 Archives
156 ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems ACM 2010-2018 Archives
157 ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software ACM 1975-2018 Archives
158 ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation ACM 1991-2018 Archives
159 ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems ACM 2016-2018 Archives
160 ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications ACM 2005-2018 Archives
161 ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing ACM 2014-2018 Archives
162 ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security ACM 1998-2018 Archives
163 ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems ACM 1979-2018 Archives
164 ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems ACM 2008-2018 Archives
165 ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks ACM 2005-2018 Archives
166 ACM Transactions on Social Computing ACM 2018-2018 Archives
167 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology ACM 1992-2018 Archives
168 ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems ACM 2015-2018 Archives
169 ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing ACM 2004-2013 Archives
170 ACM Transactions on Storage ACM 2005-2018 Archives
171 ACM Transactions on the Web ACM 2007-2018 Archives
172 ACM-BCS: ACM-BCS ACM 2010-2010 Archives
173 ACM: ACM Annual Conference/Annual Meeting ACM 1952-1997 Archives
174 ACoM: Assessment of Contemporary Modularization Techniques ACM 2007-2007 Archives
175 Acoustical Physics Springer Nature 2000-Present Physics
176 Acoustics Australia Springer Nature 2015-Present Multi Disciplinary
177 Acoustics Research Letters Online ASA 2000-2005 Open Access
178 ACPIS: Aspects, Components, and Patterns for Infrastructure Software ACM 2007-2009 Archives
179 Acquisitions (Fogg Art Museum) JSTOR 1959-1969 Humanities
180 ACR Open Rheumatology Wiley 2019-Present Open Access
181 ACS Agricultural Science & Technology ACS 2021-Present Chemistry
182 ACS Applied Bio Materials ACS 2018-Present Chemistry
183 ACS Applied Electronic Materials ACS 2019-Present Chemistry
184 ACS Applied Energy Materials ACS 2018-Present Chemistry
185 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ACS 2009-Present Chemistry
186 ACS Applied Nano Materials ACS 2018-Present Chemistry
187 ACS Applied Polymer Materials ACS 2019-Present Chemistry
188 ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering ACS 2021-Present Chemistry
189 ACS Catalysis ACS 2011-Present Chemistry
190 ACS Central Science ACS 2021-Present Open Access
191 ACS Chemical Biology ACS 2006-Present Biology
192 ACS Chemical Health & Safety ACS 1994-Present Chemistry
193 ACS Chemical Neuroscience ACS 2010-Present Biology
194 ACS Combinatorial Science ACS 1999-Present Chemistry
195 ACS Earth and Space Chemistry ACS 2017-Present Earth and Planetary
196 ACS Energy Letters ACS 2016-Present Chemistry
197 ACS ES&T Engineering ACS 2021-Present Chemistry
198 ACS ES&T Water ACS 2021-Present Chemistry
199 ACS Food Science & Technology ACS 2021-Present Chemistry
200 ACS Infectious Diseases ACS 2015-Present Biology
201 ACS Macro Letters ACS 2012-Present Chemistry
202 ACS Materials Letters ACS 2019-Present Chemistry
203 ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters ACS 2010-Present Chemistry
204 ACS Nano ACS 2007-Present Physics
205 ACS Omega ACS 2016-Present Open Access
206 ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science ACS 2018-Present Biology
207 ACS Photonics ACS 2014-Present Biology
208 ACS Sensors ACS 2016-Present Chemistry
209 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering ACS 2013-Present Chemistry
210 ACS Synthetic Biology ACS 2012-Present Chemistry
211 ACSAC: Annual Computer Security Applications Conference ACM 2001-2017 Archives
212 Acta Agri Scand A Animal Sci T&F 1997-Present Biology
213 Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B T&F 1997-Present Biology
214 Acta Analytica Springer Nature 2002-Present Multi Disciplinary
215 Acta Applicandae Mathematicae Springer Nature 1983-Present Mathematics
216 Acta Arithmetica IMPAN 1935-Present Mathematics
217 Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica OUP 2010-2017 Biology
218 Acta Biotheoretica Springer Nature 1935-Present Biology
219 Acta Botánica Venezuélica JSTOR 1965-2017 Biology
220 Acta Classica JSTOR 1958-2017 Humanities
221 Acta Criminologica JSTOR 1968-1974 Humanities
222 Acta crystallographica Section A : Foundations and Advances Wiley 1997-2021 Biology
223 Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials Wiley 1997-2021 Chemistry
224 Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry Wiley 1997-2021 Chemistry
225 Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology Wiley 1997-Present Biology
226 Acta crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology Communications Wiley 2005-2021 Biology
227 Acta Diabetologica Springer Nature 1964-Present Biology
228 acta ethologica Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
229 Acta Geochimica Springer Nature 1982-Present Earth and Planetary
230 Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Springer Nature 1997-Present Earth and Planetary
231 Acta Geophysica Springer Nature 2006-Present Earth and Planetary
232 Acta Geotechnica Springer Nature 2006-Present Earth and Planetary
233 Acta Historica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae JSTOR 1951-1989 Humanities
234 Acta Informatica Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
235 Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae JSTOR 1951-1987 Humanities
236 Acta Linguistica Academica JSTOR 2017-2019 Humanities
237 Acta Linguistica Hungarica JSTOR 1988-2016 Humanities
238 Acta Mathematica International Press 2017-Present Mathematics
239 Acta Mathematica Springer Nature 1900-1996 Mathematics
240 Acta Mathematica Hungarica Springer Nature 1951-Present Mathematics
241 Acta Mathematica Scientia Springer Nature 2019-Present Mathematics
242 Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series Springer Nature 1985-Present Mathematics
243 Acta Mathematica Vietnamica Springer Nature 2013-Present Mathematics
244 Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica, English Series Springer Nature 1984-Present Mathematics
245 Acta Mechanica Springer Nature 1965-1996 Physics
246 Acta Mechanica Sinica Springer Nature 1985-Present Physics
247 Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica Springer Nature 2006-Present Physics
248 Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) Springer Nature 2013-Present Multi Disciplinary
249 Acta Musicologica JSTOR 1931-2016 Humanities
250 Acta Neurochirurgica Springer Nature 1950-Present Biology
251 Acta Neurologica Belgica Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
252 Acta Neuropathologica Springer Nature 1961-Present Biology
253 Acta Neuropsychiatrica CUP 2009-Present Multi Disciplinary
254 Acta Numerica CUP 2000-Present Mathematics
255 Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
256 Acta Oceanologica Sinica Springer Nature 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
257 Acta Oeconomica JSTOR 1966-2015 Humanities
258 Acta Oncologica T&F 1963-Present Medical Physics
259 Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae JSTOR 1950-2015 Humanities
260 Acta Parasitologica Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
261 Acta physica Hungarica Springer Nature 1983-1994 Physics
262 Acta Physica Hungarica. Series A. Heavy Ion Physics Springer Nature 1995-1996 Physics
263 Acta physica. Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae Springer Nature 1952-1982 Physics
264 Acta Physiologiae Plantarum Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
265 Acta Sociologica JSTOR 1955-2017 Humanities
266 Acta Turistica JSTOR 1989-Present Humanities
267 Acute Medicine & Surgery Wiley 2014-Present Open Access
268 ADAMUS: Adaptive and Dependable Mobile Ubiquitous Systems ACM 2009-2009 Archives
269 Adaptation OUP 1999-Present Humanities
270 Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology Springer Nature 2015-Present Biology
271 adhesion ADHESIVES + SEALANTS Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
272 ADKDD: Data Mining and Audience Intelligence for Advertising ACM 2007-2017 Archives
273 Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research Springer Nature 1973-Present Multi Disciplinary
274 Administrative Law Bulletin JSTOR 1949-1960 Humanities
275 Administrative Law Review JSTOR 1960-2017 Humanities
276 Administrative Science Quarterly JSTOR 1956-2017 Humanities
277 Administrative Theory & Praxis JSTOR 1993-2013 Humanities
278 Adolescent Research Review Springer Nature 2016-Present Multi Disciplinary
279 ADPUC: Advanced Data Processing in Ubiquitous Computing ACM 2006-2006 Archives
280 Adsorption Springer Nature 1995-1996 Physics
281 Advanced Composite Materials T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
282 Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials Springer Nature 2018-Present Chemistry
283 Advanced Control for Applications Wiley 1998-Present Open Access
284 Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research Wiley 2003-Present Open Access
285 Advanced Energy Materials Wiley 2011-Present Physics
286 Advanced Fiber Materials Springer Nature 2019-Present Multi Disciplinary
287 Advanced Functional Materials Wiley 1998-Present Chemistry
288 Advanced Genetics Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
289 Advanced Intelligent Systems Wiley 2014-Present Open Access
290 Advanced Materials Wiley 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
291 Advanced NanoBiomed Research Wiley 2021-Present Open Access
292 Advanced Photonics Research Wiley 2011-Present Open Access
293 Advanced Physics Research Wiley 2022-Present Open Access
294 Advanced Robotics T&F 1997-Present Computer
295 Advanced Science Wiley 2001-Present Open Access
296 Advanced Sensor Research Wiley 2022-Present Open Access
297 Advanced Studies: Euro-Tbilisi Mathematical Journal Project Euclid 2008-Present Mathematics
298 Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis Wiley 1999-Present Chemistry
299 Advances in Applied Ceramics (Structural, Functional and Bioceramics) T&F 1999-Present Multi Disciplinary
300 Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
301 Advances in Applied Probability CUP 2012-Present Mathematics
302 Advances in Applied Probability JSTOR 1969-2017 Mathematics
303 Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory JSTOR 1978-1987 Humanities
304 Advances in Astronautics Science and Technology Springer Nature 2018-Present Earth and Planetary
305 Advances in Atmospheric Science Springer Nature 1984-1996 Multi Disciplinary
306 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Springer Nature 1984-Present Earth and Planetary
307 Advances in Autism Emerald 2015-Present Multi Disciplinary
308 Advances in Building Energy Research T&F 2007-Present Multi Disciplinary
309 Advances in Computational Mathematics Springer Nature 1993-Present Mathematics
310 Advances in Data Analysis and Classification Springer Nature 2007-Present Mathematics
311 Advances in Dual Diagnosis Emerald 2008-Present Biology
312 Advances in Geometry De Gruyter 2001-Present Mathematics
313 Advances in Gerontology Springer Nature 2011-Present Multi Disciplinary
314 Advances in Health Sciences Education Springer Nature 1996-Present Multi Disciplinary
315 Advances in Horticultural Science JSTOR 1987-2017 Biology
316 Advances in Manufacturing Springer Nature 2013-Present Multi Disciplinary
317 Advances in Mental Health T&F 2002-Present Humanities
318 Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Emerald 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
319 Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology IOP 2010-Present Physics
320 Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Springer Nature 2017-Present Biology
321 Advances in Operator Theory Springer Nature 2020-Present Mathematics
322 Advances in Optics and Photonics OSA 2009-Present Physics
323 Advances in Physics T&F 1997-Present Physics
324 Advances in Sex Research JSTOR 1963-1963 Humanities
325 Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Project Euclid 2003-2014 Mathematics
326 Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Project Euclid 2003-Present Multi Disciplinary
327 Advisory Council Bulletin (Music Teachers' National Association) JSTOR 1936-1937 Humanities
328 Advocate of Peace (1847-1884) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
329 Advocate of Peace through Justice JSTOR 1920-1932 Humanities
330 AEA Papers and Proceedings AEA 2018-Present Humanities
331 AEA Papers and Proceedings JSTOR 2018-2018 Humanities
332 Aegyptus JSTOR 1920-2017 Humanities
333 Aequationes mathematicae Springer Nature 1968-Present Mathematics
334 Aequatoria JSTOR 1937-1962 Humanities
335 Aerobiologia Springer Nature 1985-1996 Biology
336 Aerosol Science & Technology T&F 1981-Present Multi Disciplinary
337 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Springer Nature 1976-Present Multi Disciplinary
338 Aevum JSTOR 1927-2017 Humanities
339 Afers Internacionals JSTOR 1982-1985 Humanities
340 AFFINE: Affective-Aware Virtual Agents and Social Robots ACM 2009-2010 Archives
341 AFIPS: AFIPS ACM 1955-1984 Archives
342 AFM: Automated Formal Methods ACM 2007-2007 Archives
343 Africa Development / Afrique et Développement JSTOR 1976-2020 Humanities
344 Africa Spectrum JSTOR 1966-2009 Humanities
345 Africa Today JSTOR 1954-2017 Humanities
346 Africa: Journal of the International African Institute JSTOR 1928-2015 Humanities
347 Africa: Rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione dell'Istituto italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente JSTOR 1950-2009 Humanities
348 African Affairs OUP 1999-Present Humanities
349 African Affairs JSTOR 1944-2009 Humanities
350 African American Review JSTOR 1992-2017 Humanities
351 African Archaeological Review Springer Nature 1983-Present Humanities
352 African Arts JSTOR 1967-2015 Humanities
353 African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review JSTOR 2011-2017 Humanities
354 African Diaspora Journal of Mathematics Project Euclid 2009-Present Mathematics
355 African Economic History JSTOR 1976-2015 Humanities
356 African Economic History Review JSTOR 1974-1975 Humanities
357 African Historical Studies JSTOR 1968-1971 Humanities
358 African Issues JSTOR 2000-2003 Humanities
359 African Journal of Applied Statistics Project Euclid 2014-Present Mathematics
360 African Journal of Aquatic Science T&F 1997-Present Biology
361 African Journal of Herpetology T&F 1997-Present Biology
362 African Journal of Marine Science T&F 1983-Present Biology
363 African Journal of Political Economy / Revue Africaine d'Economie Politique JSTOR 1986-1990 Humanities
364 African Journal of Political Science / Revue Africaine de Science Politique JSTOR 1996-2004 Humanities
365 African Journal of Range & Forage Science T&F 1997-Present Biology
366 African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive JSTOR 1997-2018 Humanities
367 African Languages and Cultures JSTOR 1988-1997 Humanities
368 African Languages and Cultures. Supplement JSTOR 1992-1996 Humanities
369 African Music JSTOR 1954-2015 Humanities
370 African Review of Money Finance and Banking JSTOR 1987-2010 Humanities
371 African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie JSTOR 1997-2020 Humanities
372 African Studies Bulletin JSTOR 1958-1969 Humanities
373 African Studies Review JSTOR 1970-2015 Humanities
374 African Zoology T&F 1965-Present Biology
375 AFRIGRAPH: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visualisation and Interaction in Africa ACM 2001-2010 Archives
376 Afrika Matematika Springer Nature 2011-Present Mathematics
377 Afrika Statistika Project Euclid 2005-Present Mathematics
378 Afro-Hispanic Review JSTOR 1982-2017 Humanities
379 Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry JSTOR 1998-2015 Humanities
380 AGE Springer Nature 1978-1996 Biology
381 Age and Ageing OUP 1999-Present Multi Disciplinary
382 Ageing International Springer Nature 1974-Present Humanities
383 Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity JSTOR 1987-2013 Humanities
384 AGENTS: Autonomous Agents ACM 1997-2001 Archives
385 Aggregate Wiley 2010-Present Open Access
386 Aging and Cancer Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
387 Aging Cell Wiley 2002-Present Open Access
388 Aging Clinical and Experimental Research Springer Nature 1989-Present Multi Disciplinary
389 Aging Medicine Wiley 2018-Present Open Access
390 Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition T&F 2002-Present Humanities
391 Agni JSTOR 1988-2018 Humanities
392 Agrekon T&F 2002-Present Humanities
393 Agricultural & Environmental Letters Wiley 2016-Present Open Access
394 Agricultural Finance Review Emerald 2000-Present Multi Disciplinary
395 Agricultural History JSTOR 1927-2017 Humanities
396 Agricultural History Society Papers JSTOR 1921-1925 Humanities
397 Agricultural Research Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
398 Agriculture and Human Values Springer Nature 1984-Present Multi Disciplinary
399 Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
400 Agroforestry Systems Springer Nature 1982-1996 Biology
401 Agronomy for Sustainable Development Springer Nature 2007-Present Multi Disciplinary
402 Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment Wiley 2018-Present Open Access
403 AGU Advances Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
404 Ägypten und Levante / Egypt and the Levant JSTOR 1990-2019 Humanities
405 AH: Augmented Human ACM 2010-2018 Archives
406 AI & SOCIETY Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
407 AI EDAM CUP 1998-Present Multi Disciplinary
408 AI Magazine Wiley 2008-Present Open Access
409 AI Matters ACM 2014-2018 Archives
410 AIBS Bulletin JSTOR 1951-1963 Biology
411 AIDS LWW 2010-2013 Biology
412 AIDS and Behavior Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
413 AIEE-IRE: AIEE-IRE ACM 1951-1962 Archives
414 AIEMPro: Automated Information Extraction in Media Production ACM 2010-2011 Archives
415 AIGC: Artificial Intelligence in Grid Computing ACM 2007-2007 Archives
416 AINTEC: Asian Conference on Internet Engineering ACM 2008-2017 Archives
417 AIP Advances AIP 2011-Present Open Access
418 AIP Conference Proceedings AIP 1970-Present Physics
419 AIPACa: Applications of Private and Anonymous Communications ACM 2008-2008 Archives
420 Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health Springer Nature 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
421 AIRS: Asia Information Retrieval Symposium ACM 2008-2009 Archives
422 AIRWeb: Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web ACM 2007-2009 Archives
423 AISC: Australasian Information Security Conference ACM 2010-2010 Archives
424 AISec: Artificial Intelligence and Security ACM 2008-2018 Archives
425 AJAS JSTOR 1980-1982 Humanities
426 AJIL Unbound JSTOR 2014-2017 Humanities
427 AJS Review JSTOR 1976-2015 Humanities
428 Al-'Arabiyya JSTOR 1975-2018 Humanities
429 ALA Bulletin JSTOR 1939-1969 Humanities
430 Albanian Journal of Mathematics Project Euclid 2020-Present Mathematics
431 Albion: A Quarterly Journal Concerned with British Studies JSTOR 1969-2004 Humanities
432 Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology T&F 1975-Present Multi Disciplinary
433 Alcohol and Alcoholism OUP 1999-Present Multi Disciplinary
434 Alei Sefer: Studies in Bibliography JSTOR 1975-2018 Humanities
435 Alei Sefer: Studies in Bibliography and in the History of the Printed and the Digital Hebrew Book / עלי ספר: מחקרים בביבליוגרפיה ובתולדות הספר העברי המודפס והדיגיטלי JSTOR 1975-2018 Humanities
436 Aleph JSTOR 2001-2017 Humanities
437 Algebra and Logic Springer Nature 1968-Present Mathematics
438 Algebra Colloquium World Scientific 2005-Present Mathematics
439 Algebra universalis Springer Nature 1972-Present Mathematics
440 Algebras and Representation Theory Springer Nature 1998-Present Mathematics
441 ALGOL Bulletin ACM 1959-1988 Archives
442 Algorithmica Springer Nature 1986-Present Computer
443 ALICE: Alice Symposium ACM 2009-2013 Archives
444 Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics JSTOR 1981-2021 Humanities
445 All Ireland Review JSTOR 1900-1902 Humanities
446 Allertonia JSTOR 1975-2017 Biology
447 Alpine Botany Springer Nature 2005-Present Biology
448 Alternatives: Global, Local, Political JSTOR 1990-2017 Humanities
449 Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring Wiley 2015-Present Open Access
450 Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions Wiley 2015-Present Open Access
451 AM: Audio Mostly ACM 2010-2017 Archives
452 Ambi-Sys: Ambient Media and Systems ACM 2008-2008 Archives
453 Ambio JSTOR 1972-2017 Biology
454 Ambio Springer Nature 2010-Present Biology
455 Ambio Special Report JSTOR 1972-1979 Biology
456 Ambit JSTOR 1959-2017 Humanities
457 Ambix: The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
458 AMC: Ambient Media Computing ACM 2009-2009 Archives
459 AMCMM: Audio and Music Computing Multimedia ACM 2006-2006 Archives
460 American Academy Notes JSTOR 1890-1890 Humanities
461 American Advocate of Peace JSTOR 1892-1893 Humanities
462 American Advocate of Peace (1834-1836) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
463 American Advocate of Peace (1892-1893) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
464 American Annals of the Deaf JSTOR 1890-2019 Humanities
465 American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
466 American Anthropologist JSTOR 1890-2013 Humanities
467 American Antiquity JSTOR 1935-2017 Humanities
468 American Art JSTOR 1991-2015 Humanities
469 American Art Illustrated JSTOR 1890-1890 Humanities
470 American Art News JSTOR 1904-1923 Humanities
471 American Bar Association Journal JSTOR 1915-1983 Humanities
472 American Bar Foundation Research Journal JSTOR 1976-1987 Humanities
473 American Catholic Studies JSTOR 1999-2017 Humanities
474 American Economic Association Quarterly JSTOR 1908-1910 Humanities
475 American Economic Journal: Applied Economics AEA 2009-Present Humanities
476 American Economic Journal: Applied Economics JSTOR 2009-2018 Humanities
477 American Economic Journal: Economic Policy AEA 2009-Present Humanities
478 American Economic Journal: Economic Policy JSTOR 2009-2018 Humanities
479 American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics AEA 2009-Present Humanities
480 American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics JSTOR 2009-2018 Humanities
481 American Economic Journal: Microeconomics AEA 2009-Present Humanities
482 American Economic Journal: Microeconomics JSTOR 2009-2018 Humanities
483 American Economic Review AEA 1999-Present Humanities
484 American Economic Review: Insights AEA 2019-Present Humanities
485 American Educational Research Journal JSTOR 1964-2017 Humanities
486 American Ethnologist JSTOR 1974-2013 Humanities
487 American Fern Journal JSTOR 1910-2017 Biology
488 American Humor JSTOR 1974-1983 Humanities
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830 APS: Adaptive, Personalization & the Semantic Web ACM 2006-2006 Archives
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869 Archiv der Mathematik Springer Nature 1948-Present Mathematics
870 Archiv des öffentlichen Rechts JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
871 Archiv des Völkerrechts JSTOR 1948-2015 Multi Disciplinary
872 Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte JSTOR 1955-2017 Multi Disciplinary
873 Archiv für die civilistische Praxis JSTOR 1900-2015 Multi Disciplinary
874 Archiv für Geschichte der Medizin JSTOR 1907-1928 Multi Disciplinary
875 Archiv für Keilschriftforschung JSTOR 1923-1924 Multi Disciplinary
876 Archiv für mikroskopische Anatomie Springer Nature 1900-1923 Biology
877 Archiv für Musikwissenschaft JSTOR 1918-2019 Multi Disciplinary
878 Archiv für Orientforschung JSTOR 1926-2015 Multi Disciplinary
879 Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie JSTOR 1933-1963 Humanities
880 Archiv für Rechts- und Wirtschaftsphilosophie JSTOR 1907-1933 Humanities
881 Archiv für Religionspsychologie / Archive for the Psychology of Religion JSTOR 1914-2014 Humanities
882 Archival Issues JSTOR 1992-2017 Humanities
883 Archival Science Springer Nature 2001-Present Earth and Planetary
884 Archive for History of Exact Sciences Springer Nature 1961-Present Mathematics
885 Archive for History of Exact Sciences JSTOR 1960-2017 Multi Disciplinary
886 Archive for Mathematical Logic Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
887 Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis Springer Nature 1957-1996 Multi Disciplinary
888 Archive of Applied Mechanics Springer Nature 1929-Present Earth and Planetary
889 Archive of Applied Mechanics (Ingenieur Archiv) Springer Nature 1929-1996 Physics
890 Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Age JSTOR 1926-2015 Humanities
891 Archives de Philosophie JSTOR 1923-2017 Humanities
892 Archives de sciences sociales des religions JSTOR 1973-2018 Humanities
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894 Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
895 Archives of American Art Journal JSTOR 1964-2015 Multi Disciplinary
896 Archives of Animal Nutrition T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
897 Archives of Asian Art JSTOR 1966-2015 Multi Disciplinary
898 Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering Springer Nature 1994-Present Computer
899 Archives of Dermatological Research Springer Nature 1900-Present Biology
900 Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
901 Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Springer Nature 1973-1996 Biology
902 Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics Springer Nature 1900-Present Biology
903 Archives of Microbiology Springer Nature 1930-1996 Biology
904 Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Springer Nature 1903-Present Biology
905 Archives of Osteoporosis Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
906 Archives of Pharmacal Research Springer Nature 1978-1996 Biology
907 Archives of Phytopathology & Plant Protection T&F 1997-Present Biology
908 Archives of Sexual Behavior Springer Nature 1971-Present Biology
909 Archives of the Chinese Art Society of America JSTOR 1945-1965 Multi Disciplinary
910 Archives of Toxicology Springer Nature 1930-1996 Biology
911 Archives of Virology Springer Nature 1939-1996 Biology
912 Archives of Women's Mental Health Springer Nature 1998-Present Biology
913 Archivio di Filosofia JSTOR 2007-2015 Humanities
914 Archivio Storico Italiano JSTOR 1890-2017 Humanities
915 Archivium Hibernicum JSTOR 1912-2017 Humanities
916 Archivum Historiae Pontificiae JSTOR 1963-2013 Humanities
917 Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
918 Arctic JSTOR 1948-2019 Humanities
919 Arctic and Alpine Research JSTOR 1969-1998 Multi Disciplinary
920 Arctic Anthropology JSTOR 1962-2015 Humanities
921 Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research JSTOR 1999-2013 Multi Disciplinary
922 Area JSTOR 1969-2015 Humanities
923 AREA: Analysis and Retrieval of Events ACM 2008-2008 Archives
924 Arethusa JSTOR 1968-2015 Humanities
925 Argumentation Springer Nature 1987-1996 Multi Disciplinary
926 Arid Ecosystems Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
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928 Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics JSTOR 1962-2016 Humanities
929 Arizona and the West JSTOR 1959-1986 Humanities
930 Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies JSTOR 1997-2017 Humanities
931 Arizoniana JSTOR 1960-1964 Humanities
932 Arkiv för Matematik International Press 2017-Present Mathematics
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934 ARLIS/NA Newsletter JSTOR 1972-1981 Humanities
935 ARM: Adaptive and Reflective MIddleware ACM 2004-2017 Archives
936 Arms Control Today JSTOR 1974-2019 Humanities
937 Arnold Mathematical Journal Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
938 Arnoldia JSTOR 1941-2019 Multi Disciplinary
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940 Ars Islamica JSTOR 1934-1951 Humanities
941 Ars Orientalis JSTOR 1954-2016 Humanities
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947 Art in Print JSTOR 2011-2017 Multi Disciplinary
948 Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies JSTOR 1966-2011 Multi Disciplinary
949 Art Journal JSTOR 1960-2017 Multi Disciplinary
950 Art on Paper JSTOR 1998-2009 Multi Disciplinary
951 Arte Lombarda JSTOR 1955-2017 Multi Disciplinary
952 ARTEMIS: Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery Streams ACM 2010-2013 Archives
953 Artes de México JSTOR 1953-2018 Multi Disciplinary
954 Arthropod-Plant Interactions Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
955 Arthurian Interpretations JSTOR 1986-1990 Humanities
956 Arthuriana JSTOR 1994-2017 Humanities
957 Arthuriana (1928-1930) JSTOR 1928-1929 Humanities
958 Artibus Asiae JSTOR 1925-2015 Multi Disciplinary
959 Artibus Asiae. Supplementum JSTOR 1937-2006 Multi Disciplinary
960 Artibus et Historiae JSTOR 1980-2017 Humanities
961 Artificial Intelligence and Law Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
962 Artificial Intelligence Review Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
963 Artificial Life and Robotics Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
964 Arts & Decoration (1910-1918) JSTOR 1910-1918 Humanities
965 Arts Asiatiques JSTOR 1954-2019 Humanities
966 Arts et traditions populaires JSTOR 1953-1970 Humanities
967 ASA Review of Books JSTOR 1975-1980 Humanities
968 ASE: Automated Software Engineering ACM 1997-2018 Archives
969 ASEAN Economic Bulletin JSTOR 1984-2012 Humanities
970 ASEE Prism JSTOR 1991-2020 Multi Disciplinary
971 Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies Wiley 2014-Present Open Access
972 ASIA CCS: Information, Computer and Communications Security ACM 2006-2018 Archives
973 Asia Europe Journal Springer Nature 2003-1970 Multi Disciplinary
974 Asia Journal JSTOR 1994-1996 Humanities
975 Asia Major JSTOR 1988-2017 Humanities
976 Asia Pacific Education Review Springer Nature 2000-Present Multi Disciplinary
977 Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy T&F 2002-Present Humanities
978 Asia Pacific Journal of Management Springer Nature 1983-Present Multi Disciplinary
979 Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Springer Nature 1994-Present Humanities
980 Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences Springer Nature 2010-Present Earth and Planetary
981 Asia-Pacific Mathematics Newsletter World Scientific 2014-Present Mathematics
982 ASIA-PEPM: Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation ACM 2002-2002 Archives
983 Asian Affairs: An American Review JSTOR 1973-2013 Humanities
984 Asian Education and Development Studies Emerald 2012-Present Multi Disciplinary
985 Asian Englishes T&F 2002-Present Humanities
986 Asian Ethnology JSTOR 2008-2021 Humanities
987 Asian Folklore Studies JSTOR 1963-2007 Humanities
988 Asian Journal of Business Ethics Springer Nature 2012-Present Humanities
989 Asian Journal of Criminology Springer Nature 2006-Present Humanities
990 Asian Journal of Mathematics International Press 1997-Present Mathematics
991 Asian Journal of Social Science JSTOR 2001-2016 Humanities
992 Asian Journal of Technology Innovation T&F 2002-Present Humanities
993 Asian Music JSTOR 1968-2015 Multi Disciplinary
994 Asian Perspective JSTOR 1977-2015 Humanities
995 Asian Perspectives JSTOR 1957-2017 Humanities
996 Asian Philosophy T&F 2002-Present Humanities
997 Asian Review of Accounting Emerald 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
998 Asian Social Work and Policy Review Wiley 2007-2021 Humanities
999 Asian Survey JSTOR 1961-2017 Humanities
1000 Asian Theatre Journal JSTOR 1984-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1001 Asian-European Journal of Mathematics World Scientific 2008-Present Mathematics
1002 ASID: Architectural and System Support for Improving Software Dependability ACM 2006-2006 Archives
1003 Aslib Journal of Information Management Emerald 2014-Present Multi Disciplinary
1004 ASPDAC: Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference ACM 1995-2018 Archives
1005 ASPLOS: Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems ACM 1982-2018 Archives
1006 Assemblage JSTOR 1986-2000 Multi Disciplinary
1007 Assets: Computers and Accessibility ACM 1994-2018 Archives
1008 Assistive Technology:The Offical Journal of RESNA T&F 1997-Present Biology
1009 Association Medical Journal JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1010 Association pour l'encouragement des études grecques en France JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1011 AST: Automation of Software Test ACM 2006-2018 Archives
1012 AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis Springer Nature 2004-Present Mathematics
1013 AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv Springer Nature 2007-Present Mathematics
1014 Astrobiology Mary Ann Libert 2013-Present Earth and Planetary
1015 Astronomische Nachrichten Wiley 2000-Present Physics
1016 Astronomy and Astrophysics EDP Sciences 1996-Present Earth and Planetary
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1018 Astronomy Reports Springer Nature 2000-Present Earth and Planetary
1019 Astrophysical Bulletin Springer Nature 2007-Present Physics
1020 Astrophysics Springer Nature 1965-1996 Physics
1021 Astrophysics and Space Science Springer Nature 1968-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1022 Asymptotic Analysis IOS Press 2005-2021 Mathematics
1023 Atlantic Economic Journal Springer Nature 1973-Present Humanities
1024 Atlantic Studies: Global Currents T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1025 Atlantis JSTOR 1979-2018 Humanities
1026 Atmosphere-Ocean T&F 1963-Present Earth and Planetary
1027 Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics Springer Nature 2009-Present Physics
1028 Atmospheric Science Letters Wiley 2000-Present Open Access
1029 Atomic Energy Springer Nature 1956-1996 Physics
1030 Attachment & Human Development T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1031 Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics Springer Nature 1966-Present Humanities
1032 Audio Visual Communication Review JSTOR 1953-1963 Humanities
1033 Auditory Perception & Cognition T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1034 Aufklärung JSTOR 1986-2017 Humanities
1035 AUIC: User Interface ACM 2001-2014 Archives
1036 Aula JSTOR 1990-1994 Humanities
1037 Aula-Historia Social JSTOR 1998-2008 Humanities
1038 AUPC: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Challenges for Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing ACM 2008-2009 Archives
1039 AUS-CE: Australasian Conference on Computing Education ACM 1996-2017 Archives
1040 AusGrid: Grid Computing and e-Research ACM 2008-2009 Archives
1041 Auslandsrecht JSTOR 1970-1970 Humanities
1042 Australasian Historical Archaeology JSTOR 1992-2019 Humanities
1043 Australasian Journal of American Studies JSTOR 1983-2020 Humanities
1044 Australasian Journal of Engineering Education T&F 2007-Present Multi Disciplinary
1045 Australasian Journal of Environmental Management T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1046 Australasian Journal of Philosophy T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1047 Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine (Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine) Springer Nature 2001-Present Biology
1048 Australasian Plant Pathology Springer Nature 1972-Present Biology
1049 Australian Archaeology JSTOR 1974-2013 Humanities
1050 Australian Forestry T&F 1997-Present Biology
1051 Australian Indigenous Law Reporter JSTOR 1996-2006 Humanities
1052 Australian Indigenous Law Review JSTOR 2007-2017 Humanities
1053 Australian Journal of Civil Engineering T&F 2003-Present Multi Disciplinary
1054 Australian Journal of Earth Sciences T&F 1953-Present Earth and Planetary
1055 Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering T&F 2004-Present Multi Disciplinary
1056 Australian Journal of Environmental Education CUP 2008-Present Biology
1057 Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1058 Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology JSTOR 1983-1991 Humanities
1059 Australian Journal of Linguistics T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1060 Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering T&F 2003-Present Multi Disciplinary
1061 Australian Journal of Multi-disciplinary Engineering T&F 2003-Present Multi Disciplinary
1062 Australian Journal of Structural Engineering T&F 2002-Present Multi Disciplinary
1063 Australian Journal of Water Resources T&F 2002-Present Multi Disciplinary
1064 Austrian Studies JSTOR 2003-2017 Humanities
1065 Austrobaileya JSTOR 1977-2018 Biology
1066 Automated Software Engineering Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
1067 Automatic Control and Computer Sciences Springer Nature 2007-Present Computer
1068 Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics Springer Nature 2007-Present Computer
1069 Automation and Remote Control Springer Nature 2001-Present Mathematics
1070 AutomotiveUI: Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications ACM 2009-2018 Archives
1071 Autonomics: Autonomic Computing and Communication Systems ACM 2007-2008 Archives
1072 Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Springer Nature 1998-Present Computer
1073 Autonomous Robots Springer Nature 1994-Present Computer
1074 Autophagy T&F 2005-Present Biology
1075 AV Communication Review JSTOR 1964-1977 Humanities
1076 AVI: Advanced Visual Interfaces ACM 1994-2018 Archives
1077 Avian Diseases JSTOR 1957-2017 Biology
1078 Avian Pathology T&F 1972-Present Multi Disciplinary
1079 AVS Quantum Science AVS 2020-Present Physics
1080 AVSTP2P: Advanced video streaming techniques for peer-to-peer networks and social networking ACM 2010-2010 Archives
1081 Axiomathes Springer Nature 1993-Present Multi Disciplinary
1082 Ayer JSTOR 1991-2015 Humanities
1083 B.B.A.A. Boletín Bibliográfico de Antropología Americana JSTOR 1949-1972 Humanities
1084 Bach JSTOR 1970-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1085 Background JSTOR 1962-1966 Humanities
1086 Background on World Politics JSTOR 1957-1961 Humanities
1087 BADS: Bio-Inspired Algorithms for Distributed Systems ACM 2009-2011 Archives
1088 Baltic Sea: Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education Research ACM 2006-2006 Archives
1089 Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis Springer Nature 2020-Present Mathematics
1090 Bar-Ilan Law Studies / מחקרי משפט JSTOR 1980-2018 Multi Disciplinary
1091 Bartonia JSTOR 1908-2019 Biology
1092 Basic Research in Cardiology Springer Nature 1937-Present Biology
1093 Battery Energy Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
1094 BCB: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology ACM 2010-2018 Archives
1095 BCS-HCI: British HCI Group Annual Conference on People and Computers ACM 2007-2014 Archives
1096 Béaloideas JSTOR 1927-2015 Humanities
1097 Bears: Their Biology and Management JSTOR 1972-1997 Biology
1098 Bee World T&F 1997-Present Biology
1099 Before I Forget...: Journal of the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society JSTOR 1987-2017 Humanities
1100 Behavior and Philosophy JSTOR 1994-2017 Humanities
1101 Behavior Genetics Springer Nature 1970-Present Biology
1102 Behavior Research Methods Springer Nature 1968-Present Computer
1103 Behavioral and Brain Sciences CUP 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1104 Behavioral Disorders JSTOR 1975-2017 Humanities
1105 Behavioral Ecology OUP 1999-Present Biology
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1107 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology JSTOR 1976-2017 Biology
1108 Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1109 Behaviorism JSTOR 1972-1989 Humanities
1110 Behaviormetrika Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1111 Behaviour JSTOR 1947-2017 Biology
1112 Behaviour & Information Technology T&F 1996-Present Multi Disciplinary
1113 Behaviour Change CUP 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1114 Behaviour Supplement JSTOR 1950-1977 Biology
1115 Behaviour. Supplement JSTOR 1950-1977 Multi Disciplinary
1116 Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy CUP 1998-Present Multi Disciplinary
1117 Beit Mikra: Journal for the Study of the Bible and Its World JSTOR 1956-2018 Humanities
1118 Beit Mikra: Journal for the Study of the Bible and Its World / בית מקרא: כתב-עת לחקר המקרא ועולמו JSTOR 1956-2018 Humanities
1119 Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie / Contributions to Algebra and Geometry Springer Nature 2011-Present Mathematics
1120 Beiträge zur biblischen Landes- und Altertumskunde JSTOR 1949-1951 Humanities
1121 Beiträge zur vergleichenden Sprachforschung auf dem Gebiete der arischen, celtischen und slawischen Sprachen JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1122 Belfagor JSTOR 1946-2012 Humanities
1123 Belgian Journal of Botany JSTOR 1990-2009 Biology
1124 BELIV: Beyond Time and Errors: Novel evaluation Methods for Information Visualization ACM 2006-2016 Archives
1125 Bell Labs Technical Journal IEEE 2017-2020 Computer
1126 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law JSTOR 1993-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1127 Berkeley Journal of Sociology JSTOR 1959-2017 Humanities
1128 Berkeley Technology Law Journal JSTOR 1996-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1129 Berliner Museen JSTOR 1919-1973 Multi Disciplinary
1130 Bernoulli JSTOR 1995-2015 Mathematics
1131 Best of ABA Sections: General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section JSTOR 1997-1998 Humanities
1132 Beyond Behavior JSTOR 1990-2017 Humanities
1133 Biblica JSTOR 1920-2015 Humanities
1134 Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance JSTOR 1941-2017 Humanities
1135 Bibliothèque de l'École des chartes JSTOR 1900-2015 Humanities
1136 Biennial Review of Anthropology JSTOR 1959-1971 Humanities
1137 Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde JSTOR 1949-2021 Humanities
1138 Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indië JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1139 Bilingual Review / La Revista Bilingüe JSTOR 1974-2012 Humanities
1140 Bioacoustics - The International Journal of Animal Sound and its Recording T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1141 Biocatalysis & Biotransformation T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1142 Biochemical Genetics Springer Nature 1967-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1143 Biochemical Journal Portland Press 2010-Present Biology
1144 Biochemistry ACS 1996-Present Biology
1145 Biochemistry (Moscow) Springer Nature 2000-Present Multi Disciplinary
1146 Biochemistry (Moscow), Supplement Series A: Membrane and Cell Biology Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
1147 Biochemistry (Moscow), Supplement Series B: Biomedical Chemistry Springer Nature 2007-Present Multi Disciplinary
1148 BioChip Journal Springer Nature 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
1149 Bioconjugate Chemistry ACS 1996-Present Chemistry
1150 BioControl Springer Nature 1956-1995 Biology
1151 Biocontrol Science and Technology T&F 1995-Present Biology
1152 Biodegradation Springer Nature 1990-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1153 Biodemography and Social Biology T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1154 Biodiversity T&F 2000-Present Multi Disciplinary
1155 Biodiversity and Conservation Springer Nature 1992-1996 Biology
1156 Biodiversity Letters JSTOR 1993-1996 Biology
1157 BioEnergy Research Springer Nature 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1158 Bioengineering & Translational Medicine Wiley 2016-Present Open Access
1159 Biofabrication IOP 2009-Present Biology
1160 Biofouling: The Journal of Bioadhesion and Biofilm Research T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1161 Biofuels T&F 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
1162 Biogeochemistry Springer Nature 1984-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1163 Biogeochemistry JSTOR 1984-2015 Biology
1164 Biogerontology Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
1165 Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society JSTOR 1955-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1166 Biography JSTOR 1978-2017 Humanities
1167 Bioinspiration and Biomimetics IOP 2006-Present Biology
1168 Biointerphases AVS 2006-Present Multi Disciplinary
1169 BIOKDD: Bioinformatics ACM 2005-2013 Archives
1170 Biologia Plantarum Springer Nature 1959-1996 Biology
1171 Biological Agriculture & Horticulture - An International Journal of Sustainable Production Systems T&F 1997-Present Biology
1172 Biological Bulletin JSTOR 1899-2015 Biology
1173 Biological Cybernetics Springer Nature 1961-1996 Biology
1174 Biological Imaging CUP 2021-Present Biology
1175 Biological Invasions Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
1176 Biological Rhythm Research T&F 1996-Present Multi Disciplinary
1177 Biological Theory Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
1178 Biological Trace Element Research Springer Nature 1979-1996 Biology
1179 Biology & Philosophy Springer Nature 1986-Present Biology
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1181 Biology and Fertility of Soils Springer Nature 1985-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1182 Biology and Philosophy Springer Nature 1986-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1183 Biology Bulletin Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
1184 Biology Bulletin Reviews Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
1185 Biology of the Cell Wiley 1997-Present Biology
1186 Biomacromolecules ACS 2000-Present Chemistry
1187 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
1188 Biomaterials Science RSC 2013-Present Multi Disciplinary
1189 Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology Springer Nature 2002-Present Biology
1190 Biomedical Engineering Springer Nature 1967-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1191 Biomedical Engineering Letters Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
1192 Biomedical Materials IOP 2006-Present Biology
1193 Biomedical Microdevices Springer Nature 1998-Present Biology
1194 Biomedical Optics Express OSA 2010-Present Physics
1195 Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express IOP 2015-Present Biology
1196 BioMetals Springer Nature 1988-1996 Biology
1197 Biometrics JSTOR 1947-2015 Mathematics
1198 Biometrics Bulletin JSTOR 1945-1946 Mathematics
1199 Biometrika OUP 1999-Present Biology
1200 Biometrika JSTOR 1901-2015 Mathematics
1201 Biomicrofluidics AIP 2007-Present Biology
1202 Biomolecular NMR Assignments Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
1203 BioNanoScience Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
1204 BIONETICS: Bio Inspired Models of Network, Information and Computing Systems ACM 2006-2006 Archives
1205 Biophysical Reviews Springer Nature 2009-Present Multi Disciplinary
1206 Biophysics Springer Nature 2006-Present Multi Disciplinary
1207 Biophysics Reviews AIP 2020-Present Biology
1208 Biopolymers Wiley 1996-Present Biology
1209 Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering Springer Nature 1986-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1210 Bioremediation Journal T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1211 Bios JSTOR 1930-2019 Biology
1212 BioScience OUP 1999-Present Biology
1213 BioScience JSTOR 1964-2017 Biology
1214 Biosemiotics Springer Nature 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1215 Biostatistics OUP 1999-Present Mathematics
1216 Biosurface and Biotribology Wiley 2018-Present Open Access
1217 Biotechnic & Histochemistry T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1218 Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Springer Nature 1996-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1219 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews T&F 1984-Present Multi Disciplinary
1220 Biotechnology Letters Springer Nature 1979-1996 Biology
1221 Biotechnology Techniques Springer Nature 1987-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1222 Biotherapy Springer Nature 1988-1996 Biology
1223 Biotropica JSTOR 1969-2015 Biology
1224 BiPi: Business Impact of Process Improvements ACM 2008-2008 Archives
1225 Bird Conservation International CUP 2000-Present Biology
1226 Bird Study T&F 1954-Present Multi Disciplinary
1227 Bird-Banding JSTOR 1930-1979 Biology
1228 BIT Numerical Mathematics Springer Nature 1961-2021 Mathematics
1229 BJPsych Advances CUP 1994-Present Multi Disciplinary
1230 BJPsych Bulletin CUP 1977-Present Multi Disciplinary
1231 BJPsych International CUP 2003-Present Multi Disciplinary
1232 BJPsych Open CUP 2015-Present Multi Disciplinary
1233 BJUI Compass Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
1234 Black American Literature Forum JSTOR 1976-1991 Humanities
1235 Black Camera JSTOR 1985-2017 Humanities
1236 Black History Bulletin JSTOR 2002-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1237 Black Music Research Journal JSTOR 1980-2016 Multi Disciplinary
1238 Black View JSTOR 1970-1974 Humanities
1239 Black Women, Gender + Families JSTOR 2007-2012 Humanities
1240 Blackfriars JSTOR 1921-1964 Humanities
1241 Blätter der DGVFM Springer Nature 1950-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1242 Blood Elsevier 1999-Present Biology
1243 Blood Cancer Discovery AACR 2020-Present Biology
1244 BM-FA: Behaviour Modelling ACM 2010-2014 Archives
1245 BM-MDA: Behaviour Modelling in Model-Driven Architecture ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1246 BMEMat Wiley 2015-Present Open Access
1247 BMJ: British Medical Journal JSTOR 1988-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1248 BMS: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology / Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique JSTOR 1983-2017 Humanities
1249 Boletim da Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras, Universidade de São Paulo. Botânica JSTOR 1937-1969 Biology
1250 Boletim de Botânica da Universidade de São Paulo JSTOR 1973-2010 Biology
1251 Boletín Bibliográfico de Antropología Americana (1937-1948) JSTOR 1937-1948 Humanities
1252 Boletín Bibliográfico de Antropología Americana (1973-1979) JSTOR 1973-1979 Humanities
1253 Boletín de Antropología Americana JSTOR 1980-2011 Humanities
1254 Boletín de Estudios Latinoamericanos JSTOR 1970-1973 Humanities
1255 Boletín de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe JSTOR 1974-1989 Humanities
1256 Boletín de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana Springer Nature 2014-2021 Mathematics
1257 Boletín del Instituto de las Españas JSTOR 1931-1934 Humanities
1258 Boletín Informativo Sobre Estudios Latinoamericanos en Europa JSTOR 1965-1969 Humanities
1259 Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana Springer Nature 2014-2021 Mathematics
1260 BOMB JSTOR 1981-2018 Multi Disciplinary
1261 Bonplandia JSTOR 1960-2021 Biology
1262 Book History JSTOR 1998-2015 Humanities
1263 Books Abroad JSTOR 1927-1976 Humanities
1264 Books Ireland JSTOR 1976-2019 Humanities
1265 BooksOnline: Research Advances in Large Digital Book Repositories ACM 2008-2012 Archives
1266 Boom: A Journal of California JSTOR 2011-2016 Humanities
1267 Boreas Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
1268 Boston Museum Bulletin JSTOR 1966-1977 Humanities
1269 Botanical Bulletin JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1270 Botanical Gazette JSTOR 1890-1991 Biology
1271 Botanical Museum Leaflets, Harvard University JSTOR 1932-1986 Biology
1272 Botanical Review JSTOR 1935-2015 Biology
1273 Botany Letters T&F 1993-Present Biology
1274 Botswana Notes and Records JSTOR 1968-2016 Multi Disciplinary
1275 boundary 2 JSTOR 1972-1999 Humanities
1276 Boundary-Layer Meteorology Springer Nature 1970-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1277 Bouwsteenen JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1278 BPAOSD: Best Practices in Applying Aspect-Oriented Software Development ACM 2007-2007 Archives
1279 BQGT: Behavioral and Quantitative Game Theory ACM 2010-2010 Archives
1280 Bradley, His Book JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1281 Brain OUP 1999-Present Biology
1282 Brain and Behavior Wiley 2011-Present Open Access
1283 Brain Cell Biology Springer Nature 1972-1996 Biology
1284 Brain Imaging and Behavior Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
1285 Brain Impairment CUP 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1286 Brain Pathology Wiley 1990-Present Open Access
1287 Brain Structure and Function Springer Nature 1900-Present Biology
1288 Brain Topography Springer Nature 1988-1996 Biology
1289 Brain Tumor Pathology Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
1290 Brain-Computer Interfaces T&F 2014-Present Multi Disciplinary
1291 Brain-X Wiley 2023-Present Open Access
1292 Brazilian Journal of Botany Springer Nature 2013-Present Biology
1293 Brazilian Journal of Physics Springer Nature 2011-Present Physics
1294 Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics JSTOR 1987-2017 Mathematics
1295 Breast Cancer Springer Nature 1994-Present Biology
1296 Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Springer Nature 1981-Present Biology
1297 Bridges JSTOR 1990-2011 Humanities
1298 Briefings in Bioinformatics OUP 2010-2019 Biology
1299 Briefings in Bioinformatics OUP 1999-Present Biology
1300 Briefings in Functional Genomics OUP 1999-Present Biology
1301 Brigham Young University Studies JSTOR 1959-2011 Humanities
1302 Britannia JSTOR 1970-2017 Humanities
1303 British Actuarial Journal JSTOR 1995-2015 Multi Disciplinary
1304 British Cactus & Succulent Journal JSTOR 1983-2005 Biology
1305 British Educational Research Journal JSTOR 1978-2013 Humanities
1306 British Food Journal Emerald 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1307 British Journal for the History of Mathematics T&F 1986-Present Multi Disciplinary
1308 British Journal for the History of Philosophy T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1309 British Journal of Educational Studies JSTOR 1952-2013 Humanities
1310 British Journal of Ethnomusicology JSTOR 1992-2003 Multi Disciplinary
1311 British Journal of Industrial Medicine JSTOR 1944-1993 Biology
1312 British Journal of International Studies JSTOR 1975-1980 Humanities
1313 British Journal of Law and Society JSTOR 1974-1981 Humanities
1314 British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies JSTOR 1991-2013 Multi Disciplinary
1315 British Journal of Nutrition CUP 2007-Present Biology
1316 British Journal of Political Science JSTOR 1971-2015 Humanities
1317 British Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine JSTOR 1953-1977 Multi Disciplinary
1318 British Journal of Psychiatric Social Work JSTOR 1947-1970 Humanities
1319 British Journal of Psychiatry CUP 1853-Present Multi Disciplinary
1320 British Journal of Social Medicine JSTOR 1947-1952 Humanities
1321 British Journal of Sociology of Education JSTOR 1980-2013 Humanities
1322 British Medical Bulletin OUP 1999-Present Multi Disciplinary
1323 British Medical Journal (Clinical Research Edition) JSTOR 1981-1970 Humanities
1324 British Poultry Science T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1325 British School at Athens Studies JSTOR 1995-2014 Humanities
1326 Brittonia Springer Nature 1931-1996 Biology
1327 Brittonia JSTOR 1931-2015 Humanities
1328 Brookings Papers on Economic Activity JSTOR 1970-2020 Humanities
1329 Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Microeconomics JSTOR 1989-1998 Humanities
1330 Brookings Papers on Education Policy JSTOR 1998-2006 Humanities
1331 Brookings Trade Forum JSTOR 1998-2008 Humanities
1332 Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs JSTOR 2000-2009 Humanities
1333 Brooklyn Museum Bulletin JSTOR 1939-1960 Humanities
1334 Browning Institute Studies JSTOR 1973-1990 Humanities
1335 Bruniana & Campanelliana JSTOR 1995-2015 Humanities
1336 Brush and Pencil JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1337 Buddhist-Christian Studies JSTOR 1981-2017 Humanities
1338 Buffalo Criminal Law Review JSTOR 1997-2006 Multi Disciplinary
1339 Building Material JSTOR 1999-2020 Humanities
1340 Building Simulation Springer Nature 2008-Present Biology
1341 Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum JSTOR 2007-2017 Humanities
1342 BuildSys: Embedded Sensing Systems for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings ACM 2009-2017 Archives
1343 Built Environment JSTOR 1978-2015 Humanities
1344 Built Environment (1972-1975) JSTOR 1972-1975 Humanities
1345 Built Environment (1978-) JSTOR 1978-2015 Humanities
1346 Built Environment Quarterly JSTOR 1975-1978 Humanities
1347 Buletin ştiinţific - Institutul de Învăţământ Superior din Baia Mare. Seria B, Matematică, fizică-chimie, biologie-geologie JSTOR 1980-1980 Mathematics
1348 Buletin ştiinţific - Institutul Pedagogic din Baia Mare. Seria B, Matematică, fizică-chimie, biologie JSTOR 1969-1972 Mathematics
1349 Buletinul de științe matematice pure și aplicate / Bulletin des sciences mathématiques pures et appliquées JSTOR 1923-1926 Mathematics
1350 Buletinul Societățiĭ de Sciințe Fizice din Bucurescĭ-România JSTOR 1892-1896 Mathematics
1351 Buletinul Societății de Științe din București-România / Bulletin de la Société des Sciences de Bucarest-Roumanie JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1352 Buletinul Societății Române de Științe București-România / Bulletin de la Société Roumaine des Sciences Bucarest-Roumanie JSTOR 1911-1922 Humanities
1353 Buletinul ştiinţific al Universitatii Baia Mare, Seria B, Fascicola matematică-informatică JSTOR 1991-2002 Mathematics
1354 Bulletin (Académie serbe des sciences et des arts. Classe des sciences mathématiques et naturelles. Sciences mathématiques) JSTOR 1952-2019 Mathematics
1355 Bulletin (American Bar Association. Section of Taxation) JSTOR 1947-1962 Humanities
1356 Bulletin (Archives of American Art) JSTOR 1960-1962 Humanities
1357 Bulletin (Association for Tropical Biology) JSTOR 1962-1967 Biology
1358 Bulletin (British Association for American Studies) JSTOR 1956-1966 Humanities
1359 Bulletin (British Society for Middle Eastern Studies) JSTOR 1974-1990 Humanities
1360 Bulletin (Canadian Archaeological Association) JSTOR 1969-1976 Humanities
1361 Bulletin (Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers) JSTOR 1971-1980 Humanities
1362 Bulletin (Linguistic Society of America) JSTOR 1926-1969 Humanities
1363 Bulletin (New York Musicological Society) JSTOR 1931-1933 Humanities
1364 Bulletin (Shaw Society of America) JSTOR 1951-1958 Humanities
1365 Bulletin (St. Louis Art Museum) JSTOR 1972-1998 Humanities
1366 Bulletin annuel de l'Institut français d'histoire sociale JSTOR 1951-1952 Humanities
1367 Bulletin d'études orientales JSTOR 1931-2017 Humanities
1368 Bulletin d'Information (International Association of Music Libraries) JSTOR 1952-1953 Humanities
1369 Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient JSTOR 1901-2019 Multi Disciplinary
1370 Bulletin de l'Institut de Recherches Économiques JSTOR 1937-1940 Humanities
1371 Bulletin de l'Institut de Recherches Économiques et Sociales JSTOR 1946-1960 Humanities
1372 Bulletin de l'Institut des Sciences Économiques JSTOR 1929-1937 Humanities
1373 Bulletin de la Société d'Études Philosophiques du Sud-Est JSTOR 1926-1927 Humanities
1374 Bulletin de la Société de JSTOR 1903-2015 Humanities
1375 Bulletin de la Société de Botanique de Belgique JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1376 Bulletin de la Société de l'histoire de France JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1377 Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1852-1865) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1378 Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1903-2015) JSTOR 1903-2015 Humanities
1379 Bulletin de la Société française de musicologie JSTOR 1917-1921 Humanities
1380 Bulletin de la Société préhistorique de France JSTOR 1904-1963 Humanities
1381 Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française JSTOR 1978-2018 Humanities
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1383 Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française. Études et travaux JSTOR 1964-1977 Humanities
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1385 Bulletin de Sinologie JSTOR 1983-1992 Humanities
1386 Bulletin de théologie ancienne et médiévale JSTOR 1929-1996 Humanities
1387 Bulletin du Jardin botanique de l'État a Bruxelles JSTOR 1902-1970 Humanities
1388 Bulletin du Jardin botanique National de Belgique / Bulletin van de Nationale Plantentuin van België JSTOR 1970-1970 Humanities
1389 Bulletin géodésique Springer Nature 1924-1943 Multi Disciplinary
1390 Bulletin géodésique New Series Springer Nature 1946-1975 Multi Disciplinary
1391 Bulletin historique et littéraire (Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1392 Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques de la République Socialiste de Roumanie JSTOR 1964-1989 Mathematics
1393 Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques de Roumanie JSTOR 1989-2017 Mathematics
1394 Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques et Physiques de la République Populaire Roumaine JSTOR 1957-1964 Mathematics
1395 Bulletin mathématique de la Société Roumaine des Sciences JSTOR 1926-1947 Humanities
1396 Bulletin Mensuel (Antenne française de sinologie à Hong Kong) JSTOR 1979-1983 Humanities
1397 Bulletin of African Studies in Canada / Bulletin des Études Africaines au Canada JSTOR 1963-1966 Humanities
1398 Bulletin of Baltic Studies JSTOR 1970-1971 Humanities
1399 Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering Springer Nature 2003-Present Earth and Planetary
1400 Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment Springer Nature 1970-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1401 Bulletin of Entomological Research CUP 1999-Present Biology
1402 Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Springer Nature 1966-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1403 Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine Springer Nature 1956-1996 Biology
1404 Bulletin of Friends Historical Association JSTOR 1924-1970 Humanities
1405 Bulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia JSTOR 1906-1923 Humanities
1406 Bulletin of General Relativity and Gravitation Springer Nature 1962-1969 Physics
1407 Bulletin of International News JSTOR 1970-1970 Humanities
1408 Bulletin of Latin American Research JSTOR 1981-2010 Humanities
1409 Bulletin of Materials Science Springer Nature 1979-1996 Physics
1410 Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Springer Nature 1939-2021 Mathematics
1411 Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1412 Bulletin of Popular Information (Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University) JSTOR 1912-1970 Humanities
1413 Bulletin of Sung and Yüan Studies JSTOR 1978-1989 Humanities
1414 Bulletin of Symbolic Logic CUP 2014-Present Mathematics
1415 Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences JSTOR 1948-2015 Humanities
1416 Bulletin of the American Art-Union JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1417 Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Italian JSTOR 1924-1925 Humanities
1418 Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages JSTOR 1970-1970 Humanities
1419 Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Slavonic and East European Languages JSTOR 1970-1970 Humanities
1420 Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors JSTOR 2010-2017 Humanities
1421 Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors (1915-1955) JSTOR 1915-1955 Humanities
1422 Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors (2010-) JSTOR 2010-2017 Humanities
1423 Bulletin of the American Geographical Society JSTOR 1901-1970 Humanities
1424 Bulletin of the American Group. International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works JSTOR 1960-1972 Humanities
1425 Bulletin of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works JSTOR 1972-1975 Humanities
1426 Bulletin of the American Institute for Iranian Art and Archaeology JSTOR 1937-1938 Humanities
1427 Bulletin of the American Institute for Persian Art and Archaeology JSTOR 1931-1936 Humanities
1428 Bulletin of the American Library Association JSTOR 1907-1938 Humanities
1429 Bulletin of the American Musicological Society JSTOR 1936-1948 Humanities
1430 Bulletin of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem JSTOR 1919-1921 Humanities
1431 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research JSTOR 1921-2017 Humanities
1432 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Supplementary Studies JSTOR 1945-1991 Humanities
1433 Bulletin of the AMS AMS 1891-2021 Mathematics
1434 Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago (1907-1951) JSTOR 1907-1951 Humanities
1435 Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago (1973-1982) JSTOR 1973-1982 Humanities
1436 Bulletin of the Asia Institute JSTOR 1987-2014 Multi Disciplinary
1437 Bulletin of the Associates in Fine Arts at Yale University JSTOR 1926-1957 Humanities
1438 Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology JSTOR 1969-1986 Humanities
1439 Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society CUP 2010-Present Mathematics
1440 Bulletin of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History JSTOR 1962-1962 Humanities
1441 Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society — Simon Stevin Project Euclid 1994-2021 Mathematics
1442 Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society Springer Nature 1970-1996 Mathematics
1443 Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, New Series Springer Nature 1970-2021 Mathematics
1444 Bulletin of the British Society for the History of Science JSTOR 1949-1961 Humanities
1445 Bulletin of the Business Historical Society JSTOR 1926-1953 Humanities
1446 Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis JSTOR 1914-1971 Humanities
1447 Bulletin of the Committee on Canadian Labour History / Bulletin du Comité sur l'Histoire Ouvrière Canadienne JSTOR 1976-1980 Humanities
1448 Bulletin of the Cooper Ornithological Club JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1449 Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education JSTOR 1963-2017 Multi Disciplinary
1450 Bulletin of the Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute JSTOR 1939-2018 Multi Disciplinary
1451 Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts JSTOR 1948-2015 Multi Disciplinary
1452 Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts of the City of Detroit JSTOR 1919-1948 Humanities
1453 Bulletin of the Detroit Museum of Art JSTOR 1904-1919 Humanities
1454 Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America JSTOR 1917-2021 Biology
1455 Bulletin of the Fogg Art Museum JSTOR 1931-1950 Humanities
1456 Bulletin of the Gray Memorial Botanical Chapter of the Agassiz Association JSTOR 1893-1893 Biology
1457 Bulletin of the History of Medicine JSTOR 1939-2015 Multi Disciplinary
1458 Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies JSTOR 1954-2015 Humanities
1459 Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies of the University of London. Supplementary Papers JSTOR 1955-1956 Humanities
1460 Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. Supplement JSTOR 1995-2015 Humanities
1461 Bulletin of the Institute of the History of Medicine JSTOR 1933-1938 Humanities
1462 Bulletin of the International Institute of Social History JSTOR 1937-1955 Humanities
1463 Bulletin of the Iranian Institute JSTOR 1942-1946 Humanities
1464 Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society Springer Nature 2018-2021 Mathematics
1465 Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute Springer Nature 2007-Present Physics
1466 Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society Wiley 1969-Present Mathematics
1467 Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society Springer Nature 2015-2021 Mathematics
1468 Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts JSTOR 1926-1965 Humanities
1469 Bulletin of the Music Teachers National Association JSTOR 1938-1950 Humanities
1470 Bulletin of the National Association for Nursery Education JSTOR 1945-1956 Humanities
1471 Bulletin of the New England Art Union JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1472 Bulletin of the New York Shakespeare Society JSTOR 1982-1983 Humanities
1473 Bulletin of the Northeastern Bird-Banding Association JSTOR 1925-1970 Humanities
1474 Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1475 Bulletin of the Orton Society JSTOR 1956-1981 Humanities
1476 Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum JSTOR 1903-1938 Humanities
1477 Bulletin of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America JSTOR 1942-1945 Humanities
1478 Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics Springer Nature 2007-Present Physics
1479 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London JSTOR 1940-2015 Multi Disciplinary
1480 Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London JSTOR 1917-1940 Humanities
1481 Bulletin of the Section of Taxation, American Bar Association JSTOR 1962-1967 Humanities
1482 Bulletin of the Society for Latin American Studies JSTOR 1967-1979 Humanities
1483 Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club JSTOR 1900-1996 Biology
1484 Bulletin of Volcanology Springer Nature 1937-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1485 Bulletin Supplement (University of London. Institute of Classical Studies) JSTOR 1957-1996 Humanities
1486 Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum JSTOR 1954-2008 Multi Disciplinary
1487 Bulletin Volcanologique (1st series) Springer Nature 1924-1931 Multi Disciplinary
1488 Bulletins from the Ecological Research Committee/NFR JSTOR 1970-1973 Biology
1489 Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma JSTOR 1970-2017 Humanities
1490 Bullettino della R. Società Toscana di Orticultura JSTOR 1890-1938 Multi Disciplinary
1491 Business & Information Systems Engineering Springer Nature 2009-Present Computer
1492 Business & Professional Ethics Journal JSTOR 1981-2017 Humanities
1493 Business Ethics Quarterly JSTOR 1991-2015 Humanities
1494 Business Law Memo JSTOR 1980-1985 Humanities
1495 Business Law Today JSTOR 1992-2017 Humanities
1496 Bustan: The Middle East Book Review JSTOR 2010-2017 Humanities
1497 Butler University Botanical Studies JSTOR 1929-1964 Biology
1498 BWAN: Broadband Wireless Access for Ubiquitous Networking ACM 2006-2006 Archives
1499 BYU Studies Quarterly JSTOR 2012-2017 Humanities
1500 Byzantion JSTOR 1924-2015 Multi Disciplinary
1501 C&C: Creativity and Cognition ACM 1999-2017 Archives
1502 C&T: Communities and Technologies ACM 2009-2017 Archives
1503 C3P: Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications ACM 1988-1988 Archives
1504 C3S2E: C* Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering ACM 2008-2016 Archives
1505 Ça Parle JSTOR 1985-1985 Humanities
1506 CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians Wiley 1950-Present Open Access
1507 CAA Slides & Photographs Newsletter JSTOR 1972-1973 Humanities
1508 CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology Wiley 2007-Present Open Access
1509 CactusWorld JSTOR 2006-2017 Biology
1510 Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie JSTOR 2007-2018 Humanities
1511 Cahiers d'Études Africaines JSTOR 1960-2018 Humanities
1512 Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie JSTOR 1985-2017 Humanities
1513 Cahiers d'histoire de la guerre JSTOR 1949-1950 Humanities
1514 Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles JSTOR 1988-2006 Humanities
1515 Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz JSTOR 1991-2015 Humanities
1516 Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien JSTOR 1966-1987 Humanities
1517 Cahiers du Monde russe JSTOR 1994-2018 Humanities
1518 Cahiers du Monde russe et soviétique JSTOR 1959-1993 Humanities
1519 Cahiers du Séminaire d'Économétrie JSTOR 1951-1985 Multi Disciplinary
1520 Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure JSTOR 1941-2017 Humanities
1521 Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie JSTOR 1946-2010 Humanities
1522 Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto JSTOR 1963-1971 Humanities
1523 CAI: Context in Advanced Interfaces ACM 2006-2006 Archives
1524 Calcified Tissue International Springer Nature 1967-Present Biology
1525 Calcolo Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1526 Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1527 Caldasia JSTOR 1940-2020 Biology
1528 Calendar of the Art Institute of Chicago JSTOR 1965-1972 Humanities
1529 CALICO Journal JSTOR 1983-2017 Computer
1530 California Folklore Quarterly JSTOR 1942-1946 Humanities
1531 California Historical Quarterly JSTOR 1971-1977 Humanities
1532 California Historical Society Quarterly JSTOR 1922-1970 Humanities
1533 California History JSTOR 1978-2017 Humanities
1534 California Journal of Teacher Education JSTOR 1972-1983 Humanities
1535 California Law Review JSTOR 1912-2017 Humanities
1536 California Studies in Classical Antiquity JSTOR 1968-1979 Humanities
1537 Callaloo JSTOR 1976-2015 Humanities
1538 CAMA: Contextualized Attention Metadata ACM 2006-2006 Archives
1539 Cambridge Journal of Economics OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1540 Cambridge Journal of Mathematics International Press 2013-Present Mathematics
1541 Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1542 Cambridge Opera Journal JSTOR 1989-2015 Humanities
1543 Cambridge Prisms: Coastal Futures CUP 2023-Present Earth and Planetary
1544 Cambridge Prisms: Extinction CUP 2023-Present Biology
1545 Cambridge Prisms: Global Mental Health CUP 2014-Present Multi Disciplinary
1546 Cambridge Prisms: Plastics CUP 2023-Present Earth and Planetary
1547 Cambridge Prisms: Precision Medicine CUP 2023-Present Biology
1548 Cambridge Prisms: Water CUP 2023-Present Biology
1549 Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics CUP 1998-Present Biology
1550 Campbell Systematic Reviews Wiley 2001-Present Open Access
1551 CAMRa: Context-aware Movie Recommendation ACM 2010-2011 Archives
1552 CAMS: Context-Aware Middleware and Services ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1553 Canadian Entomologist CUP 2003-Present Biology
1554 Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines JSTOR 1967-2013 Humanities
1555 Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie Springer Nature 1954-1954 Biology
1556 Canadian Journal of Archaeology / Journal Canadien d'Archéologie JSTOR 1977-2017 Humanities
1557 Canadian Journal of Education / Revue canadienne de l'éducation JSTOR 1976-2018 Humanities
1558 Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies / Revue canadienne des études latino-américaines et caraïbes JSTOR 1984-2013 Humanities
1559 Canadian Journal of Mathematics CUP 2014-Present Mathematics
1560 Canadian Journal of Mathematics CMS 1949-Present Mathematics
1561 Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences CUP 2011-Present Biology
1562 Canadian Journal of Philosophy JSTOR 1971-2015 Humanities
1563 Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology T&F 1997-Present Biology
1564 Canadian Journal of Political Science / Revue canadienne de science politique JSTOR 1968-2015 Humanities
1565 Canadian Journal of Public Health / Revue Canadienne de Santé Publique JSTOR 1943-2017 Humanities
1566 Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing T&F 1997-Present Earth and Planetary
1567 Canadian Journal of Social Work Education / Revue canadienne d'éducation en service social JSTOR 1974-1982 Humanities
1568 Canadian Mathematical Bulletin CUP 2014-Present Mathematics
1569 Canadian Mathematical Bulletin CMS 1958-Present Mathematics
1570 Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly(The Canadian Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science) T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1571 Canadian Public Health Journal JSTOR 1929-1942 Humanities
1572 Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de Politiques JSTOR 1975-2019 Humanities
1573 Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie Wiley 1997-2021 Humanities
1574 Canadian Slavonic Papers / Revue Canadienne des Slavistes JSTOR 1956-2013 Humanities
1575 Canadian Social Work Review / Revue canadienne de service social JSTOR 1983-2019 Humanities
1576 Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal T&F 1997-Present Biology
1577 Canadian Water Resources Journal / Revue Canadienne des Ressources Hydriques T&F 1976-Present Multi Disciplinary
1578 Cancer and Metastasis Reviews Springer Nature 1982-1996 Biology
1579 Cancer Causes & Control JSTOR 1990-2015 Humanities
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1581 Cancer Causes and Control Springer Nature 1990-1996 Biology
1582 Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Springer Nature 1978-Present Biology
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1589 Cancer Medicine Wiley 2012-Present Open Access
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1591 Cancer Prevention Research AACR 1916-Present Biology
1592 Cancer Reports Wiley 2018-Present Open Access
1593 Cancer Science Wiley 1988-Present Open Access
1594 Capital Markets Law Journal OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1595 Caravelle (1963-1965) JSTOR 1963-1965 Humanities
1596 Caravelle (1988-) JSTOR 1988-2017 Humanities
1597 Carbon Energy Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
1598 Carbon Management T&F 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
1599 Carbon Neutralization Wiley 2022-Present Open Access
1600 Carbonates and Evaporites Springer Nature 1986-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1601 Carcinogenesis OUP 1999-Present Biology
1602 Cardiology in the Young CUP 2001-Present Biology
1603 CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology Springer Nature 1978-Present Biology
1604 Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy Springer Nature 1987-Present Biology
1605 Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology Springer Nature 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
1606 Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics Springer Nature 2010-Present Biology
1607 Cardiovascular Research OUP 1999-Present Biology
1608 Cardiovascular Toxicology Springer Nature 2001-Present Biology
1609 Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature JSTOR 1989-2001 Humanities
1610 Caribbean Quarterly JSTOR 1949-2013 Humanities
1611 Caribbean Studies JSTOR 1961-2019 Humanities
1612 Carpathian Journal of Mathematics JSTOR 2003-2020 Mathematics
1613 CARPE: Continous Archival and Retrieval of Personal Experiences ACM 2004-2006 Archives
1614 CARS: Critical Automotive Applications ACM 2010-2010 Archives
1615 Cartography and Geographic Information Science T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1616 CASEMANS: Context-Awareness for Self-Managing Systems ACM 2008-2011 Archives
1617 CASES: Compilers, Architectures and Synthesis for Embedded Systems ACM 2000-2017 Archives
1618 CASTA: Context-Aware Software Technology and Application ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1619 Castanea JSTOR 1937-2017 Humanities
1620 Catalysis in Industry Springer Nature 2009-Present Chemistry
1621 Catalysis Letters Springer Nature 1988-1996 Chemistry
1622 Catalysis Reviews T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1623 Catalysis Science & Technology RSC 2015-2018 Chemistry
1624 Catalysis Surveys from Asia Springer Nature 1997-Present Chemistry
1625 Cathedra: For the History of Eretz Israel and Its Yishuv / קתדרה: לתולדות ארץ ישראל ויישובה JSTOR 1976-2013 Humanities
1626 Catholic Historical Researches JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1627 CAW: Computer Architecture for Non-Numeric Processing ACM 1977-1980 Archives
1628 CBHPC: Component-Based High Performance Computing ACM 2008-2009 Archives
1629 CC: Critical Computing ACM 2005-2018 Archives
1630 CCF Transactions on High Performance Computing Springer Nature 2019-2021 Computer
1631 CCF Transactions on Networking Springer Nature 2019-2021 Computer
1632 CCF Transactions on Pervasive Computing and Interaction Springer Nature 2019-2021 Computer
1633 CCS: Computer and Communications Security ACM 1993-2018 Archives
1634 CCSC: Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges ACM 1991-2001 Archives
1635 CCSW: Cloud Computing Security Workshop ACM 2009-2017 Archives
1636 CCU: Contemporary Computing in Ukraine ACM 2000-2000 Archives
1637 CEA Critic JSTOR 1948-2015 Humanities
1638 CEA: Cooking and Eating Activities ACM 2009-2017 Archives
1639 CEAS Aeronautical Journal Springer Nature 2011-Present Multi Disciplinary
1640 CEAS Space Journal Springer Nature 2011-Present Multi Disciplinary
1641 Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy Springer Nature 1969-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1642 Cell and Tissue Banking Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
1643 Cell and Tissue Biology Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
1644 Cell and Tissue Research Springer Nature 1924-1996 Biology
1645 Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics Springer Nature 1979-1996 Biology
1646 Cell Biology and Toxicology Springer Nature 1984-1996 Biology
1647 Cell Cycle T&F 2002-Present Multi Disciplinary
1648 Cell Death & Differentiation Springer Nature 2002-Present Biology
1649 Cell Proliferation Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
1650 Cell Stress & Chaperones JSTOR 1996-2019 Biology
1651 Cell Stress and Chaperones Springer Nature 2008-Present Biology
1652 Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Springer Nature 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1653 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Springer Nature 1945-Present Biology
1654 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (CMLS) Springer Nature 1945-1996 Biology
1655 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology Springer Nature 1981-1996 Biology
1656 Cellular Oncology Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
1657 Cellulose Springer Nature 1994-1996 Biology
1658 CEN Case Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
1659 Center House Bulletin JSTOR 1971-1974 Humanities
1660 Central Asiatic Journal JSTOR 1955-2015 Humanities
1661 Central European History JSTOR 1968-2017 Humanities
1662 Central European Journal of Operations Research Springer Nature 2006-Present Multi Disciplinary
1663 Central States Archaeological Journal JSTOR 1954-2017 Humanities
1664 Cereal Research Communications JSTOR 1973-2015 Biology
1665 Cerebral Cortex OUP 1999-Present Biology
1666 CESifo Economic Studies OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1667 Česká literatura JSTOR 1953-2017 Humanities
1668 Český lid JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1669 CF: Computing Frontiers ACM 2004-2018 Archives
1670 CFI: Future Internet Technologies ACM 2009-2018 Archives
1671 CFP: Computers, Freedom and Privacy ACM 1992-2002 Archives
1672 CGI: Computer Graphics International ACM 1996-2018 Archives
1673 CGO: Code Generation and Optimization ACM 2003-2018 Archives
1674 Challenge JSTOR 1952-2013 Humanities
1675 Challenge T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1676 Chance T&F 1997-Present Humanities
1677 Change JSTOR 1970-2013 Humanities
1678 Change in Higher Education JSTOR 1969-1970 Humanities
1679 Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1680 CHANTS: Challenged Networks ACM 2006-2018 Archives
1681 Chaos :An International Journal of Nonlinear Science AIP 1991-Present Physics
1682 Charity Organisation Quarterly JSTOR 1922-1939 Humanities
1683 Charity Organisation Review JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1684 CHASE: Cooperative and Human Aspects on Software Engineering ACM 2008-2018 Archives
1685 Chasqui JSTOR 1972-2017 Humanities
1686 ChemBioChem Wiley 2000-Present Chemistry
1687 ChemCatChem Wiley 2009-Present Chemistry
1688 ChemElectroChem Wiley 2014-Present Chemistry
1689 Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Springer Nature 1965-Present Chemistry
1690 Chemical Biology & Drug Design Wiley 1997-Present Biology
1691 Chemical Communications RSC 2009-Present Chemistry
1692 Chemical Engineering Communications T&F 1997-Present Chemistry
1693 Chemical Hazards in Industry RSC 1984-2019 Multi Disciplinary
1694 Chemical Physics Reviews AIP 2020-Present Chemistry
1695 Chemical Research in Chinese Universities Springer Nature 2013-Present Chemistry
1696 Chemical Research in Toxicology ACS 1996-Present Biology
1697 Chemical Reviews ACS 1996-Present Chemistry
1698 Chemical Science RSC 2015-Present Open Access
1699 Chemical Science RSC 2010-2014 Multi Disciplinary
1700 Chemical Senses OUP 1999-Present Biology
1701 Chemical Society Reviews RSC 2009-Present Chemistry
1702 Chemistry - A European Journal Wiley 1998-Present Chemistry
1703 Chemistry - An Asian Journal Wiley 2006-Present Chemistry
1704 Chemistry - Methods Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
1705 Chemistry and Ecology T&F 1996-Present Multi Disciplinary
1706 Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils Springer Nature 1965-1996 Chemistry
1707 Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds Springer Nature 1965-1996 Chemistry
1708 Chemistry of Materials ACS 1996-Present Chemistry
1709 Chemistry of Natural Compounds Springer Nature 1965-1996 Chemistry
1710 Chemistry World RSC 2004-Present Chemistry
1711 ChemistryEurope Wiley 2006-Present Open Access
1712 ChemistryOpen Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
1713 ChemistrySelect Wiley 2016-Present Chemistry
1714 Chemoecology Springer Nature 1990-1996 Biology
1715 Chemosensory Perception Springer Nature 2008-Present Chemistry
1716 ChemPhysChem Wiley 2000-Present Chemistry
1717 ChemSusChem Wiley 2008-Present Chemistry
1718 ChemSystemsChem Wiley 2019-2021 Chemistry
1719 ChemTexts Springer Nature 2015-Present Chemistry
1720 Chesapeake Science JSTOR 1960-1977 Biology
1721 CHI EA: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems-Extended Abstracts ACM 1997-2018 Archives
1722 CHI: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems ACM 1981-2018 Archives
1723 Chicago Review JSTOR 1946-2018 Humanities
1724 Chicana/Latina Studies JSTOR 2004-2015 Humanities
1725 Child & Youth Care Forum Springer Nature 1971-Present Humanities
1726 Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal Springer Nature 1984-Present Humanities
1727 Child Development JSTOR 1930-2015 Humanities
1728 Child Indicators Research Springer Nature 2008-Present Humanities
1729 Child Neuropsychology T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1730 Child Psychiatry & Human Development Springer Nature 1970-Present Humanities
1731 Child's Nervous System Springer Nature 1985-Present Biology
1732 Children & Schools OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1733 Children's Environments JSTOR 1992-1995 Humanities
1734 Children's Environments Quarterly JSTOR 1984-1991 Humanities
1735 Children's Literature in Education Springer Nature 1970-Present Humanities
1736 Children's Museum Bulletin (Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences) JSTOR 1902-1904 Humanities
1737 Children's Museum News (Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences) (1904-1905) JSTOR 1904-1905 Humanities
1738 Children, Youth and Environments JSTOR 2003-2017 Humanities
1739 CHiMiT: Computer Human Interaction for the Management of Information Technology ACM 2007-2011 Archives
1740 China Agricultural Economic Review Emerald 2009-Present Multi Disciplinary
1741 China Communications IEEE 2017-Present Computer
1742 China Economic Journal T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1743 China Finance Review International Emerald 2011-Present Multi Disciplinary
1744 China Foundry Springer Nature 2016-Present Multi Disciplinary
1745 CHINA HPC: High Performance Computing ACM 2007-2007 Archives
1746 China Ocean Engineering Springer Nature 2011-Present Multi Disciplinary
1747 China Perspectives JSTOR 1995-2019 Humanities
1748 China Review JSTOR 1991-2021 Humanities
1749 China Review International JSTOR 1994-2017 Humanities
1750 China-EU Law Journal Springer Nature 2011-Present Humanities
1751 Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1752 Chinese Geographical Science Springer Nature 1991-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1753 Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics AIP 2006-Present Chemistry
1754 Chinese Journal of Geochemistry Springer Nature 1982-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1755 Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine Springer Nature 1995-Present Biology
1756 Chinese Journal of International Law OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1757 Chinese Journal of Mathematics JSTOR 1973-1996 Mathematics
1758 Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology Springer Nature 1982-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1759 Chinese Journal of Polymer Science Springer Nature 2010-Present Chemistry
1760 Chinese Literature and Thought Today T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1761 Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) JSTOR 1979-2017 Humanities
1762 Chinese Optics Letters OSA 2003-Present Physics
1763 Chinese Physics B IOP 2008-Present Physics
1764 Chinese Physics C IOP 2008-Present Physics
1765 Chinese Physics Letters IOP 1984-Present Physics
1766 Chinese Science JSTOR 1975-1998 Humanities
1767 Chinese Sociological Review T&F 2002-2002 Humanities
1768 CHINZ: ACM SIGCHI New Zealand Chapter's International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction ACM 2001-2015 Archives
1769 Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures JSTOR 1976-2017 Humanities
1770 Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1771 Christian Education JSTOR 1919-1952 Humanities
1772 Christianity and Literature JSTOR 1973-2015 Humanities
1773 Christoffel JSTOR 1955-1958 Humanities
1774 Chromatographia Springer Nature 1968-1996 Biology
1775 Chromosoma Springer Nature 1939-1996 Biology
1776 Chromosome Research Springer Nature 1993-1996 Biology
1777 Chronic Diseases and Translational Medicine Wiley 2015-Present Open Access
1778 Chronobiology International T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1779 Chronology of International Events JSTOR 1970-1955 Humanities
1780 Chronology of International Events and Documents JSTOR 1970-1953 Humanities
1781 Chungara: Revista de Antropología Chilena JSTOR 1972-2017 Humanities
1782 Church History JSTOR 1932-2015 Humanities
1783 Church History and Religious Culture JSTOR 2006-2017 Humanities
1784 Chymia JSTOR 1948-1967 Humanities
1785 CIAA: Implementation and Application of Automata ACM 2003-2003 Archives
1786 CIAO: Context, Information and Ontologies ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1787 CIKM: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management ACM 1993-2018 Archives
1788 CIM Journal T&F 2020-Present Humanities
1789 CIMS: CyberInfrastructure: Information Management in eScience ACM 2007-2007 Archives
1790 Cina JSTOR 1956-2002 Humanities
1791 Cinéaste JSTOR 1967-2019 Humanities
1792 Cinema Journal JSTOR 1966-2017 Humanities
1793 Cinémas d'Amérique Latine JSTOR 1992-2017 Humanities
1794 Circa JSTOR 1981-2019 Humanities
1795 Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing Springer Nature 1982-Present Multi Disciplinary
1796 Circulation LWW 1950-Present Biology
1797 Cités JSTOR 2000-2017 Humanities
1798 CITplus Wiley 2019-Present Open Access
1799 City: Analysis of Urban Trends, Culture, Theory, Policy, Action T&F 1997-Present Humanities
1800 City: Analysis of Urban Trends,Culture,Theory, Policy, Action T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1801 Cityscape JSTOR 1994-2021 Humanities
1802 Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems T&F 1996-Present Multi Disciplinary
1803 Civil Engineering Design Wiley 2019-Present Open Access
1804 Civilisations JSTOR 1951-2018 Humanities
1805 CIVR: Conference on Image and Video Retrieval ACM 2007-2010 Archives
1806 CLA Journal JSTOR 1957-2018 Humanities
1807 CLADE: Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments ACM 2003-2009 Archives
1808 Classical and Quantum Gravity IOP 1984-Present Physics
1809 Classical Antiquity JSTOR 1982-2017 Humanities
1810 Classical Philology JSTOR 1906-2015 Humanities
1811 Classical Receptions Journal OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1812 Classics Ireland JSTOR 1994-2019 Humanities
1813 Classroom Discourse T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1814 Classroom Interaction Newsletter JSTOR 1966-1976 Humanities
1815 Clay Minerals CUP 2015-Present Earth and Planetary
1816 Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy Springer Nature 1998-1970 Earth and Planetary
1817 CleanMat Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
1818 Cleveland Studies in the History of Art JSTOR 1996-2005 Humanities
1819 CLIHC: Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction ACM 2003-2017 Archives
1820 Climate and Development T&F 2009-Present Multi Disciplinary
1821 Climate Dynamics Springer Nature 1997-Present Earth and Planetary
1822 Climate Policy T&F 2001-Present Multi Disciplinary
1823 Climate Resilience and Sustainability Wiley 2022-Present Open Access
1824 Climatic Change Springer Nature 1977-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1825 Clinical & Experimental Metastasis Springer Nature 1983-Present Biology
1826 Clinical & Translational Immunology Wiley 2012-Present Open Access
1827 Clinical and Experimental Dental Research Wiley 2015-Present Open Access
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1829 Clinical and Experimental Nephrology Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
1830 Clinical and Translational Allergy Wiley 2011-Present Open Access
1831 Clinical and Translational Discovery Wiley 2021-Present Open Access
1832 Clinical and Translational Medicine Wiley 2012-Present Open Access
1833 Clinical and Translational Oncology Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
1834 Clinical and Translational Science Wiley 2008-Present Open Access
1835 Clinical Autonomic Research Springer Nature 1991-Present Biology
1836 Clinical Cancer Research AACR 1995-Present Biology
1837 Clinical Cardiology Wiley 1978-Present Open Access
1838 Clinical Case Reports Wiley 2013-Present Open Access
1839 Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review Springer Nature 1998-Present Humanities
1840 Clinical Genetics Wiley 1997-Present Biology
1841 Clinical Infectious Diseases JSTOR 1992-1970 Humanities
1842 Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology Springer Nature 2008-Present Biology
1843 Clinical Microbiology Reviews ASM 2010-Present Biology
1844 Clinical Neuroimaging Wiley 2008-Present Open Access
1845 Clinical Neuroradiology Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
1846 Clinical Oral Investigations Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
1847 Clinical Research in Cardiology Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
1848 Clinical Reviews in Allergy & Immunology Springer Nature 1983-Present Biology
1849 Clinical Reviews in Bone and Mineral Metabolism Springer Nature 2002-Present Biology
1850 Clinical Rheumatology Springer Nature 1982-Present Biology
1851 Clinical Social Work Journal Springer Nature 1973-Present Humanities
1852 Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire JSTOR 1995-2017 Humanities
1853 Clio. Women, Gender, History JSTOR 2013-2019 Humanities
1854 Cliometrica Springer Nature 2007-Present Humanities
1855 Clogher Record JSTOR 1953-2016 Humanities
1856 CLOUD: Software Engineering Challenges of Cloud Computing ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1857 CloudDB: Cloud Data Management ACM 2009-2013 Archives
1858 Cluster Computing Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
1859 CMM: Connected Multimedia ACM 2010-2010 Archives
1860 CMSB: Computational Methods in Systems Biology ACM 2010-2011 Archives
1861 CNIKM: Complex Networks Meet Information & Knowledge Management ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1862 CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics Wiley 2008-Present Open Access
1863 CNS Spectrums CUP 2010-Present Multi Disciplinary
1864 CNS: Communications and Networking Simulation ACM 2008-2018 Archives
1865 Coastal Engineering Journal T&F 1998-Present Multi Disciplinary
1866 Coastal Management T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1867 Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods Wiley 2023-Present Open Access
1868 COCS: Conference on Organizational Computing Systems ACM 1984-1995 Archives
1869 CODES: Hardware Software Codesign ACM 1994-2018 Archives
1870 CoDesign T&F 2005-Present Multi Disciplinary
1871 Coenoses JSTOR 1986-1999 Biology
1872 Coenoses JSTOR 1986-1999 Biology
1873 Cognition & Emotion T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1874 Cognition and Instruction JSTOR 1984-2013 Humanities
1875 Cognition, Technology & Work Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
1876 Cognitive Behaviour Therapist CUP 2008-Present Multi Disciplinary
1877 Cognitive Computation Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
1878 Cognitive Computation and Systems Wiley 2019-Present Open Access
1879 Cognitive Neurodynamics Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
1880 Cognitive Neuropsychiatry T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1881 Cognitive Neuropsychology T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1882 Cognitive Processing Springer Nature 2004-Present Biology
1883 Cognitive Therapy and Research Springer Nature 1977-Present Biology
1884 Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience Springer Nature 2001-Present Humanities
1885 Coke and Chemistry Springer Nature 2007-Present Chemistry
1886 Cold Spring Harbor Protocols CSHL 2006-Present Biology
1887 Coleopterists Society Monographs. Patricia Vaurie Series JSTOR 2002-2015 Humanities
1888 Collectanea Hibernica JSTOR 1958-2006 Humanities
1889 Collectanea Mathematica Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1890 Collection and Curation, prev. Collection Building Emerald 2018-Present Multi Disciplinary
1891 College Art Journal JSTOR 1941-1960 Humanities
1892 College Composition and Communication JSTOR 1950-2017 Humanities
1893 College English JSTOR 1939-2017 Humanities
1894 College Literature JSTOR 1974-2015 Humanities
1895 College Music Symposium JSTOR 1961-2020 Humanities
1896 College Teaching JSTOR 1985-2013 Humanities
1897 Colloid & Polymer Science Springer Nature 1906-1996 Chemistry
1898 Colloid and Polymer Science Springer Nature 1906-Present Chemistry
1899 Colloid Journal Springer Nature 2000-Present Chemistry
1900 Colloquia Germanica JSTOR 1967-2017 Humanities
1901 Colloquium Mathematicum IMPAN 1947-Present Mathematics
1902 Colonial Waterbirds JSTOR 1981-1998 Humanities
1903 COLT: Computational Learning Theory ACM 1988-1999 Archives
1904 Columbia Journal of International Affairs JSTOR 1947-1951 Humanities
1905 Columbia Law Review JSTOR 1901-2021 Humanities
1906 Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art JSTOR 1977-2018 Humanities
1907 COM.Geo: Computing for Geospatial Research & Application ACM 2010-2012 Archives
1908 Combinada de Educacion: Infancia y Aprendizaje and Cultura y Educacion Pack T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1909 Combinada de Psicologia: Revista de Psicologia Social and Estudios de Psicologia Pack T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1910 Combinatorica Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1911 Combinatorics, Probability and Computing CUP 1997-Present Mathematics
1912 Combustion Science and Technology T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1913 Combustion Theory and Modelling T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1914 Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves Springer Nature 1965-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1915 Comhar JSTOR 1942-2019 Humanities
1916 COMM: Communications Architectures and Protocols ACM 2000-2000 Archives
1917 Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici Springer Nature 1929-1994 Mathematics
1918 Comments on Inorganic Chemistry T&F 1997-Present Chemistry
1919 Committee Reports Presented at the Annual Meeting (American Bar Association. Section of Mineral and Natural Resources Law) JSTOR 1963-1967 Humanities
1920 CommunicabilityMS: Communicability Design and Evaluation in Cultural and Ecological Multimedia System ACM 2008-2008 Archives
1921 Communication Design Quarterly Review ACM 2001-2018 Archives
1922 Communications in Algebra T&F 1997-Present Mathematics
1923 Communications in Contemporary Mathematics World Scientific 1999-2021 Mathematics
1924 Communications in Information & Systems Project Euclid 2003-2010 Mathematics
1925 Communications in Mathematical Analysis Project Euclid 2010-Present Mathematics
1926 Communications in Mathematical Physics Springer Nature 1965-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1927 Communications in Mathematical Sciences Project Euclid 2003-2010 Mathematics
1928 Communications in Mathematics and Statistics Springer Nature 2013-2021 Mathematics
1929 Communications in Partial Differential Equations T&F 1997-Present Mathematics
1930 Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis T&F 1997-Present Biology
1931 Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation T&F 1997-Present Mathematics
1932 Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods T&F 1997-Present Mathematics
1933 Communications in Theoretical Physics IOP 1982-Present Mathematics
1934 Communications of the ACM ACM 1958-2018 Archives
1935 Communications on Applied Mathematics and Computation Springer Nature 2019-2021 Mathematics
1936 Communications On Pure and Applied Mathematics Wiley 1996-2021 Mathematics
1937 Community Development Journal OUP 1999-Present Humanities
1938 Community Ecology JSTOR 2000-2015 Biology
1939 Community Mental Health Journal Springer Nature 1965-Present Biology
1940 Community Science Wiley 2021-Present Open Access
1941 Companion: Middleware 08 Conference Companion ACM 2008-2008 Archives
1942 Comparative Clinical Pathology Springer Nature 1991-Present Biology
1943 Comparative Drama JSTOR 1967-2017 Humanities
1944 Comparative Education JSTOR 1964-2013 Humanities
1945 Comparative Education Review JSTOR 1957-2015 Humanities
1946 Comparative Literature JSTOR 1949-2015 Humanities
1947 Comparative Literature Studies JSTOR 1963-1970 Humanities
1948 Comparative Literature: East & West T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1949 Comparative Politics JSTOR 1968-2019 Humanities
1950 Comparative Studies in Society and History JSTOR 1958-2015 Humanities
1951 CompBio: Computational biology ACM 2009-2009 Archives
1952 CompFrame: Component and Framework Technology in High-Performance and Scientific Computing ACM 2007-2007 Archives
1953 Complex Analysis and its Synergies Springer Nature 2015-2021 Mathematics
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1955 Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations: An International Journal T&F 1997-Present Mathematics
1956 Composite Interfaces T&F 1997-Present Physics
1957 Compositio Mathematica CUP 1997-Present Mathematics
1958 Composition Studies JSTOR 1992-2016 Humanities
1959 Compost Science & Utilization T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1960 Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology T&F 2002-Present Humanities
1961 CompSysTech: Computer Systems and Technologies ACM 2000-2017 Archives
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1963 Computational and Applied Mathematics Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1964 Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory Springer Nature 1995-Present Multi Disciplinary
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1967 Computational Economics Springer Nature 1988-Present Humanities
1968 Computational Geosciences Springer Nature 1997-Present Earth and Planetary
1969 Computational Linguistics ACM 1980-2018 Archives
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1971 Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1972 Computational Mathematics and Modeling Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1973 Computational Mechanics Springer Nature 1986-1996 Multi Disciplinary
1974 Computational Methods and Function Theory Springer Nature 2001-Present Mathematics
1975 Computational Optimization and Applications Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
1976 Computational Statistics Springer Nature 1999-Present Mathematics
1977 COMPUTE: COMPUTE ACM 2008-2017 Archives
1978 Computer IEEE 2017-Present Computer
1979 Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1980 Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization T&F 2013-Present Multi Disciplinary
1981 Computer Music Journal JSTOR 1977-2015 Humanities
1982 Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
1983 Computers and the Humanities JSTOR 1966-2004 Humanities
1984 Computers and Translation JSTOR 1986-1988 Humanities
1985 Computers in Entertainment ACM 2003-2018 Archives
1986 Computing Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
1987 Computing and Software for Big Science Springer Nature 2017-Present Physics
1988 Computing in Science & Engineering IEEE 2017-Present Computer
1989 COMSWARE: Communication System Software and Middleware ACM 2009-2011 Archives
1990 CoNEXT: Co-NEXT ACM 2005-2017 Archives
1991 Conflict Resolution JSTOR 1957-1957 Humanities
1992 Confluencia JSTOR 1985-2017 Humanities
1993 Conformal Geometry and Dynamics: An Electronic Journal of the AMS AMS 1997-2021 Mathematics
1994 Conjunctions JSTOR 1981-2018 Humanities
1995 Connecticut Common School Journal (1838-1853) JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
1996 Connection Science T&F 1995-Present Computer
1997 Connective Tissue Research T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
1998 Conservation Biology JSTOR 1987-2015 Biology
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2003 Constitution and By-Laws, New York State Historical Association, with Proceedings of the Second Annual Meeting JSTOR 1901-1910 Humanities
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2005 Constraints Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
2006 Construction History JSTOR 1985-2018 Humanities
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2008 Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture JSTOR 2006-2017 Humanities
2009 Contemporanea JSTOR 1998-2015 Humanities
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2012 Contemporary Islam Springer Nature 2007-Present Humanities
2013 Contemporary Jewry Springer Nature 1974-Present Humanities
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2016 Contemporary Marxism JSTOR 1980-1986 Humanities
2017 Contemporary Physics T&F 1997-Present Physics
2018 Contemporary Problems of Ecology Springer Nature 2008-Present Biology
2019 Contemporary Religions in Japan JSTOR 1960-1970 Humanities
2020 Contemporary Sociology JSTOR 1972-2018 Humanities
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2022 Contemporary Southeast Asia JSTOR 1979-2020 Humanities
2023 Contemporary Women’s Writing OUP 1999-Present Humanities
2024 Contexts JSTOR 2002-2018 Humanities
2025 Continental Philosophy Review Springer Nature 1968-Present Humanities
2026 Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics Springer Nature 1989-1996 Physics
2027 Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University JSTOR 1891-1984 Biology
2028 Contributions from the Queensland Herbarium JSTOR 1970-1977 Humanities
2029 Contributions from the United States National Herbarium JSTOR 1890-2011 Biology
2030 Contributions to Canadian Economics JSTOR 1928-1934 Humanities
2031 Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology Springer Nature 1947-1996 Physics
2032 Contributions to Music Education JSTOR 1972-2019 Humanities
2033 Contributions to Political Economy OUP 1999-Present Humanities
2034 Contributions to the History of Concepts JSTOR 2005-2017 Humanities
2035 Control Theory and Technology Springer Nature 2003-Present Mathematics
2036 COP: Context-Oriented Programming ACM 2009-2018 Archives
2037 Copeia JSTOR 1970-2017 Humanities
2038 Coral Reefs Springer Nature 1982-1996 Biology
2039 CORD News JSTOR 1969-1974 Humanities
2040 Corinth JSTOR 1929-2018 Humanities
2041 CoRoNet: Cognitive Radio Networks ACM 2009-2011 Archives
2042 Correctional Education JSTOR 1973-1973 Humanities
2043 Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology (The International Journal of Corrosion Processes and Corrosion Control) T&F 1997-Present Chemistry
2044 Cosmic Research Springer Nature 2000-Present Physics
2045 Cosmopolitan Art Journal JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
2046 Council on Anthropology and Education Newsletter JSTOR 1970-1973 Humanities
2047 Council on Anthropology and Education Quarterly JSTOR 1974-1976 Humanities
2048 Counterpoints JSTOR 1993-2017 Humanities
2049 CPR: Computers and People Research ACM 1962-2018 Archives
2050 CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology Wiley 2012-Present Open Access
2051 CQL: Computers and the Quality of Life ACM 1990-1996 Archives
2052 CR: The New Centennial Review JSTOR 2001-2017 Humanities
2053 Creating: Creating Out of the Machine ACM 2008-2008 Archives
2054 Creative Nonfiction JSTOR 1993-2015 Humanities
2055 Crime and Justice JSTOR 1979-2015 Humanities
2056 Crime and Social Justice JSTOR 1974-1987 Humanities
2057 Crime, Histoire & Sociétés / Crime, History & Societies JSTOR 1997-2019 Humanities
2058 Crime, Law and Social Change Springer Nature 1977-Present Humanities
2059 Criminal Law and Philosophy Springer Nature 2007-Present Humanities
2060 Criminal Law Forum Springer Nature 1989-Present Humanities
2061 Criminal Science Monographs JSTOR 1915-1923 Humanities
2062 Criminologie JSTOR 1975-2018 Humanities
2063 Crítica: Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía JSTOR 1967-2019 Humanities
2064 Critical Criminology Springer Nature 1989-Present Humanities
2065 Critical Discourse Studies T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2066 Critical Ethnic Studies JSTOR 2015-2017 Humanities
2067 Critical Inquiry UCP 2002-2020 Humanities
2068 Critical Inquiry JSTOR 1974-2015 Humanities
2069 Critical Inquiry in Language Studies T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2070 Critical Philosophy of Race JSTOR 2013-2017 Humanities
2071 Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry T&F 1997-Present Chemistry
2072 Critical Reviews In Biochemistry & Molecular Biology T&F 1997-Present Biology
2073 Critical Reviews in Biotechnology T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2074 Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2075 Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2076 Critical Reviews in Microbiology T&F 1997-Present Biology
2077 Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2078 Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2079 Critical Survey JSTOR 1962-2017 Humanities
2080 Criticism JSTOR 1959-2017 Humanities
2081 Critique internationale JSTOR 1998-2017 Humanities
2082 CrossCurrents JSTOR 1950-2019 Humanities
2083 Crossroads ACM 1994-2018 Archives
2084 Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies JSTOR 1983-2008 Humanities
2085 Crustaceana JSTOR 1960-2017 Humanities
2086 Crustaceana. Supplement JSTOR 1968-1990 Humanities
2087 Cryptography and Communications Springer Nature 2009-Present Computer
2088 Cryptologia T&F 1977-Present Multi Disciplinary
2089 Crystal Growth & Design ACS 2001-Present Chemistry
2090 Crystallography Reports Springer Nature 2000-Present Physics
2091 Crystallography Reviews T&F 1998-Present Multi Disciplinary
2092 CrystEngComm RSC 2010-Present Chemistry
2093 CSAW: Computer Security Architectures ACM 2007-2008 Archives
2094 CSC: Conference on Computer Science ACM 1973-1996 Archives
2095 CSCW: Computer Supported Cooperative Work ACM 1986-2017 Archives
2096 CSI Transactions on ICT Springer Nature 2013-Present Computer
2097 CSI-KDD: CyberSecurity and Intelligence Informatics ACM 2009-2009 Archives
2098 CSIIRW: Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research ACM 2008-2013 Archives
2099 CSSSIA: Context Enabled Source and Service Selection, Integration and Adaption ACM 2008-2008 Archives
2100 CSTST: Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology ACM 2008-2008 Archives
2101 Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político JSTOR 2003-2019 Humanities
2102 Cuban Studies JSTOR 1986-2019 Humanities
2103 CUFP: Commercial Users of Functional Programming ACM 2007-2010 Archives
2104 Cultural Anthropology JSTOR 1986-2013 Humanities
2105 Cultural Critique JSTOR 1985-2017 Humanities
2106 Cultural Studies of Science Education Springer Nature 2006-Present Humanities
2107 Culture and Education: Cultura y Educacion T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2108 Culture, Health & Sexuality JSTOR 1999-2013 Humanities
2109 Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry Springer Nature 1977-Present Humanities
2110 Culture/Clinic JSTOR 2013-2013 Humanities
2111 Cultures et Conflits JSTOR 1990-2020 Humanities
2112 Current Allergy and Asthma Reports Springer Nature 2001-Present Biology
2113 Current Anthropology JSTOR 1959-2015 Humanities
2114 Current Atherosclerosis Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2115 Current Bioinformatics Bentham Science 2010-2021 Biology
2116 Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
2117 Current Breast Cancer Reports Springer Nature 2009-Present Biology
2118 Current Cardiology Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2119 Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports Springer Nature 2008-Present Biology
2120 Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
2121 Current Colorectal Cancer Reports Springer Nature 2005-Present Biology
2122 Current Dermatology Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
2123 Current Developments in Mathematics International Press 1995-2019 Mathematics
2124 Current Diabetes Reports Springer Nature 2001-Present Biology
2125 Current Directions in Psychological Science JSTOR 1992-2015 Humanities
2126 Current Forestry Reports Springer Nature 2015-Present Earth and Planetary
2127 Current Fungal Infection Reports Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
2128 Current Gastroenterology Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2129 Current Genetics Springer Nature 1979-1996 Biology
2130 Current Geriatrics Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
2131 Current Heart Failure Reports Springer Nature 2004-Present Biology
2132 Current Hematologic Malignancy Reports Springer Nature 2006-Present Biology
2133 Current Hepatology Reports Springer Nature 2002-Present Biology
2134 Current HIV/AIDS Reports Springer Nature 2004-Present Biology
2135 Current Hypertension Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2136 Current Infectious Disease Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2137 Current Issues in Education JSTOR 1976-1993 Humanities
2138 Current Legal Problems OUP 1999-Present Humanities
2139 Current Medical Science Springer Nature 1981-Present Biology
2140 Current Microbiology Springer Nature 1978-1996 Biology
2141 Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports Springer Nature 2001-Present Biology
2142 Current Nutrition Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
2143 Current Obesity Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
2144 Current Obstetrics and Gynecology Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
2145 Current Oncology Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2146 Current Opinion in Neurology LWW 1998-Present Biology
2147 Current Opinion in Structural Biology Elsevier 1997-Present Biology
2148 Current Optics and Photonics OSA 2017-Present Physics
2149 Current Osteoporosis Reports Springer Nature 2003-Present Biology
2150 Current Pain and Headache Reports Springer Nature 1997-Present Biology
2151 Current Pollution Reports Springer Nature 2015-Present Earth and Planetary
2152 Current protocols in Cell Biology Wiley 1998-2020 Biology
2153 Current Protocols in Chemical Biology Wiley 2009-2020 Biology
2154 Current Protocols in Human Genetics Wiley 1999-2020 Biology
2155 Current Protocols in Immunology Wiley 1992-Present Biology
2156 Current Protocols in Microbiology Wiley 2006-2020 Biology
2157 Current Protocols in Molecular Biology Wiley 1988-Present Biology
2158 Current Protocols in Protein Science Wiley 1995-2020 Biology
2159 Current Psychiatry Reports Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2160 Current Psychology Springer Nature 1981-Present Humanities
2161 Current Pulmonology Reports Springer Nature 2012-Present Biology
2162 Current Research on Peace and Violence JSTOR 1978-1990 Humanities
2163 Current Researches in Anesthesia & Analgesia LWW 1922-1956 Biology
2164 Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine Springer Nature 2008-Present Biology
2165 Current Rheumatology Reports Springer Nature 1999-1970 Biology
2166 Current Sexual Health Reports Springer Nature 2004-Present Biology
2167 Current Stem Cell Reports Springer Nature 2015-Present Biology
2168 Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2169 Current Treatment Options in Gastroenterology Springer Nature 1998-Present Biology
2170 Current Treatment Options in Infectious Diseases Springer Nature 2014-Present Biology
2171 Current Treatment Options in Infectious Diseases Springer Nature 2014-Present Biology
2172 Current Treatment Options in Neurology Springer Nature 1999-Present Biology
2173 Current Treatment Options in Oncology Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
2174 Current Urology Reports Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
2175 Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2176 Curriculum Inquiry JSTOR 1976-2013 Humanities
2177 Curriculum Theory Network JSTOR 1968-1976 Humanities
2178 CUU: Conference on Universal Usability ACM 2000-2003 Archives
2179 CVDB: Computer Vision Meets Databases ACM 2004-2005 Archives
2180 CVE: Collaborative Virtual Environments ACM 2000-2002 Archives
2181 CVSM: Comparison and Versioning of Software Models ACM 2008-2009 Archives
2182 CWIT: Women and ICT ACM 2005-2005 Archives
2183 CWNETS: Cognitive Wireless Networks ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2184 Cybernetics & Systems T&F 1996-Present Computer
2185 Cybernetics and Systems Analysis Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
2186 Cytology and Genetics Springer Nature 2007-Present Biology
2187 Cytoskeleton Wiley 1996-Present Biology
2188 Cytotechnology Springer Nature 1987-1996 Biology
2189 Czech Sociological Review JSTOR 1993-2001 Humanities
2190 Czechoslovak Journal of Physics Springer Nature 1952-1996 Physics
2191 Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
2192 Czechoslovak Sociological Review JSTOR 1992-1992 Humanities
2193 Daat: A Journal of Jewish Philosophy & Kabbalah / דעת: כתב-עת לפילוסופיה יהודית וקבלה JSTOR 1978-2019 Humanities
2194 DAC: Design Automation Conference ACM 1964-2018 Archives
2195 DADC: Data-aware Distributed Computing ACM 2008-2009 Archives
2196 Daedalus JSTOR 1955-2001 Humanities
2197 DaGreS: Data Grids for eScience ACM 2009-2009 Archives
2198 Dalhousie French Studies JSTOR 1979-2016 Humanities
2199 Dalton Transactions RSC 2009-Present Chemistry
2200 DaMaP: Data Management in Peer-to-Peer Systems ACM 2008-2008 Archives
2201 DaMoN: Data Management on New Hardware ACM 2005-2017 Archives
2202 DAMP: Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming ACM 2007-2012 Archives
2203 Dance Chronicle JSTOR 1977-2013 Humanities
2204 Dance Research Journal JSTOR 1974-2015 Humanities
2205 Dance Research: The Journal of the Society for Dance Research JSTOR 1983-2017 Humanities
2206 Dante Studies, with the Annual Report of the Dante Society JSTOR 1966-2015 Humanities
2207 Dao Springer Nature 2001-Present Humanities
2208 DARE: Designing Augmented Reality Environments ACM 2000-2013 Archives
2209 Darwiniana JSTOR 1922-2018 Biology
2210 DAS: Document Analysis Systems ACM 2010-2010 Archives
2211 Data & Policy CUP 2019-Present Computer
2212 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
2213 Data Technologies and Applications prev. Program Emerald 2018-Present Multi Disciplinary
2214 Data-Centric Engineering CUP 2020-Present Multi Disciplinary
2215 DATACOMM: Data Communications and Data Networks ACM 1973-1973 Archives
2216 DataX: Database Technologies for Handling XML Information on the Web ACM 2008-2008 Archives
2217 DATE: Design, Automation and Test in Europe ACM 1998-2015 Archives
2218 DBTest: Testing Database Systems ACM 2008-2018 Archives
2219 DCIDOB JSTOR 1988-2009 Humanities
2220 DCOSS: Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems ACM 2007-2010 Archives
2221 DD4LCCI: Data Dissemination for Large Scale Complex Critical Infrastructures ACM 2010-2010 Archives
2222 DDDM: Domain Driven Data Mining ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2223 De Economist Springer Nature 1900-Present Humanities
2224 De West-Indische Gids JSTOR 1919-1959 Humanities
2225 Dead Sea Discoveries JSTOR 1994-2017 Humanities
2226 DEAS: Design and Evolution of Autonomic Application Software ACM 2005-2005 Archives
2227 Debate Feminista JSTOR 1990-2016 Humanities
2228 DEBS: Distributed Event-Based Systems ACM 2003-2018 Archives
2229 DECISION Springer Nature 2013-Present Multi Disciplinary
2230 Decisions in Economics and Finance Springer Nature 1978-Present Humanities
2231 Décisions Marketing JSTOR 1993-2017 Humanities
2232 DEECS: Data Enginering issues in E-commerce and Services ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2233 Deep Underground Science and Engineering Wiley 2022-Present Open Access
2234 DEFECTS: Defects in Large Software Systems ACM 2008-2009 Archives
2235 Democratic Culture / תרבות דמוקרטית JSTOR 1999-2017 Humanities
2236 Demografía y economía JSTOR 1967-1984 Humanities
2237 Demographische Informationen JSTOR 1981-2001 Humanities
2238 Demography JSTOR 1964-2017 Humanities
2239 DEN Open Wiley 2021-Present Open Access
2240 Der Globusfreund JSTOR 1952-2014 Humanities
2241 Der Staat JSTOR 1962-2017 Humanities
2242 Desarrollo Económico JSTOR 1961-2019 Humanities
2243 Design Automation for Embedded Systems Springer Nature 1996-Present Multi Disciplinary
2244 Design Issues JSTOR 1984-2015 Humanities
2245 Design Quarterly JSTOR 1954-1996 Humanities
2246 Design Science CUP 2015-Present Multi Disciplinary
2247 Designs, Codes and Cryptography Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
2248 DESRIST: Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology ACM 2009-2009 Archives
2249 Deutsche Rechts-Zeitschrift JSTOR 1946-1970 Humanities
2250 Deutsche Theologie JSTOR 1933-1943 Humanities
2251 Development Biologists 1959-Present Biology
2252 Development and Psychopathology CUP 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2253 Development Genes and Evolution Springer Nature 1900-1996 Biology
2254 Development in Practice JSTOR 1991-2013 Humanities
2255 Development Policy Review Wiley 1997-2021 Humanities
2256 dg.o: Digital Government Research ACM 2000-2018 Archives
2257 Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Now Wiley 2023-Present Open Access
2258 Diabetologia Springer Nature 1965-Present Biology
2259 Diabetology International Springer Nature 2010-Present Biology
2260 Diacritics JSTOR 1971-2015 Humanities
2261 Dialectica JSTOR 1947-2015 Humanities
2262 Dialectical Anthropology Springer Nature 1975-Present Humanities
2263 Dialectical Anthropology JSTOR 1975-2017 Humanities
2264 DIALM: DIALM ACM 1999-2010 Archives
2265 Diálogos: Artes, Letras, Ciencias humanas JSTOR 1964-1985 Humanities
2266 Dialogue JSTOR 1978-1990 Humanities
2267 Diatom Research T&F 1997-Present Biology
2268 Diderot Studies JSTOR 1949-2015 Humanities
2269 Die Friedens-Warte JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
2270 Die Musikforschung JSTOR 1948-2017 Humanities
2271 Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German JSTOR 1968-2017 Humanities
2272 Die Waffen nieder! JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
2273 Die Welt des Islams JSTOR 1970-2017 Humanities
2274 Die Welt des Orients JSTOR 1947-2019 Humanities
2275 Differential and Integral Equations Khayyam Publishing 1988-Present Mathematics
2276 Differential Equations Springer Nature 2000-Present Mathematics
2277 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Springer Nature 2008-Present Mathematics
2278 Digest of Chinese Studies JSTOR 1986-1995 Humanities
2279 Digest of Social Science Research on China JSTOR 1984-1984 Humanities
2280 Digestive Diseases and Sciences Springer Nature 1956-Present Biology
2281 Digital Library Perspectives Emerald 2018-Present Multi Disciplinary
2282 Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance Emerald 2017-Present Computer
2283 Digital Scholarship in the Humanities OUP 1999-Present Humanities
2284 DIM: Digital Identity Management ACM 2005-2013 Archives
2285 DIMEA: Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts ACM 2007-2008 Archives
2286 DIN: Dynamic Interconnection of Networks ACM 2005-2005 Archives
2287 Diplomatic History JSTOR 1977-2015 Humanities
2288 Diplomatic History OUP 1999-Present Humanities
2289 Director's Report (Harvard University Art Museums) JSTOR 1987-1990 Humanities
2290 Directory of the Association of American Library Schools JSTOR 1943-1958 Humanities
2291 DIS: Designing Interactive Systems ACM 1995-2018 Archives
2292 Disability & Society T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2293 Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness CUP 2007-Present Biology
2294 Disaster Prevention and Management Emerald 2018-Present Multi Disciplinary
2295 Discourse JSTOR 1979-2017 Humanities
2296 Discourse & Society JSTOR 1990-2017 Humanities
2297 Discourse Studies JSTOR 1999-2017 Humanities
2298 Discrete & Computational Geometry Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
2299 Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems AIMS 1995-Present Mathematics
2300 Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B AIMS 2001-Present Mathematics
2301 Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S AIMS 2008-Present Mathematics
2302 Discrete and Computational Geometry Springer Nature 1986-1993 Mathematics
2303 Discrete Event Dynamic Systems Springer Nature 1997-Present Mathematics
2304 Discrete Mathematics and Applications   De Gruyter 1991-2021 Mathematics
2305 Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications World Scientific 2009-2021 Mathematics
2306 Dispositio JSTOR 1976-2005 Humanities
2307 Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2308 Distributed and Parallel Databases Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
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2313 DL: Digital Libraries ACM 1996-2000 Archives
2314 DLS: Dynamic Languages ACM 2005-2017 Archives
2315 DMG: Data Mining for Geoinformatics ACM 2010-2010 Archives
2316 DMKD: Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery ACM 2003-2004 Archives
2317 DMMT: Data Mining using Matrices and Tensors ACM 2001-2009 Archives
2318 DMSN: Data Management for Sensor Networks ACM 2004-2010 Archives
2319 DMSSP: Data Mining Standards, Services and Platforms ACM 2006-2006 Archives
2320 DO: Distributed Objects ACM 2009-2009 Archives
2321 DocEng: Document Engineering ACM 2001-2018 Archives
2322 Docket Call JSTOR 1967-1983 Humanities
2323 DOCPROCS: Document Processing Systems ACM 1988-1988 Archives
2324 Documenta Ophthalmologica Springer Nature 1938-Present Biology
2325 Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
2326 Doklady Biological Sciences Springer Nature 2000-Present Biology
2327 Doklady Chemistry Springer Nature 2000-Present Chemistry
2328 Doklady Earth Sciences Springer Nature 2006-Present Earth and Planetary
2329 Doklady Mathematics Springer Nature 2006-Present Mathematics
2330 Doklady Physical Chemistry Springer Nature 2000-Present Chemistry
2331 Doklady Physics Springer Nature 2000-Present Physics
2332 DOLAP: Data Warehousing and OLAP ACM 1998-2015 Archives
2333 Dossier-CIDOB JSTOR 1983-1988 Humanities
2334 DOSTA: Domain Specific Approaches to Software Test Automation ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2335 DPDS: Databases in Parallel and Distributed Systems ACM 1990-1988 Archives
2336 DPPI: Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces ACM 2003-2013 Archives
2337 DRM: Digital Rights Management ACM 2003-2011 Archives
2338 Droplet Wiley 2021-Present Open Access
2339 Drug Delivery and Translational Research Springer Nature 2011-Present Biology
2340 Drugs and Alcohol Today Emerald 2018-Present Multi Disciplinary
2341 Drying Technology T&F 1997-Present Chemistry
2342 DS-RT: Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications ACM 2000-2017 Archives
2343 DSAL: Domain-Specific Aspect Languages ACM 2007-2012 Archives
2344 DSL: Domain-Specific Languages ACM 1999-1999 Archives
2345 DSM: Doctoral Symposium on Middleware ACM 2004-2016 Archives
2346 DSMM: Data-Intensive Software Management and Mining ACM 2009-2018 Archives
2347 DTMBIO: Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics ACM 2008-2015 Archives
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2350 Duke Law Journal JSTOR 1957-2015 Humanities
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2352 Dumbarton Oaks Papers JSTOR 1941-2020 Humanities
2353 Durkheimian Studies / Études Durkheimiennes JSTOR 1995-2017 Humanities
2354 Dutch HCI: Dutch directions in HCI ACM 2004-2004 Archives
2355 DUX: Designing for User eXperiences ACM 2003-2007 Archives
2356 DYADEM-FTS: Dependeability Models for Fault-Tolerant Systems ACM 2010-2010 Archives
2357 Dynamic Games and Applications Springer Nature 2011-Present Mathematics
2358 Dynamical Systems: An International Journal T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2359 Dynamics and Control Springer Nature 1991-1996 Physics
2360 Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict T&F 2002-Present Humanities
2361 DYNAMO: Dynamic and Adaptive Compilation and Optimization ACM 2000-2000 Archives
2362 Dysphagia Springer Nature 1986-Present Biology
2363 e-Energy: Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking ACM 2010-2018 Archives
2364 e-Forensics: Forensic Applications and Techniques in Telecommunications, Information, and Multimedia ACM 2008-2008 Archives
2365 e-Service Journal JSTOR 2001-2017 Humanities
2366 E-WIND: Experimental Approaches to Wireless Network Design and Analysis ACM 2005-2005 Archives
2367 EA: Early Aspects ACM 2006-2011 Archives
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2369 Early American Literature Newsletter JSTOR 1966-1968 Humanities
2370 Early American Studies JSTOR 2003-2017 Humanities
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2372 Early China JSTOR 1975-2015 Humanities
2373 Early Modern Women JSTOR 2006-2017 Humanities
2374 Early Music OUP 1999-Present Humanities
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2394 Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity Springer Nature 1996-Present Biology
2395 EATIS: Euro American Conference on Telematics and Information Systems ACM 2007-2014 Archives
2396 EC: Electronic Commerce ACM 1999-2018 Archives
2397 ECA: Ethics in the Computer Age ACM 1994-1994 Archives
2398 ECCE: European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics ACM 2006-2018 Archives
2399 ECHT: European Conference on Hypermedia Technology ACM 1992-1994 Archives
2400 ECIR: European Conference on Information Retrieval ACM 2008-2012 Archives
2401 eclipse: eclipse Technology eXchange ACM 2003-2007 Archives
2402 ECMFA-TW: ECMFA Traceability Workshop ACM 2010-2010 Archives
2403 Ecography Wiley 1997-Present Open Access
2404 Ecography JSTOR 1992-2013 Biology
2405 EcoHealth Springer Nature 2004-Present Biology
2406 Ecología Política JSTOR 1992-2018 Multi Disciplinary
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2419 Economía JSTOR 2000-2019 Humanities
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2439 ECOOP: European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming ACM 2007-2013 Archives
2440 EcoSal Plus ASM 2004-Present Biology
2441 Écoscience JSTOR 1994-2013 Biology
2442 Ecoscience T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2443 Ecosphere Wiley 2010-Present Open Access
2444 Ecosystems Springer Nature 1998-Present Biology
2445 Ecosystems JSTOR 1998-2015 Biology
2446 Ecotoxicology Springer Nature 1992-1996 Biology
2447 eCrime: eCrime Researchers Summit ACM 2007-1970 Archives
2448 ECSA: European Conference on Software Architecture ACM 2010-2017 Archives
2449 EDBT: Extending Database Technology ACM 2008-2013 Archives
2450 Edited Proceedings (American Bar Association. Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities) JSTOR 1967-1969 Humanities
2451 Edith Wharton Newsletter JSTOR 1984-1989 Humanities
2452 Edith Wharton Review JSTOR 1990-2017 Humanities
2453 EDPACS: The EDP Audit, Control, and Security Newsletter T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2454 EDSER: Economics-Driven Software Engineering Research ACM 2005-2006 Archives
2455 EDT: Emerging Displays Technologies ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2456 EDTC: European Conference on Design and Test ACM 1995-1997 Archives
2457 Education + Training Emerald 2018-Present Multi Disciplinary
2458 Education and Culture JSTOR 1994-2017 Humanities
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2486 EESR: End-to-end, Sense-and-respond Systems, Applications and Services ACM 2005-2005 Archives
2487 eFood Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
2488 EFSA Journal Wiley 2003-Present Open Access
2489 EFSA Supporting Publications Wiley 2004-Present Open Access
2490 EFTS: Engineering Fault Tolerant Systems ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2491 Egitto e Vicino Oriente JSTOR 1978-2019 Humanities
2492 EGRW: Eurographics Workshop on Rendering ACM 2002-2003 Archives
2493 EGVE: Virtual Environments ACM 2002-2007 Archives
2494 Egyetemi Szemle JSTOR 1979-1986 Humanities
2495 eHeritage: eHeritage and Digital Art Preservation ACM 2010-2010 Archives
2496 EICS: Engineering Interactive Computing Systems ACM 2009-2018 Archives
2497 Eighteenth-Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr JSTOR 1986-2017 Humanities
2498 Eighteenth-Century Studies JSTOR 1967-2015 Humanities
2499 EiMM: Events in Multimedia ACM 2009-2010 Archives
2500 eJHaem Wiley 2020-Present Open Access
2501 Ekistics JSTOR 1957-2006 Humanities
2502 Ekonomisk Tidskrift JSTOR 1900-1910 Humanities
2503 El Ciervo JSTOR 1951-2017 Humanities
2504 El Trimestre Económico JSTOR 1934-2015 Humanities
2505 eLearn ACM 2001-2018 Archives
2506 Electric Power Components & Systems T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2507 Electrical Engineering Springer Nature 1912-Present Multi Disciplinary
2508 Electrical Engineering (Archiv für Elektrotechnik) Springer Nature 1912-1996 Multi Disciplinary
2509 Electroanalysis Wiley 1998-Present Chemistry
2510 Electrocatalysis Springer Nature 2010-Present Chemistry
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2512 Electrochimica Acta Elsevier 1997-Present Chemistry
2513 Electromagnetics T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2514 Electron Wiley 2021-Present Open Access
2515 Electronic Commerce Research Springer Nature 2001-Present Multi Disciplinary
2516 Electronic Markets Springer Nature 2009-Present Multi Disciplinary
2517 Electronic Materials Letters Springer Nature 2009-Present Chemistry
2518 Electronics Letters Wiley 2013-Present Open Access
2519 Element Der Mathematik EMS 1965-2021 Mathematics
2520 Elementary English JSTOR 1947-1975 Humanities
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2522 Elementary School Science Bulletin JSTOR 1952-1963 Humanities
2523 ELH JSTOR 1934-2015 Humanities
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2526 EMBO Reports Wiley 2000-Present Biology
2527 Emergency Radiology Springer Nature 1994-Present Biology
2528 Emerging Markets Finance & Trade JSTOR 2002-2013 Humanities
2529 Emme: Educational Multimedia and Multimedia Education ACM 2007-2007 Archives
2530 EmNets: Embedded Networked Sensors ACM 2005-2007 Archives
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2536 Empirical Software Engineering Springer Nature 1997-Present Computer
2537 Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal Springer Nature 1988-Present Humanities
2538 EMSOFT: Embedded Software ACM 2004-2017 Archives
2539 Emu - Austral Ornithology T&F 1997-Present Multi Disciplinary
2540 Endocrine Springer Nature 1995-Present Biology
2541 Endocrine Pathology Springer Nature 1990-Present Biology
2542 Endocrinology OUP 2010-2020 Biology
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